Diet and exercise for weight loss belly and sides

The stomach is the second of the prevalence of the problem of meals for women who suffer from excess weight. The fat it accumulates quickly. And make the biggest waist again thin is extremely difficult. Even though this is possible, sagging of the extension of the skin makes her attractive figure.

To resolve the problem can be only an integrated approach to weight loss, when from the first day, will be accepted efficient ways, how to tighten the stomach: physical exercise and beauty treatments. Good helps to do this visually correctly, the product corrective bed. Fast slimming belly possible just in case if you work with this theme to be purposely.

Proper nutrition

diet to lose weight the belly and on the sides

To lose weight the belly and on the sides good nutrition plays a key role. And it's not just a specific set of products. It is well-constructed menu throughout the week, the distribution of meals by the time, the compliance of the drinking mode and the rejection of harmful food. Let's examine the most basic.

Basic principles

The diet during weight loss belly must be fractional. Many times, a large number of waist not only by fat. Those who always ate too much, stomach walls stretched, and they quickly experience the feeling of hunger again.

Reduce the volume of the stomach, reducing the size of the portion. The transition to several meals per day, will resolve this problem, it is not fast.

  • Drink water! Train yourself to start the morning with a cup of pure water can be acidified with lemon juice. The water activates the digestive system, stimulates peristalsis of the bowel and stimulate the entire body. Per cup of water, you can drink and half an hour before each main meal.
  • Breakfast! Breakfast is not a cup of coffee and a sandwich. The best healthy breakfast - slow carbohydrates: cereals or pasta of durum wheat. They will give you a boost of energy throughout the first half of the day, but the excess calories have time to go until the night, even if you are a little overeaten.
  • Eat the soup! But not rich soup or the triple ear. Cooked in vegetable or not good meat broth soup useful and nutritional. When you do this, your calorie content is relatively low. Eating soup is precise hot. The food, with temperatures above 60onWith burning the mucosa of the esophagus and violates the normal digestion.
  • The combination of products. Very much affects how well they are absorbed by the body. For the saturation it was necessary a smaller amount of food, the best is to use the principles of food combining: eat meat with vegetables and vegetables, cereal – with butter and fruit, gourds – separate food intake.
  • Snacks. Not only do they have the right to life, but must be, necessarily, if the intervals between the meals more than three hours. Effective weight loss is only possible if the body does not experience the sensation of constant hunger. Otherwise, it will start to conserve energy and slows down the metabolism.
  • Dinner. And torment-hunger in the night, also do not need to. The use of this no. If you go to bed at 23, the silence can pay a light dinner, on 19 and 20 hours. In about half an hour before sleep drink a glass of low-fat yogurt, again the desire to eat.

Try to use these tips, and you already after a week you will notice a decrease in the volume of the stomach. The process goes faster, if you are going to the correct products.

Useful products

useful products for slimming

Varied and properly compose the diet for slimming the belly, and the lateral is very important. The faster this problematic zone are carbohydrates. Here is their number, necessarily, need to cut.

If you are actively exercising, to tighten the belly, to the building of the muscle fibres, necessarily, need animal protein. This means that the meat and the fish on the table must necessarily be.

Many times, the belly seems more that there is, in fact, due to the constant stretching, which is a symptom of violation of normal work of the intestine or effect of dysbiosis. To resolve these problems help quality lactic acid products, but you must choose with the minimum of fat percentage.

There are especially useful for the food during weight loss belly products:

  • fresh cucumbers – minimum calories, maximum nutrients, as well clean the intestine;
  • ginger improves blood circulation, improves the immune system, accelerates the burning of fat;
  • cinnamon – the quickly eliminates the feeling of hunger, activates the metabolism, speeding up weight loss;
  • cabbage – all the varieties are rich in potassium, essential for the normal functioning of the heart, has a lot of vitamins, fiber and few calories;
  • wheat – wonderful, clean the intestine, which is rich in values, trace elements, delight-if that satisfies the hunger;
  • grapefruit – helps fight cellulite, it is rich in vitamin c, which facilitates the rapid breakdown of fat;
  • green – helps to clear the bowel of material savings, it also contains many useful micronutrients.

Prepare the food should in any way do not is used fat: baking, decoction, barbecue. Vegetables and fruits preferably consume fresh products and, if possible, clear mass.

With the vegetables that contain starch: potatoes, beet, carrot should be careful. You can consume more than one portion per day.

Harmful goodies

What foods can be harmful, since it is not a secret to anyone. But, between the delicious dangers, there are those who to lose weight the belly and the side totally unacceptable. That is that you have to give up at the first queue:

  • sugar and sweets – are the first to settle in the form of "rescue circle", get rid of extremely difficult;
  • semi – normally a large amount of salt, are present preservatives, harmful chemicals;
  • fast-food is almost clean, fast carbohydrates, as well as the basic idea of such restaurants, food guilt, it is true, but not for a long time;
  • sweet aeration – the carbonic acid is not only a stomach irritant, but speeds up the absorption of glucose in the blood, which, in such drinks too much;
  • delicatessen – quality sausage now to purchase is extremely difficult, and in the low quality of meat waste and up to 75% chemistry of the gel-thickener;
  • fried in oil – when frying in poor oil are formed carcinogenic substances, but the quality is absorbed in the food, strongly, increasing their caloric;
  • ice cream – contains a lot of sugar and fat, and often a plethora of harmful chemicals and dyes.

There are products that are useful to health, but to eat, many of them still is not possible. It is nuts, seeds, fatty varieties of fish, bananas, potatoes, sweet fruits, dried fruits, natural marmalade, the quality of marshmallow.


More efficient than just help you lose weight aerobic load. Is jogging, swimming, games of all kinds of aerobics, fast dancing, hiking, rollerblading and cycling. As you can see, ways to get pleasure from the movement of there are very. Therefore, the assertion that physical activity is boring, just an excuse for lazy people.

The big mistake that many lose weight – fight the fat with the belly down, shaking the press. Such exercises burn fat no! They as well the abdominal muscles, as well as your strengthen, but if you do not fight with the fat tummy, the volume of the waist can increase.

exercises to lose weight the belly and on the sides

Thus, houses of slimming and pull up the belly it is best to do the following:

  1. The warm-up. Any movement in a fast tempo, which will increase the heart rate of 60 to 70% of the maximum allowed load (220-age): jump rope, run in place, a quick dance and Dr.
  2. Tilts to the front. As option exercise "Woodcutter", when stocked above the head of the hand dramatically, falling and rising again of the head.
  3. Push-ups. Initially, the drain can be of the walls, countertops, with a focus on your knees. They speed up the weight loss for the stomach and the well are working hand strap and belt.
  4. The pair of scissors. Well-known and very effective exercise that is well studied bottom of the press, balance popular and useful for leg slimming.
  5. Raises the leg. Alternately to the right and the left, not to be put in motion, it is necessary to elevate as high as possible from a lying position. But the legs do not fall to the ground, all times are in weight.
  6. To twist. His back flexed in your lap, feet resting against the floor, and set the hands behind the head. Alternately replace right left elbow of the tribe and vice-versa.
  7. Contrary to the belt. The body weight is kept in stretching the hands of a lying position on his back. Feet firmly push the heels on the floor. To complicate matters, you can switching between the elevation of the feet.

Even a simple, one complex enough to lose the belly and side, provided that the activities in the house will be daily, and the exercises are performed in a fast-paced, relevant the heart rate with a certain interval.

When these exercises seem very simple and boring, you can diversify your structure. Video tutorials that are very useful for weight loss belly and sides, which are easily found on the Internet. They are accompanied by the comments of the experienced coaches, who say that to take into consideration when doing exercises.

Beauty treatments

Clean the skin stretched with the belly after weight loss is very difficult. Sometimes it is necessary even to resort to the help of a plastic surgeon. To with this problem of can not find, is better from the start, it is not limited to exercises, but at least 1-2 times per week to carry out beauty treatments, which improve the condition of skin and pull-ups.

The easiest is to go to the beauty salon – in your arsenal, very effective ways to solve this problem: hardware massage, ultra-sound and laser, facelift, chemical liposuction and mesotherapy.

But the cost of such procedures is high enough, and to obtain concrete results it is necessary a course of 5 to 10 sessions. Worthy of an alternative can become a pet and the procedure, if done regularly and correctly.

Effective weight loss belly faster is achieved through:

  • Clay masks. White, blue, or green clay. They give a lifting effect and, simultaneously, clear the skin of toxins and excess sebum. The clay is produced with clean or mineral water to the state of thick cream, a thick layer superimposed on the belly. Now, you should lie down quietly until it hardens. Then gently wash with warm water and apply on skin moisturizer or cream for cellulite.
  • Coffee break. The caffeine is great to tone the skin, improves circulation, facilitates the rapid burning of subcutaneous fat. Break, you must use the coffee finely ground, which is pre-3-5 minutes, you're in boiling water. Drain through spreading evenly over the problem area, turn it into a movie, food, cover with a bath towel and lie down for 20 to 30 minutes.
  • Anti-cellulite compounds. Normally, it is natural oil with the addition of ethereal or other chemical components that accelerate the process of change of skin. Cook the initial mixture can be added 50 ml of peach, apricot, or olive oil 15 to 20 drops of the antenna (juniper, ylang-ylang, grapefruit, rosemary, bitter orange, cinnamon, and Dr.)
  • Massage. Better, if the massage of the belly will make professional. It is a procedure very effective, but it has many subtleties and contraindications. The problem is that when it is very intense depression may suffer internal organ or climb of chronic diseases. Useful cupping and massage of honey from the belly, which is easy to learn and then do it alone.
treatments slimming

The experience of weight-loss many women, which confirms that only an integrated approach to the problem can be very fast to make the figure of tense and beautiful.

If you try to lose weight on a strict diet or do exercises and treatments to lose weight the belly and on the sides, that lost the layer of fat the skin quickly weakens and will make the body attractive.