List of foods and menus for weight loss: what you can eat on a protein diet, how much you can lose

Protein is one of the main weight loss foods, so girls often ask the question: "What can you eat with a protein diet? " To lose weight, you should limit fat and carbohydrate intake. Their deficiency causes active fat burning, but no hunger. Protein foods fill the body, giving it strength, which differentiates it from other foods to lose weight.

What is a protein diet

Protein Diet is the generic name for a protein-based diet. The diet consists of meat, fish, cottage cheese, eggs. Vegetables with fruits are used, but in smaller amounts, the same goes for cereals, soups and other carbohydrate-rich foods - the main source of energy. So the body does not get energy from food, so it replaces it with fat storage, which you need to get rid of.

Carbohydrate-free protein foods are used by athletes during drying. With its help, the excess fat leaves after gaining mass, and muscles remain. During this time, the intake of all nutrients is constant, not just protein. Only their numbers and ratios change. In this case, you should completely leave out sweets, flour dishes, potatoes, even in minimal portions.

What a protein diet does

what you can eat on a protein diet

Meat, eggs, fish rich in amino acids are considered "heavy foods", so it is easy to understand what a protein diet provides. The body spends a lot of energy to digest this product with the molecular protein structure. First, the food "breaks" and becomes a chain of amino acids, and then - a separate element. Such a process requires a large amount of energy, which should be obtained if no other method of fat storage, breaks it down.

Long-term absorption of amino acids gives one important advantage of this type of diet - a feeling of fullness, which lasts for several hours, so that fainting from hunger and the constant craving for something to eat is not scary.

Products for a protein diet for weight loss are harmless, so you do not have to worry about your health, and a wide range of menu options with fast and long lasting results do not make girls indifferent. People with problems with the kidneys, gastrointestinal tract, heart, and blood vessels should abandon a strict diet.

Protein Diet Options

There are many types of protein foods, so the question "What can you eat on a protein diet? " - vaguely. Scientists, nutritionists, stars around the world offer their menus. Choose the appropriate protein diet options not only according to the promised effectiveness, but also according to individual parameters: health status, acceptable foods for protein diet, age.

Diet based on time, staple food, nutrient content can be followed.

Here is the most well-known power system:

  • Ducan Dietis ​​a popular choice from well-known nutritionists. Based on high protein and low carbohydrate food intake. Lean meats with fish, eggs fit this definition. The first phase is called "attack" with the exclusive use of protein, followed by "sailing" with alternating pure protein days and vegetable-vegetable days. In order not to endanger health, diet is followed for a week.
  • The Maggi Dietis ​​an egg diet based on a chemical reaction, not a lack of calories. It is planned for a month, during which you can lose up to 20 kilograms. This system is suitable even for the elderly and has no special contraindications, but to avoid health problems, this system is used at most once a year. If you get out of the diet properly, the results will last a long time.
  • Kremlin.The principle is a limited intake of carbohydrates, but meat and eggs should not exceed that amount during a regular diet. The original system without a certified new product lasted for 2 weeks, and when it was extended, the person started having health problems.

Diet Protein Diet

If you have not yet decided on a clear diet system menu, create your own protein diet, follow these rules:

the essence of a protein diet for weight loss
  • number of meals per day - 4-5 times;
  • last dose 4 hours before bedtime, and the first 30 minutes after;
  • each serving should contain protein products for weight loss;
  • Limit starchy vegetables after lunch;
  • it is better to eat fruit before lunch, for example, some apples or citrus fruits;
  • skip drinks with sugar substitutes as they arouse your appetite;
  • you should drink at least 1. 5 liters a day, and some nutritional systems need 2 times more water;
  • Prohibited dishes include bread, sweets, flour, sausages, sausages with other foods, fast food, canned food.

What is protein food

When choosing a diet with protein, daughters eat only meat, fish, eggs, as the most well-known source of protein - they do not really understand what protein is. Protein foods for weight loss are foods where protein occupies a central place. It is found in animal meat and plant foods, but the set of amino acids in it is different. Low calorie protein foods to lose weight are low fat milk, legumes, low fat fish with meat.

Protein Foods - Food List

Foods rich in amino acids are turkey, tuna, shrimp, and crab. Other protein foods have an incomplete nutrient balance.

The following list answers the general question "What can you eat on any protein diet":

  • sardines, pink salmon, salmon;
  • chicken breast, lean beef, pork, lamb, calf liver, rabbit meat;
  • spinach, asparagus, mustard greens, cauliflower, mushrooms;
  • soybeans, peas, beans, lentils, buckwheat, millet porridge;
  • eggs, cheese, skim milk, kefir, cottage cheese.

This list of foods for this protein diet will help you lose weight fast. Losing weight is effective, tasty and harmless. Disadvantages of such foods include contraindications in the form of chronic diseases, poor blood clotting. To prevent hair loss, deterioration of skin appearance, during the diet, drink also vitamin and mineral complexes.

Diet Protein

protein diet options for weight loss

The protein menu is tailored to your chosen diet. Also, individual needs must be taken into account in the BZHU percentage.

Use the following foods as a base with side dishes:

  • 200 grams of fish;
  • 250 grams of low-fat or low-fat cottage cheese;
  • 5 egg whites, cooked or otherwise;
  • 200 grams of seafood;
  • 150 grams of chicken;
  • 100 grams of lean pork, beef or beef;
  • protein shakes that you can use yourself.

High Protein Diet

A high protein diet known for weight loss consists of foods with a high percentage of protein. The recipe is simple, but very tasty. For one day, set up:

  1. Coffee or tea, toast;
  2. 2 eggs, cabbage salad with lemon juice;
  3. Low-fat protein yogurt, or better;
  4. Grilled or boiled fish with tomato salad.

Strict Protein Diet

What can you eat with a strict protein diet? The so-called "liquid food", which refers to protein foods: milk, kefir, soups, stews.

An example of a protein menu for the day is:

  1. For breakfast 100-200 grams of boiled rice in water without spices, green apples, tea without sugar.
  2. For lunch, you can make an omelet with some whole eggs and some extra egg whites with 200 ml of added skim milk.
  3. Drink a glass of kefir for afternoon snacks.
  4. For dinner, boil the breast with tomatoes, juice.

Protein diet for a month

The protein diet menu for weight loss for a month is varied and more permissible due to its long duration:

  • a few boiled eggs, an apple, a tea;
  • stuffed boiled chicken, boiled vegetables;
  • fermented dairy products;
  • meat roasted or fried without oil.

For 2 weeks

eating habits on a protein diet

There is no specific innovation in what you can eat in a protein diet for 2 weeks.

All food recipes can be prepared at home:

  1. Coffee or tea for breakfast.
  2. For lunch, eggs, cauliflower salad.
  3. For lunch, 100 grams of chicken with rice.
  4. Low-fat cottage cheese for afternoon snacks.
  5. Steamed servant with salad for dinner.

For 7 days

7 Day Protein Diet is very popular among girls because of its fast effects. In 1 day you will eat:

  1. A glass of fermented milk or yogurt.
  2. 100 g chicken with spices and vegetables.
  3. 1 apple or citrus.
  4. 150 g grilled fish with ingredients.

For 3 days

The detailed menu of a 1 day 3 day protein diet is small, because in a short time you can only eat:

  1. For breakfast 1 boiled egg, tea.
  2. 100 g of cottage cheese for lunch and afternoon tea.
  3. Drink the rest of the water or tea.