How to lose weight fast at home

In addition to diet and other tiring efforts to get a slim figure, there are other ways to lose weight quickly at home. They are easily and practically accessible to every woman - there is definitely a desire and normal health. In general, the point is: every day you need to burn more calories than you eat. That is all wisdom.

There are many ways to burn calories. Let's talk about the main thing.

Proper nutrition

proper nutrition for weight loss

This is the first and basic method of getting a slim figure. What does the phrase "eat right" mean? To do this, you need to follow three simple but very important rules.

  1. Convert medium to complex carbohydrates. That is, we closely monitor what we eat at breakfast, lunch and dinner. We try to eat more foods that contain fiber. He breaks down fat perfectly.
  2. We do not completely give up on fat. Remember that fat is very important for the normal functioning of the body. The other thing is that they should be eaten in a reasonable way.
  3. We include foods high in protein in our daily diet.

These three "whales" - carbohydrates, fats and complex proteins - form the basis of proper nutrition.

Eating rhythm is also important. The most correct is four meals a day: breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner. Organisms accustomed to this rhythm will, over time, begin to actively assimilate food and burn fat.

More energy in the morning, snacks at night

There are many menu options for those who want to lose weight. But everything must adhere to simple and effective rules: in the morning you should be energetic, in the evening - do not burden the stomach. Below are some options for the right menu for women who want to lose weight.

  1. Breakfast. Gray bread (ideally rye), cereal porridge (without sugar), fruit, low-fat yogurt. Generally, energizing food.
  2. how to lose weight at home
  3. Eat more carbohydrates at lunch. There are many dishes that contain it: these are cereals, legumes, white meat, fish - in general, the list here is almost endless.
  4. For an afternoon snack, you can enjoy a snack with a small amount of bread and some fruit.
  5. You should not eat foods high in carbohydrates during dinner: the body will not have time to absorb them overnight, and something may be stored as fat. The best dinner options are lean fish, omelets, vegetable soups.

After losing weight, the menu can be varied, but basic dietary rules must be followed at all times. In order not to recover again and again do not start the next level of struggle with extra pounds.

Get out of the sweet

Instead, we reduce the use of sweets to a minimum. A small amount of sugar is still needed for normal body function. So - we state a decisive battle for candy! Especially refined sugar - it must be excluded from the diet completely, once and for all.

Drink green tea

Every day too. It is green, and not the other kind. For breakfast, lunch and dinner, it is always useful. Green tea speeds up metabolism, it contains large amounts of antioxidants that are excellent in burning fat.

Fast food is our enemy

These foods, due to the excess calories in them, can make the figure fat and ugly. Say no to fast food for all. The same goes for other overseas dishes and drinks: snacks, pepsi and cola. They have no biological value, but are full of calories. This is a clear and proven fact.

Drink water

Yes, plain water. He is the best drink for those who want to lose weight, because there are absolutely no calories in it and at the same time the body can not do without it. You should drink enough water, about 2-2. 5 liters a day.

In the morning, when you wake up, you should also drink water on an empty stomach. Alternatively, it can be diluted with a little honey or lemon juice. Drinking water in the morning "starts" the body's work, and it begins to burn fat.

But it is better to stay away from fruit juice for weight loss period due to its high calorie content. Much healthier to eat fruit.

Doing sports

doing sports to lose weight at home

For weight loss, there is no need to try to make a record, burdening the body. Basic sports training is exactly what you need.

  1. Regular morning exercise. 10-5 minutes will be enough. Moreover, it is easy to do here without special equipment. This is just a vigorous morning muscle exercise, in which the body is prepared to actively expend energy from the morning and, thus, burn fat.
  2. Jogging at night - moreover, is normal. Of course, in the evening the body becomes tired, and you want to lie on the couch. But at stake is the beauty and slimness of the figure!
  3. Doing cardio. It can be done at home, between homework:
    • jump rope. Such jumps save calories, and at the same time train and strengthen the gluteal muscles, hips and legs;
    • using a stationary bike, elipsoid, or stepper. Of course, you first have to buy it, but any beauty, as you know, requires some material costs;
    • we work on our own weights: push-ups, squats, doing boards, and including exercises called burpee (these are a combination of push-ups, squats and jumps).

Walk more

For example, to the store or to work. If both are far, then we go there by bike. For weight loss and health in general - the only benefit. Extras - save money (no need to pay for travel), and, moreover, save nerves (no hassle in the bus or train). There is not a single pedestrian and cyclist in the world. Great incentive!

Some Better Weight Loss Tips

In addition to all of the above, there are other ways to lose weight at home:

recommendations for weight loss at home
  • we visit the pool regularly (if possible);
  • do walking;
  • we push the elevator, try to climb the stairs on foot;
  • relieves stress. How to get rid of it is a separate detailed topic, but the stress is that in many cases it helps to gain weight. So we try to be calm and confident.