The history of weight loss: photo before and after

Losing weight is always very difficult. It is not lack of will power, any diet seems too hungry, or insufficiently rich in vitamins, is it support. And then enter the history of weight loss, with a photo of before and after. They can help you want to lose weight?

Others can, I can

how to lose weight

Full of people in the world, it becomes more and more. The reason for the rapid weight gain, sometimes, does not reside with chronic diseases or hormonal imbalance, the banal, the excess food in the soil stress. We take advantage of sweet and tart from your problems, running away from their decisions. The result becomes irrelevant the folds of fat on the abdomen and extra pounds on the scale. Each one of the people, who simply love a delicious snack or eat something sweet when it stress, you could easily lose weight, going to proper nutrition. But we lack the will power, it is necessary that someone sent us, has made — and then things will move from the "dead point".

There is another category of people, that do not inspire real-life stories of weight loss with the photo. Is stories of ordinary people, which attempted to change your lifestyle and why this happened. As a rule, they began to follow the diet or were transferred to good nutrition, support the result of physical activities. In rare cases, to speed up the metabolism of the applied dietary supplements or medications. Apparently, nothing special about these stories. About the correct use of energy, say the nutritionists, doctors, the need of physical exercise, we ourselves have consciousness. But dry, not supported by emotions, facts, who were the experts, the few act for filled with people. And only a success story to help instill hope.

Success stories with the photo and the video you can read and see on the site. They are really impressive. People it is possible to reset the 20 kg of excess weight, only by following the elemental diet and doing physically for 2-3 hours per week. If this is not a miracle? The large role played by the emotional state and the visualization of the goal. Many of those who have managed to lose weight, if presented well-formed, have developed the concept of how to use clothes in various smaller sizes. Our body has the property of taking in the forms that we ourselves want him to see.

And, as drugs for weight loss? Like if they are those, whose weight loss cause genuine admiration? Sometimes, medications really necessary, especially if the cause of a set of excess weight becomes a disease or a disturbed hormonal. Sometimes, the body turns out to be so dirty, that it needs a serious cleaning. So, without pharmaceutical products and medicines, it is also not essential. But the opinions of those who managed to deal with the completeness, the claim of any medications, dietary supplements, massages, beauty treatments — just to get more resources to maintain and accelerate the effect of weight loss. By themselves, they may not have a significant impact on the body. Only the correct approach to the organization of your diet and lifestyle can help to gain thinness.

Difficult for everyone, especially for women

Most of the people who share their stories, slimming, young mothers after the birth. As we know, this is the most difficult time for the woman. In the period of breastfeeding is not possible, sit on a diet to take the medication, delight you leave a fitness centre. The woman remains alone with his problems. The only thing that she can, — the right to organize the food and the routine of the day, such as getting enough sleep is also a negative impact on the hormonal background, and metabolism.

What is the recipe for losing weight after giving birth offer, the one who was able, in this difficult time, to bring me back to normal? All very simple. Does not need to exceed a level of calories per day. Because the child will during a feeding of about 800-900 kcal, diet diary should contain not less 2300 kcal. This should be helpful foods rich in vitamins and proteins. Carbohydrates (candy, cakes, and pasta) need to eat less: they give the excess calories but contain no vitamins and minerals.

photo before and after slimming

Organize a home physical activity also is not difficult. If the domestic work redone, put the child in a wheelchair — and for a ride. Or including videos with exercises, until itsy sleeps. And make sure you sleep: let your pets be a part of your work. Sleep for a good figure, that is, first of all.

These simple tips give you the breastfeeding mother and for those who finally got rid of the excess weight. Not worth looking for another person to lose weight as unattainable miracle. A little motivation — and everything is in your hands.