Lose weight by 5 kg in a week. It is possible, but is it necessary?

You always want to get rid of the extra pounds as quickly as possible. First, because the diet for a long time is boring and tiring. Second, because they often think seriously about losing weight when you need to look good now. And the goal, as a rule, is not a modest 1-2 kilograms, but 3-5 (sometimes more). There are many ways to lose weight fast by 5 kg; you can achieve this result even in a week. But does it need to be done and how does this rate of weight loss affect health?

Five appreciated

how to lose weight in a week and fit in your favorite jeans

Often women who are looking for a way to lose weight immediately 5 kg a week. Can you guess why? Because it will allow you to wear your favorite dress or jeans last year. After losing five kilograms, his body decreased in size. Although this rule does not always work.

The problem is that 5 kilograms is an absolute value, and doctors advise evaluating the results of weight loss as a percentage, compared to the initial weight.

A safe weight loss rate is considered to be no more than 1% per week. Weighing 100 kg, this is about 5 kg per month. Losing 5 kg in a week can be considered extreme, and anything severe is a threat to health.

A little more math. Nutritionists have calculated that to get rid of just one kilogram of fat, it is necessary to make up for 7000 calories. If you multiply it by 5, you get 35, 000 kcal, with an average daily intake of around 2. 000. How many days do you not have to eat at all and still sweat in the gym to lose 5 kg in 5 days, because of some new diet promise? And how can such a result be achieved when some are still able to achieve that goal?

Harmful to health

As you already understand, quickly lose weight by 5 kg a week, with a strong desire, you still can. But such weight loss has nothing to do with fat burning. Getting rid of the amount of fat in 7 days is unrealistic! So what happens in the body when we are hungry or on an extreme diet, and what is lost with weight? The answers to these questions will definitely not please you!

remove water from the body to lose weight by 5 kg a week
  1. Air.Easiest to remove water from the body. Therefore, a diuretic component is present in all weight loss medications. Therefore, it is very possible to lose weight by 5 kg even in 3 days. Prices for such results: violation of the balance of vitamins and minerals, dehydration, congested heart and kidneys, dry gray skin and constant headaches.
  2. Excrement.If you regularly eat unhealthy foods and do not cleanse the body regularly, feces up to 3-4 kilograms can accumulate in the intestines of adults. After triggering diarrhea, it is possible to lose a few pounds in three days. But at the same time, you can suffer from dysbiosis, dehydration, disorders of the digestive system, exacerbation of hemorrhoids.
  3. Muscle.Contrary to popular belief, with a severe calorie deficiency, the body does not take in its own fat, but uses muscle mass as internal storage, leaving fat storage for a worse time. As a result, the mass goes away, but the amount remains. At the same time, the metabolic process slows down and when you return to a normal lifestyle, the weight increases dramatically.

So before you say to yourself: "I want to lose 5 kg in 7 days! ", Think about the consequences and really assess your abilities. It is very difficult to maintain the results obtained, as well as to balance the organism, which is disturbed by the strongest stresses.

Weight loss methods

Is there a healthier way to lose 5 kg in a week? With much doubt, this includes fasting, extreme diets, and strenuous exercise. Moreover, this method must be used with caution, constantly monitoring their own well-being. If it deteriorates severely, extreme weight loss must be stopped immediately!


It is possible and necessary to use fasting to unload the digestive system. But to lose weight by 5 kg in a week, you should give up food for at least three days, and completely - fasting is done only with pure non -carbonated water or green tea without sugar.

Ideally, these days should be followed in a row. But for unprepared organisms, this is too much stress. So, as an option, you can replace a vegetarian diet with fasting for a week. In total, it turned out to be three days hungry and four days vegetarian. For the three days spent without food, the number of kilograms taken was almost the same, and the other two were lost during the vegetarian day.

Whatever fasting option you choose, about a week before that, you should give up overly fatty and fried foods and reduce the amount of meat eaten. This is needed to relieve the liver and kidneys, which experience increased load during fasting.

If you manage to lose weight in 3 days, you need to return to a normal diet in the same way - gradually adding regular foods to the menu. You can go on a hunger strike no more than once in two to three months.

Extreme diet

For those who are not yet fully ready to give up food, even for the sake of getting harmony quickly, a gentler method is suitable, how to lose 5 kg in just a week. Nutritionists call them "extreme diets. " And this is no coincidence: sudden changes and weight restrictions on a regular diet are the strongest stressors for the body, which not everyone can easily tolerate.

Any express diet is actually a mono diet or a combination of several types of mono diets. This is the secret of its effectiveness, this is also their main drawback - in seven days a deficit is made not only in calories, but also valuable nutrients needed for full functioning of the body.

On the seventh day, almost everyone experiences a significant deterioration of general health and other signs of vitamin deficiency: pale, weakness, dizziness, dry skin.

The most popular express diets are:

buckwheat with kefir and bread to lose weight by 5 kg a week
  1. Kefirnaya.For seven days, you need to drink low-fat kefir (1. 5 liters per day) and eat fresh vegetables in limited amounts.
  2. Room.The only mono diet where you are not threatened with vitamin deficiency. Buckwheat contains most of the vitamins and minerals needed for normal body function. But to preserve it, buckwheat is eaten raw, stuffed with kefir or yogurt for the night.
  3. Apple.Eat 1. 5 kg of green apples daily (always with the skin). For those who have stomach or intestinal problems, you can grill it. You can eat 150 grams of lean meat or fish once a day.
  4. Jus.For seven days, drink only freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices. The weight is lost quickly, but due to lack of fiber, constipation and stomach pain can occur.
  5. Grapefruit.It is useful for those who want to not only lose weight, but at the same time get rid of cellulite. The menu contains lean meat or fish, fresh or boiled vegetables, eat half a grapefruit 3-4 times a day.
  6. Curd.Helps improve the condition of hair, teeth and bones. During the day, you can eat up to 1. 5 kg of low -fat cottage cheese. Diversify your diet with fresh vegetables, berries, juices, kefir.
  7. Coffee shop.Caffeine stimulates metabolism and increases physical activity. On a light diet menu, add up to 5 cups of coffee without cream and sugar a day, drunk before each meal.
  8. Eggs.It is based on boiled eggs, with which (2 eggs. ) You must start each dish. Fruits, vegetables, low-fat dairy products without sugar remain in the diet.
  9. Protein.The diet consists of lean meat or fish (boiled or grilled) and vegetables. Low fat dairy products are allowed.
  10. Sup.The entire seven-day menu consists of fat-burning soups: pumpkin, celery, onions, and others. You can only eat one type of soup or substitute it. But other foods are not acceptable.

Detailed features and diets for each of these diets can be easily found on the Internet. And at the same time, find out about the contraindications, the list is quite long.

But the most difficult thing is not to sit for a week on the chosen diet, but to maintain the results achieved in this way. For seven days of malnutrition, metabolic processes have time to slow down and a return to normal portion size will affect the figure.

Physical training

exercise to lose weight by 5 kg a week

Without making major changes to your regular diet and exercise, you will not be able to lose weight quickly.

And for those who want to lose weight 5 kg a week, exercise should be done with caution. Low -calorie diet exercises are very burdensome for the body, can cause dizziness, tachycardia, and injury.

No less dangerous is the other-when people who have never been involved in sports before suddenly start training for hours in the gym, forcing the body to work out of thirst. Already on the second day, the potential athletes were surprisingly very unpleasant - the most intense dizziness, muscle cramps, and frequent sprains.

But the saddest thing is that incorrectly chosen loads lead to a bunch of muscle mass, rather than fat loss.

Fat is burned quickly with regular aerobic exercise, the intensity and duration of which is gradually increased. With their help, you can lose 5 kg of weight in a month or so. But on the other hand, this will be a significant reduction in fat storage, and not a formal short -term result.


Extreme weight loss regimens are categorized as contraindicated for people who have:

  • hypertension and / or grade 2-3 diabetes;
  • any disease of the digestive system;
  • cardiovascular problems;
  • oncological and autoimmune diseases.

If pregnant and breastfeeding mothers can not lose weight, especially quickly. You should not expose the body to such testing if you have recently suffered a serious injury or surgery - first you need to give it a chance to fully recover.

Rapid weight loss techniques will not be effective for those with metabolic disorders - they should solve the main problem first.

Optimum mode

But it is better not to initially set a goal like losing 5 kg in just a week. If you don’t keep track of your own body and gain a lot of benefits, don’t make it suffer any more, try to regain your weight as soon as possible.

before and after losing 5 kg a week

It is better to listen to the advice of a nutritionist and lose weight gradually, in accordance with the norms that can be accepted by the body:

  • with an initial weight of more than 120 kg, acceptable weight of 5 kg in 2 weeks;
  • with a weight of 100 to 20 kg, you can lose as much as 5 kg in three weeks;
  • but for those who have not yet reached 100 kg, it is better to lose weight no faster than 5 kg per month.

At this rate of weight loss, the body has time to adapt to new conditions, and metabolic processes do not slow down. This means that once the diet is over, the weight will not return, as after weight loss.

Important! Vigorous physical activity is contraindicated in people who are overweight. But for them, it is possible to lose 5 kg in two weeks based on the principles of a healthy diet, which is better learned from a nutritionist.

Reviews and results

Nutritionists say that losing 5 kg in 2 weeks is possible without endangering health only if you combine proper nutrition with moderate physical activity. But to maintain the result, it is better to live in this mode for a month.

At first, the weight will go down faster, but then it will start to stabilize. This is called the "plateau effect" when the body adapts to a new lifestyle and stops losing weight. If you want to continue to lose weight, you should reduce your calorie intake or increase physical activity.

Some claim that they know how to lose weight by almost one measure in an overnight. We are talking about the use of magnesium powder dissolved in water to lose weight, taken in the evening after dinner. This medication has a significant laxative effect and really allows you to lose a pound or two in the morning. But at the same time it dries the body strongly, and with frequent use causes constipation and intestinal dysbiosis. Once or twice, if absolutely necessary, this method can be used, but no more.

Important advice

roller skating to lose weight by 5 kg a week

The safest method to lose weight is a healthy lifestyle and regular exercise. And this is not necessarily aerobics or working out in the gym.

Ball games, swimming, wheel play, cycling - all are great for training muscles, burning calories and helping maintain a normal weight.

You will be amazed to find out how much weight you can lose 5 kg by simply eliminating sugar, alcohol and other unhealthy foods from your diet! The weight starts to drop from the second week, even if you don’t do anything else.

And if you help the body a little, then the body will quickly change for the better. So maybe you should not rush, but it is better to use natural and useful means?