The methods of slimming

The woman attracts your life, the emotions, the fullness of inner radiance, and not the subtlety of his volumes of...

Become slim is often fanatic-the desire of many women. Many of You have tried to lose weight through different diets and systems of weight loss. Almost every woman today can write a book about how to become thinner. Agree? We women know so much about this, but, even so, virtually every one of us, this theme is still problematic.

the essence of weight loss

I'm talking about excess weight, know first hand. Since childhood I was a very full girl, so school was not ridiculous. All of this has increased in complex... In 15 years I decided to lose weight. Diet week full of fasting, raw food diet,... that only I can, so, did not. And all this time I was constantly in a condition of depressed. Until you drop the weight, denying yourself in all things is the stress. When the weight goes away, the other starts to panic – how to keep it there the result?

The methods of slimming. Today I'm not going to write about the physical methods of weight loss: nutrition, sports, water... You is everything you know and without me. I will talk about other methods of weight loss: the psychological and energetic. After this and the need to start. And not with the right power...

It all started when I fell in love. Yes, also, fell in love with so that the emotions leapt from endorphins, the adrenaline, and then, together down, in hopeless depression.

For the year this love I lost 30 lbs!!!!! I became not only lean, I became extremely lean.

The joy of communication with the object of love I was shaking and there is no food in my mouth, not snorted. Then the adrenaline I jumped, as the horse, forgetting when was the last time you ate. Well, and of course, staying in the terrible depression of the fights, I could do, besides crying.

I write all of this? I do not suggest that You, similar to a weight loss method. The business here is totally different. All the raw emotions! About what I want to talk about today.

Why we eat what we eat?

Everything that you know, that we consume a much greater quantity of food than is necessary to our body. Let's go with calm we can live by eating one or two times a day in small portions. A true physical hunger bad sign for the modern man. Hunger, which we feel is the hunger of the slim body, our energy shell. We can sit around all day in a place doing something, not to spend physical energy, but at lunch time we want to eat. Why?

All the matter into energy. Each product and each flavor of their energy. Thus, for example, the sweet taste of the calm, salty – focused, acute – active, bitter, sets the tone, and the patience... anyway, with your own energy has each product. Some products of women's fashion and soft, the energy, the other men, some raised pranu, others, on the contrary... when we want to eat – it is an indicator that there is a lack of some state. We lack a certain energy.

The methods of slimming.For that women to take the stress sweet, and the majority of men – is salt? Because the woman, without knowing it, try to relax and calm down ( this property is the sweet taste), and that the man tries to gather up and intensify its power (spicy and salty).

In digesting the food, we connect with his energy, he fills us with its vibrations and our state of mind changed. Thus, for example, there are situations in which, for a certain period of time You have been an addiction of any product, it gave Him the energy needed), and then in a moment, You realize that you do not want to eat it.

I remember, I was a period in which I ate a lemon peel. This coincided with a complex astrological period. And I realized that this bitter taste in the subtle gave me courage and patience. I bought a pound of lemon, clean, peel and ate them with tea without sugar and honey. All that is seen, the fans, and I was very tasty. But in just a month, when it finished the period in my life, I have fully disappeared the desire to eat the bark. For a long time, the friends brought in to tea of 2 pounds of lemon, and I didn't know what to do with them. Although jam ta!

We eat, because what we lack of emotion and of a state. Please remember, any joyful and happy day of Your life.

  • You are a lot of you ate this day?
  • You usually ate?

When we are filled with positive emotions, we do not have the need for more energy sources, and therefore does not need to compensate for their lack with the help of products.Why is the diet don't help?

correct slimming

Typically gruelling diet help you lose weight for a while. Slim body builds up energy, hunger and a day we interrupts this.

This is what says a friend of mine, who was sitting on a strict diet within a period of six months: "One night, I woke up and realized that I could no longer... despite that I got excellent results, my body was quite slim. But even this fact has not been able to hold me. I'm right in the middle of the night has become, there is everything. I started with salads, swallowed everything that I had in the fridge, and ate up the chocolate new year gift for the child. I ate and couldn't stop...".

This is not physical hunger, it is slim, without certain forms of energy, slim body.

The physical body can endure hunger for a long time and without any interruption, to return to power. But the thin body can not. Him each day, we need certain state and, if you do not give, then we start to wear down emotionally, we become contraction, nervous, angry. Remember state, when the time is sitting on a diet? There is absolutely no satisfaction and peace of mind.

The key to a good figure in the first place in our subtle body. When we get a lot of emotions of life — our energy body is saturated, and the appetite becomes minimum. And the emotions should not necessarily be positive, the residence of emotions, in principle, fills the body slim. If we live in sadness, not suppress it, he also is able to give sustenance to his thin body. As is well known, is not able to live the emotions, the people are only experienced.

Positive emotions have a special slimming effect.

I decided to do an experiment, and within a month, each day I planned something joyful for yourself: a walk in SPA treatments, visit to esthetician, visit the tone for the club, a delicious tea at your favorite coffee shop, riding in a car, the city's nightlife with your favorite music, Turkish bath, bath with all kinds of women's bits and pieces hanging down, shopping... anyway, the list was long. And I noticed that for this month is totally imperceptible took a few pounds, even though diets I'm not sitting already, 4. I ate then when I wanted to, and the rest of the time trying, as you can spend more time emotionally high-spirited. So the same effect, I saw in the house of my mother-in-law, when we gave her the machine. It literally melted in 3 size from 1.5 months, so as she gets huge pleasure from driving. She admitted that's she want, she even forgets that, especially when she has some kind of trip. And then I began to see this pattern of the huge number of women.

In Your life there are also areas of "development", in that You don't need more money as a source of food, in that You charged positive and joy. Find your life.

When we live in harmony with your nature, with your body – don't focus on the food, change our taste habits, changes of interest to the products. Changing our consciousness, and we want to harmful products.

Thus, for example, if we numb yourself, forced to do what you don't like it, so let's at an energetic level, to seek the most serious, overwhelming food, with the lowest vibrations. Is chocolate, heavy grain, all kinds of semi-finished products, macaroni, noodles, mushrooms, and t. d. These products will give us the fine force of survival, but physically will destroy us.

And, on the contrary, when the energy of ascension and no one would be able to shove heavy food, because it will not be according to our vibration. When we are well, we are satisfied, we prefer light foods with high vibrations for the maintenance of such a state.

It is important to pay attention in a state of euphoria, after that it usually dismounts the desire to eat. Why? Because, that is a very strong stress for the body slim, and he, according to the law, the balance begins to sesemstSya through food. Therefore, joy and lightness — it is good, but the euphoria is a sign of ittownstand to the events, our body will try to balance our state or through heavy food or through reverse a depression. Be careful!

The saints, the people they feed on a handful of rice per day, during the whole life, not because they are so усмandряюt his spirit, and, therefore, that, being in contact with God, receive these deep emotions, that the process of eating for them — just a way of supporting the physical body alive. We are not saints, but our energy body also requires emotions, deep states of joy, sensuality! If we are going to receive them only through food, our destiny sad...

The methods of slimming. What I propose?

the power to lose weight

I suggest You conduct the experiment, and within 21 days to be in touch with their emotions and each day at least a little to do what You like! Write up a list of such activities. Let each one of them takes at least half an hour, You have time to nurture joy!

It is important not to do what is good for the woman, and that "impressive" personally for You! And Your list will be individual. Start making your joyful life from today onwards, start feeding your body slim good emotions, and not cakes and chocolates.

  • Each day, do something good for themselves. It is very important for a part of these pleasures has been associated with the body, as well as the body needs positive emotions in your address. For example, SPA, massage, baths, wraps, sexual intimacy, sport, very important for the body to feel within himself the joy, and not the constant feeling of guilt because of his imperfection. Learn to rejoice through the body, and ceases to be an anchor of negative emotions. On the contrary, You will begin to love it and feel it.
  • Wear suitable clothing during this time. In the garments and briefs of cotton not feel your body! It is necessary to use clothing size, beautiful lingerie, socks... what gives Your body the feeling of attraction. I, for example, usually do not use pantyhose, ever. It is very uncomfortable, I feel isolated from nature. Since a few years ago, I'm wearing socks in the winter and in the autumn. The feeling when my pantyhose, it's very different, more free. Just like in beautiful lingerie, has the sense of your own sensuality and sexuality. You can have your chips with respect to his body, but his need to find.

I walked out of the destruction aspects of your life, work with your consciousness.

Our body cries out something, let's hear! I know, if I type a few pounds — is a clear indicator that I recently stopped paying attention to and pleasing themselves, left to live and enjoy life. In such moments, thank your body for the reminder and the beginning of the take-in adequate power state.

The methods of slimming.Here is a list of things that increase our weight, and it does not products:

  • The denial of his nature to please your husband, son, relatives, friends, work colleagues.
  • When we do that which is unpleasant;
  • When we do not live according to his vocation;
  • When it came to injury in the past;
  • Resentment towards the men (often form a protective layer of fat on the hips);
  • Fear of life, fear of not coping (forms a protective layer in the region of the belly, like a shield against negative social impacts);
  • When we refuse to your desires;
  • When we refuse to your life, getting into a comfort zone

Therefore, if You feel that the cause of Your extra pounds more deep, than just emotional, dissatisfaction with life, familiarize yourself with your fears and find the courage to live the way You like it, and not the way it should be, and not, as usual! Go to your fears, because behind every fear hidden a huge energy and strength.

Focus on your desires, and not nutrition. A good figure — is not a goal, is a means to achieve something.

What? Think about what You want to achieve good for one another?Everything else in our life we do for certain states. We want to experience, feel, live...

And even a good figure, we need not to check mark, and that is very important to the feel of yourself in this world.Try to focus on the health each day, and not in form, not in grams, not calories. Live a life full of joy and happiness, feelings, adventures, experiences. A place where you can and pagrustandtü, a place where you can go and play!

There is a great psychological technique of gestalt therapy, she is called "How would it be if...". This phrase is designed to bring back the psychological feature to get out of a difficult situation, and in terms of the way it also works and is like this: "Live as if You already been ideal for You figure."

Here are and imagine You are now in your ideal body, is comfortable and easy, and You feel attractive and desired.

  • How has Your life changed after you change the form?
  • You can become better yourself?
  • Have become more time to devote to your body?
  • Have become more to please yourself?
  • May be, Your intimacy with the husband's became more sensual?
  • Or You become more relaxed and peaceful?
proper nutrition

Follow these changes and start to disclose them in your life, you do not have to wait for some kind of record in the balance. The joy is the feeling, accessible to any physique and weight.