Exercises to lose weight in the belly and on the sides

Wanting to adjust the way the girls in the first place, pay attention to your diet. A change in dietary habits is the solution that is appropriate to the situation, however, is to achieve the perfect look by using the correction menu does not take place.

To help you solve the problem can an effective exercise for losing weight on the belly and sides of the house to the women. Today, there are a range of impacts designed to improve the look and feel of the form, in the neighborhood of the waist.

Have an impact on the problems of the area that is capable of leading to the fact that the stomach is not only not diminished, but may even increase it. Therefore, the experts recommend that you begin to think about swinging the press to the point at which the excess weight on the waistline will not be removed. This will lead to an increase in muscle but does not reduce the size of your waist. There are a number of other rules that must be followed in order to achieve a perfect figure, and tell you about it later.

How to determine the excess weight.

Many times, the real concern of the state is very, very difficult. In fact, it turns out that they do not want to reduce the weight, and the exercise can only be seen as a way to stay in shape. Today, there are a number of ways in which to ensure that the control of the weight, it is really necessary.

To understand it, is to reduce the weight and to adjust the scope of the problem, they can help you out:

  • the relationship of waist and hip
  • the body mass index (bmi,
  • the circumference of the waist.

To develop the measures that should be in the test, the ratio of the size of the waist and the hip. It is necessary to measure the narrowest part of your waist and the largest part of the thigh. The resulting value, which has to be broken down. If the final score is 8.0 or more, there is a high risk of the occurrence of the reported diseases, cardiovascular diseases. In this case, a little girl urgently needs a tweak on the menu, and you get to participate in sports.

Another way of defining the body mass index. This key figure represents the number of a-kg, 2 times a divided by the value of one's growth.

If the total amount was:

  • the age of 16 – the deficit of mass of body
  • 16 to 18,5 – less than the weight of
  • A rate of 18.5-25 – normal weight
  • A 25 to 30 – overweight
  • In the 30-to 35 – obesity of 1 degree,
  • Between 35 and 40 and obesity-2nd grade,
  • the more than 40 – obesity grade 3.

The ultimate test to find out if it's worth it to continue with the reduction of weight, measurement of waist circumference. To take the action you need to take a measuring tape and measure your tummy and hump her mouth at the level of the umbilicus. You should breathe in as you normally do. If the resulting value was greater than 86 cm, it is an urgent need to develop a training programme, adjusting it in the menu and start the run.

An effective fitness complex for the tide

For the fiscal year has passed for the use in the practice of sports should be properly. For the effect on the muscles worked, and the lessons should be on a regular basis. Training the need for a period of from 30 minutes to 60 minutes, several times a week. To help you reduce your weight, you can and cost-effective charging for your weight loss. The girl has to take it for a rule, practice regularly, and if it is going to appeal to a complex of charges over a time, and there will be no effect at all.

Exercise is not just in the gym. To speed up the metabolic process of the experts recommend that you leave the site, and to practise in the open air. To reduce weight, it can be applied not only to the usual exercises, and aerobics.

Experts say that it is faster to burn the fat to allow an intense hope for a fix in the belly. For this reason, it is better to give preference to them. By doing the gymnastics, the girl is going to train with a heart rate between 60 and 85% of maximum heart rate. However, for the novice, this complex is not suitable. Move on to the heavy work load, it is necessary that you are clear about the supervision of an instructor.

To achieve the goal of the press release help with the following types of charges:

  • walk the walk
  • exercise bike
  • make a move
  • swimming

By the time of the exercise to lose weight on the stomach with the nature, she will not only help you to improve the quality of the picture, but you will also get a charge of vivacity and good mood.

If fashion-forward is suffering from back problems or joint pain, it is better to give preference to the classes on a stationary bike, or the ellipsoid. You are able to be studied only after the consultation with an expert. It will look at the current situation, and advise on how to proceed in order to reduce the size of your waist, but do not harm people's health.

To cope better with the music, and it will help you to create the right atmosphere and help you practice more and more and more efficient. We don't have it in you to forget your pre-race warm-up. It helps to prepare your muscles for the new loads and reduce the chance of injury, and the occurrence of reports from a future of pain. The same effect does it have, and is engaged.

Today, there are a number of exercises that allow you to adjust the scope of the problem. They are going to help the little girl to take the issue to the area to look perfect. However, it should not be forgotten is that doing on a regular basis. In addition, to achieve the goal of the press is possible only in case of essential goods will match the load to the diet, if not, reduce your weight, it will not work.

A twist

You will need to take the following position: lie flat on your back, bend your legs and your feet when you put on the entire surface of the floor. On the other hand is required to get the head or crossed over your chest. When the right posture is adopted, it is necessary to take a deep breath, and on exhale, raise your upper body. Then, you have to re-take some deep breaths and immerse yourself in the original position. During the event, a person exerts a pressure on the abdominal muscles.

The bike

In the year of the Bike in the press

You need to drop to the ground, his hand having a head and a concatenation of the castle. Then, the foot has to lift at an angle of 30 degrees or less, and get a chance to be in the hearts of the pedal. For the duration of the approach, about 1 minute. After the completion of the implementation of the impact in the press and on the stomach, you'll want to return to it's original position, then repeat several times. To effectively reduce the weight of the length of the breaks should be no longer than 2 minutes.

Abdomen with the legs in the raised

This complex helps in removing fat from the abdomen, it is performed in the following position: the child lies on his back, legs, it raises straight up and cross your path. Then, you have to perform the same movement, as the classic twists and turns. The inspiration needs to be done when there is run-off from the trunk, and the crossing of the legs, and to output, during the time of the execution of the lift. Once you have completed all the steps you need to go back to the starting position. It is necessary to carry out about 10 to 15 times over a period of 3 approaches, what is to be done in a row.

The Tuk-tuk drivers

You will need to take the following position: lie down on a hard surface. The hand you place on the body, the feet want to lift off the ground and get a little bit of a crash about 3-5 times. Most of the walk, you need to carefully omitted, The year of the Universe, with twists and turnsthen back to the starting position, perform 9 times.

The belt goes with the corners

To take the default position of the conveyor belt. If you need to get to the front. To help keep the body in position for about 30 seconds. So, if the breath is not lost, we move on to the lateral position of the belt. To get accepted in the position for 30 seconds to make it to the other side.

Called to the circular of the rotation

In order to adopt the correct position, it is necessary to lie on your back with a hand to have the head of one leg, bending the knee and placing the foot. Lightly tighten the press, and to push the rib cage towards the hips. After that, it increased slowly, make a circle with the upper part of the body, and return to the starting position. The abdominal muscles all the time will be extended. Repeat 5 times in one and 5 times on the other side of it.

Bending with the knees bent

The exercise will have a significant impact on the abdominal muscles and the back. For their implementation need to take the following position: lean your elbows on the floor and knelt down. Your feet should be on the tip of the toes. By adopting the stance that you need to push and pull your knees to the floor, hold for 3 seconds, and then return to the starting position. The back needs to work harder to keep it in a straight line. Repeat 10 times. Run 2 approach.

To lose weight the fastest, but she has to take the position that you want, and then take the appropriate action. Follow the above steps, and complexes may be part of a daily charge.

Comply with the simple recommendations in this article will allow the little girl to save the press, and the waist is in excellent shape, and the gym, in the complexo da maré, you will need to perform to keep your muscles toned.

The opinion of an expert

I want to say it is a place of burning fat, the very "slippery", and it generates a lot of controversy among nutritionists, and trainers from the gym. A number of studies have shown that exercise training of the muscles of this region, but very little affect on there, based on the use of body fat. Yes, because the training takes place in local acceleration of the flow of blood to and from the diode, but it is so little that it hardly affects the thickness of the layer of fat.

The results are interesting given the study was carried out in 2007. He pointed out that the exercise might lead to a greater loss of weight in the areas that the man was not working out.

So, if you want to lose weight, "local", it does not take to be the main focus for the year, and to pay attention to nutrition. And let them take care of local procedures, of beauty. In conjunction with diet and exercise, they can help you more quickly burn fat in the right place. For a good effect to give a massage, hot and cold, and on top of this, in the darkness of the soul.

Please remember, however, it is noted that the weight loss does not always give satisfactory results. Yes, you can afford to lose an extra few inches, but it is not there, where do we plan to.

Tips for coaches

The coaches will advise the people with excess of weight and fat, the folds on the belly area all the time to monitor their state of health, as well as how to use the rules-of-weight-loss-effective-and lead to a healthy life-style.

Among the highlights include the following:

  • During the intake of food, it should be completely her to focus on. It is important to think positively and not think of any negative points.
  • You can't eat too much, it's a welcome one, on the table, the man stands up with a slight feeling of hunger.
  • It is necessary to practice in the back seat feeding eating 5-6 times a day.
  • Not necessarily a drink in the evening, glass of slim yogurt.
  • If you are really hungry before you drink a glass of water. In the first place, the stomach is full, and you will not be able to immediately eat it. In the second place, there is often the feeling of thirst, and the man realizes the mistake – in the form of feelings of hunger.
  • Recommended to to to to find yourself an interesting, moving classes, hobbies, and pastimes, you can replace the boredom of a workout at the gym. You must carry out physical exercises light to climb the stairs, walk more than to walk, to dress shopping the store is in your hands, and with the movement of the car.
  • Religious people can read them before each use of food is a prayer. If you don't, just long enough to say thank you for the life that is inherited from a plate of food.

With all the guidelines, you can forget about it, if you think in a positive way. To lose weight, you can either be in the active life-style, a meeting with family and friends, exciting activities, and you are constantly having fun, and smiling her radiant smile.


"To lose the excess fat from your body, it is very difficult, and I think many would agree. With the help of these effective exercises, very simple to do, and I could get rid of the excess fat. I've spent picking up some of the time, but 2 times a day, and keep a good diet."

"I was no longer a young woman, and at my age, the problem areas are clearly visible, and hiding them is almost impossible. Her husband advised her to practice on a daily basis. In their own physical education, I set aside just 20 minutes each morning, and what do you think? The results don't make me wait for you. The abdominal muscles strengthen and the fat has disappeared after 3 months.

"Although I am young, but that's a problem with the waist I have. What do you do with them, and I don't know. In the living room he was just in the feet, flows up to, but in order to get rid of it, I wanted it to, it didn't work. Every morning, my mother decided to take the torsion bar. I thought, frankly, that's not for me to do, but the result was very good indeed."