Weight loss for women

The female body is very different from the male, this is true even for the weight gain and weight loss. We, many times, to the front of their spouses about the speed with which we gain extra pounds, but the farewell that we have with them much slower than the strong sex. In the life of every woman come periods in which your figure is in a state of "high risk". Is the pregnancy and the breastfeeding of the child, and when the reproductive age is left behind, menopause arrives.

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The changes in hormone levels, often provoke a set of excess weight, and there arises the problem is not only save external attractiveness, which is important for women to always. The case is still in the general state of health. Timely weight loss for women of a mature age is the guarantee of a long life, full of life, without diabetes, myocardial, ischemia, hypertension, and other terrible "satellites" of obesity.

How to lose weight women

Any company, including the loss of weight for women, will be successful only then, when it is well planned. If you took the decision to participate with accumulated body fat, to recover the harmony and beauty, this in itself is wonderful, but without a well structured plan of his own initiative runs the risk of becoming just a dream. So, how to lose weight for a woman? Here are some recommendations:

  • Give impartially of the real state of your figure and determine how many pounds you need to lose weight. If your goal is the full recovery of the body, enough so that his weight was equal to growth, in centimeters, least 110, if you have less than thirty years; less than 100, if you is from thirty to fifty years; less than 90, if you have more than fifty years of age;
  • Decide for yourself, how long you want to participate in with excess weight. When you do this, remember that in the first two weeks of pills for women, usually it is possible to reset 5 to 7 pounds, but then the speed decreases gradually until 2 to 4 kilos per month, and this is normal;
  • Analyze your diet in search of average total daily calories. The amount of calories for women with less than 70 kg – about 1,200 per day. If your weight is within a range of 70 to 90 pounds, you need to receive daily 1500-1700 kcal, well, the amount of calories for women with serious excess weight – from 1800 per day. After less than slimming calorie diet need to be cut;
  • Determine the proportional composition of your menu. Do the math on how much percentage contains proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Weight loss program for women involves such a diet, in which 15-20% proteins, 10% to 15% – on the fat, and the rest in carbs. Proteins in this case it is better to be obtained from lean meat, poultry, fish, and cottage cheese. Fat – mainly from seed vegetable oil (olive oil). The carbohydrate of at least 90% must be "complex" (cereals, vegetables, fruits, berries);
  • Calculate "the enemy of the good" in your diet and to discard them. Weight loss for women often becomes a problem due to the addiction of baking with white flour, cakes, cake, sweets, carbonated drinks and other Goodies. With them will have to say goodbye. All sorts of substitutes, the type of food for fast cooking, lots of juices, crackers, and potato chips, you is also absolutely nothing;
  • Make a plan of sports training or, at least, make the clock-to-moderate physical activity – walking, biking. Even if you have a pronounced excess weight and poor health, has gradually become accustomed to strong words from the movement, because without it you lose weight quickly will not work.

Fitness program for women

how to lose weight women

Complete a fitness program for women should be built by the following principle:

  • Aerobic load – 60%;
  • Strength exercise – 20%;
  • Flexibility exercises – 20%.

Exercises cardio to lose weight for women are very varied – this can be aerobics, dancing, running, jump rope, modeling. You can choose the one you like the most. The best option is to subscribe to a partition or buy the ticket at the fitness centre, to attend classes 2 to 3 times per week. Encourage your friends, so that it is not a boring one. Sports regular exercise to lose weight for women can become a favorite pastime, if you are surrounded by a pleasant company and you together, you transform your figure.

If you do not have the opportunity to train in the sports gym of the institution or health does not allow that you are so actively involved, make your own, individual fitness program for women. May include outdoor walks, bike rides, nature walks on rough terrain, active games with the kids, simple sports games (badminton, table tennis). At home, you can perform exercises press, twist hula-Hoop, jump the rope.

Effective for weight loss for women imply their daily physical activity, because without it, your figure becomes attractive. The excess weight that you, perhaps, settle through diet, but in the change of the gone pounds should come elastic of muscle, and not saggy skin.

How to lose weight after 50 women

What we older, the more difficult it is to deal with the accumulated body fat and the risk to get hold of her repeatedly increases. Weight loss for women of a mature age is not an easy task because many times, full of a woman is not a lack of motivation. Getting to a certain age and immersed in the daily routine, the mature woman stops to present high requirements of its appearance. Personal life is established, much like someone else, and the woman forgets that, what she needs in the first place, like yourself.

How to lose weight after 50 for a woman? Need much want. Share your plans with relatives and friends. When you declare your family about the decision to lose weight, the process of motivation is automatically activated.

The success of loss of weight for women after 50 years, begins with a visit to a more competent gynecologist-endocrinologist. It is necessary to pass a full examination and a blood test of hormones. So you will know for sure if you have diabetes, kidney dysfunction or thyroid. If there are problems, the doctor prescribe you the necessary medicines.

How to lose weight for a woman of mature years in the house? You need to write the menu. In your diet should not be so even to many proteins, as the diet of a young girl. Enough to eat in the day from 80 to 120 grams of easily digestible protein, that the best way to receive the fish, chicken breast or veal.

It is very important not to abuse the use of animal fats. Do not buy in the store margarine and lard only because it is cheap. The economy is important, but health is more important. Try not to fry foods, better bake it, in the case of a cupboard or cook in a bain-marie. Weight loss for women of a mature age implies the existence of 20-50 grams of fat in the daily diet.

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The "complicated" carbohydrates should be the basis of your menu. Eat cereals, each day, steam the vegetables in the dish. Fruits and berries become essential vitamins. Offer your fruit favorites, each day, is more useful and cheaper than sweets and cakes.