How to start losing weight properly?

Increasingly, on the city streets, we see women with very plump shapes. If previously their age was estimated at 45+, now more and more young girls under 30 are also starting to suffer from overweight. Poor nutrition, an inactive lifestyle leave an impact on our appearance, sometimes stronger than genetics.

Surprisingly, often many young women do not think about seriously dealing with health and weight loss, they think it is too difficult, or, conversely, the process is too easy: you just have to want - and the fat will disappear on its own. But this is not the case at all. And the sooner we start to control weight, the easier it is for us to keep it at a normal level.

How to motivate yourself to lose weight, what goals need to be set, where do you need to start so as not to break down and bring the matter to an end? After all, it is important not only to lose weight, but also to consolidate low weight for a long time, to make it the norm.

How not to start losing weight

Let's say you are serious about losing weight. Sports and diet immediately come to mind. And then comes the cherished Monday, when you start a new life, sign up for the gym, stop bread, sweets, eat only vegetables and cereals without salt, torture yourself with daily physical exertion.

And then a few weeks go by, some holidays happen - and you’re broken. After all, 1 piece of cake, 1 day missed sports will not affect anything. "I’ll finish it later, " you think, and grab a second sweet piece.

pictures of slender girls as motivation to lose weight

After such a distraction, the next time in the gym is already more difficult to work out, I really want to feel sorry for myself, to reduce the load. Then you skip a few more workouts, on weekends you leave it altogether for the sake of a barbecue with friends in nature. Gradually, your spirits disappear, sports don’t bring joy, it becomes a burdensome job, it gets harder to follow a diet, and the pounds lost in the first week come back.

This is the most common weight loss scenario: start playing sports and lose weight intensively with high spirits, and then let go. After that, only a few can start from scratch.

To prevent this from happening, you need to lose weight gradually. Limiting yourself to food until you are unconscious, as well as exercising to the last strength is prohibited. And the biggest key to success is the right motivation! Bets should be placed not on refusing to eat as on regular sports and exercise.

Motivation is the most important key to successful weight loss

Now let’s consider where the proper weight loss process begins, which can be your habit, lifestyle, and doesn’t require extreme energy or excessive restrictions.

How to motivate yourself to lose weight? There are some simple guidelines for this:

  1. Remember the reason that gives you the idea of being overweight. For example, an ugly bulging belly in your favorite outfit, an unsuccessful photo, a great feeling of internal discomfort against the background of a skinny friend. An important incentive can be a desire to please the opposite sex. Or maybe you are waiting in horror for the start of summer and afraid to undress on the beach?
  2. After the most important reasons for wanting to lose weight are realized, you will feel very uncomfortable from those extra pounds. Determine for yourself that you start losing weight now, forget about the mystical "next Monday"!
  3. Change your diet today, sports should be a mandatory activity every day! Interested in the nearest fitness center near your home, buy a subscription to one of them.
  4. Remove all seemingly useless, harmful, unhealthy foods from the refrigerator without remorse. Just be guided by your own logic. In the future, as you expand your knowledge in the field of proper nutrition, the habit of buying only healthy foods will become unconditional. After months of living such a life, it is hard to imagine how it is possible to eat what is now on the refrigerator shelf!
  5. Print your ugliest photo, hang it next to a photo of the person with your dream figure. When there is an irresistible urge to eat something very high in calories, to eat at night, look at these photos.
  6. Repeat to yourself: a delicious cake stays in your mouth for just a few minutes, and in your stomach for a few weeks. Remember that 100 grams of candy is at least 30 minutes of intense sports activity!
  7. Make sports a part of your life. At first, you will force yourself to go to the gym by force. But if you do not give up, you will overcome yourself, in a month or two it is difficult to imagine your life without training!
  8. Start shopping for smaller and prettier clothes. Joining it is a great incentive!
  9. Be at peace with your conscience. Do not test your will. If you just want something sweet or unhealthy, eat it. Only such "weaknesses" are rare, as an exception, for example, as rewarding yourself for a longer workout.
  10. Avoid rigid diets. The main rule that must be followed every day: "The number of calories consumed with food should be less than the amount spent in the gym. "

Exercise is the most important factor in successful weight loss

eating signs are prohibited during weight loss

For people with a good metabolism, moderately active lifestyle, exercise is not so important for those who are prone to overweight.

Regular daily activities for thin people are enough to restore energy balance. But if you are already overweight, then sports should be a regular and mandatory activity, such as brushing your teeth.

If you are new to sports, it is best to work out with a coach for the first few months. He or she will tell you how to organize your day properly, write down proper physical activity, diet, teach you how to use exercise equipment safely.

When you start doing sports on your own, remember that any workout should start with a 10 -minute warm -up of all the muscles, and end with resistance and stretching.

Strength training is desirable to alternate with aerobic exercise, to give different muscle groups a break for 1-2 days after strength training.

The most effective and energy -intensive exercises are considered to be interval training, cross -fit, complex sports activities, in which all muscle groups are involved.

Whenever sports start to bother you, when you get tired of exercising, think about your favorite dessert. This is one option for good intrinsic motivation. If you are active in sports, burn 600-900 kcal per workout, then you can afford 50-100 grams of biscuits or dark chocolate. After all, the caloric content of such sweets is 2-3 times lower than your energy cost.

Proper diet during weight loss, active sports may look like this:

  1. In the morning - carbohydrates, high -calorie foods. Prefer slow carbs.
  2. Lunch: fruits, sweets, protein.
  3. Lunch: protein and a little fat.
  4. Before sports training - fast carbohydrates + quality protein.
  5. After sports - protein foods. Get rid of fats, carbohydrates fast.

You need to eat 4-5 times a day, leave snacks between meals, be sure to eat before exercising.

Final recommendation

To increase motivation while losing weight, the most important thing is to see the results first. Usually they appear only 1. 5-2 months after the normal rhythm of life changes, and sports become an important part of it.

With some dietary restrictions, 3-4 weekly exercise at first, there will be no significant improvement. This period will be the most difficult. After all, I had to give up so many things, it was so hard to do, and the result was zero. But if you survive for the first week, from the second month the kilograms will begin to melt. Believe me, this will be the best motivation to continue this lifestyle!

Try to surround yourself with like -minded people, strong people who pursue the same goals. Together, it is easier to adhere to a proper diet, pay attention to the training process.

Remember, a positive attitude, strong desire, exercise and maintaining a negative calorie balance are, in fact, all that is needed to successfully overcome the problem of excess weight!