The most effective and recommended exercise for weight loss belly

If the large rounded thighs and buttocks right now in fashion, the stomach and the mouth continue to be the most problematic areas for girls who want to have the sophisticated silhouette. In anticipation of the holidays, a question about how to lose weight fast on the belly and on the side is worth more than urgent, after all, anyone, even the most beautiful dress will be not so spectacular, with a large belly. Well, we will try to cover all the nuances of the issue and give you effective tips that help you lose weight quickly not only in the belly and on the sides, but form a sophisticated waist. By following the tips and following below the most effective exercises to lose belly and side in the house, you will be able to get rid of the so-called rescue of the circle, well, how fast you will be able to lose weight in this area, it depends on your effort and, of course, from the first volumes.

exercises to lose weight

Before giving advice, and examples of exercises that help get rid of fat in the belly area, and thighs, it is necessary to warn that to lose weight, only in a specific area of the body is simply impossible. You can only make a greater emphasis to problem areas in our case, the belly and the mouth, which have accumulated an excessive amount of fat.

And thus the fat, in one of the articles we have already raised the theme of fat, but, perhaps, worth repeating, as well as some of the misconceptions of buying stuck in the head of many who want to lose weight. Why is it that many believe that exercises that involve the abdominal muscles help to burn belly fat, additionally, they believe that, if you take any type of weight, the effect will be more strong. This is the myth, you are really going to pump up the abdominal muscles, but in the reduction of fat in the abdominal area is reflect in a small degree, in addition to the exercises of the press, with too much weight, your muscles will grow making the stomach even more convex. I can say that the exercises to lose weight the belly, you can get only 20% of the total effect in the form of reduce fat deposits in the belly area, so, that I would like to have a flat stomach, it is necessary to apply a set of measures, about which we will talk below.

And now another idea misleading that the slopes with dumbbells will make your waist is more elegant, and burn the fat in this area, a nonsense! So, you climb muscles, and her waist only makes it visually more spacious, imposing and make the slopes, only without the additional weighting.

The power to lose weight the belly and on the sides

The first thing that should call your attention and change it is, of course, a daily diet, without which even the most effective exercises to lose weight belly become ineffective. About food, counting regular calories and things like that has already been said, it is not enough, however, it is possible to highlight the basic rules of feeding, in which you will be able to lose weight and reduce the volume in the belly area and sides.

  • try to reduce consumption, and that it is best to completely eliminate from the diet, at least the time of slimming, fast carbohydrates (sugar and products that contain it in their composition, baked goods, and t. p.);
  • try to cook the dishes with low content of salt, because the salt slows down the water in the body, thus manifests the swelling;
  • eat small portions (up to 200 g.) 4-5 times a day;
  • do not ignore the balance of water, drink at least 1.5-2 litres of treated water per day, this will speed up the metabolism, which, in the end, a positive impact in the process of weight loss in the abdominal region, including;
  • replace fatty varieties of meat and fish lean. Lean meats: chicken, turkey, beef, veal, rabbit meat. Lean varieties of fish: hake, hake Polish, carp, zander, whitefish Polish, carp, mullet, pike, cod, bream, sole;
  • as a way to prepare, give preference forpCanio, cooking, fighting, cooking in the steam.

Rules for the implementation of pet and exercise for weight loss belly and sides

how to lose weight correctly
  1. Is the best exercise to lose belly and side in the house is time in the morning, when you haven't had time to take breakfast, or after 2-3 hours after a morning of food intake. It is the time in which the body is much more intense that burns fats, not having the so-called "reload".
  2. If what you want is to lose weight in the belly and on the sides, so remember to different ontIgonщениIх, all exercises to lose weight the belly and of the sides needs to make use only your own body weight. Otherwise, you escalate the muscles, which will give the look of increased volume.
  3. To achieve results, you must observe regular exercise routine, avoiding long interruptions. Besides doing home exercise for weight loss belly and sides it has-if you adjust the intensity of the exercise and not to give concessions to feeling a light fatigue.
  4. Switch exercises to lose weight the stomach with cardio loads, this combination is able to rid you of the excess fat in the abdominal region is much more rapid. So, you should switch the exercises with different degrees of breadth of execution.
  5. In addition, the weight loss in the belly and on the sides enough 2-3 exercises per week, for a single class, select 3-4 exercises and do them one after the other, in the three approaches, for each financial year from which must be composed of 25 to 30 repetitions.

Hoop to lose belly and side in the house

One of the most affordable and effective for removing fat from the belly, and form a beautiful and coherent to the waist in the house is the wrap. Then, as even the wrap affects the weight loss process, you can with the wrap to remove the fat from the belly and mouth? During the rotation of the wrap you use and keeps the tone of the muscles of the abdomen, back, thighs, buttocks and calves. However, you're not just doing the muscle during the workout with the hoop, you burn calories and increases the blood circulation in the area of the belly and speeds up the metabolic processes in general, which leads to active fat-burning in the body. In addition, using a hoop to lose weight the belly, you will get rid of cellulite in a particular area. At first glance, is very simple, you can tell yourself the bezel and reduce the volume of the waist, get rid of the belly and of the sides, however, when she encounters ponхhaveдением with the help of a wrap, occurs a series of questions that we will try to find answers.

What is the hoop better and more efficient for slimming?

If you are a beginner and you still have to learn how to twist the hoop, before you start to use actively your weight loss, it's worth to buy the wrap easier, for example, aluminum (hollow inside) or plastic. This makes it easier to learn how to perform the technique and to burn calories. After that you enhance the technique of running, you can use more of weighted wraps or for example, that you have already purchased aluminum (oca) fall asleep on the sand or peas, in a word, everything that comes in the head, the main goal is to become more heavy. Weighted hoop (1.5 to 3 kg) will help you lose weight in the belly area and a little to correct the contours of the waist.

In addition, the weight loss in the abdominal area, get rid of youpirusa side and cellulite in this area, you should give preference to the Hoop. This wrap has on its surface a massage, the balls, which will be able to deal not only with the fat in the belly area, but and are bothersome cellulite.

When buying a wrap, make sure that it would be the aro to its growth, to make it stay in a straight line, aro put on the floor in front of you and attach it to the body, the upper edge of the hoop should come up to the level of your lower ribs. So the purchase of a wrap, make sure that the entire surface is smooth and has no splinters or other defects. When the purchase of a massage hoop, make sure that it is embedded in the surface of the wrap balls were soft and revolved around its axis.

How to correctly and how to rotate the hoop, which would be to get rid of the belly and of the sides?

In the early stages begin to twist the wrap within 5-7 minutes per lesson, with each new lesson, gradually increase the time to 45 minutes. Another main aspect that should be considered, is the time when you can begin to twist the wrap, and it is exactly for two hours before or two hours after food intake. Otherwise, it can cause a huge damage to your health.

hoop for weight loss

That would be to remove the belly fat with the hoop, you want it properly to twist, is twist, and not to catch it from falling to this, you must make a rotating movement of the lower part of the body with small amplitude. Keep the feet shoulder-width apart or a little wider, a little bend your knees. The abdominal muscles and the lower back all the time to keep the suspense. Turn the bezel needs time zone, not making any sudden movements, which want to hurt the lumbar spine. Don't be discouraged if the right not to have to twist the wrap a prolonged period of time, believe me, the correct technique of execution will come with time. During the lesson, with the rim keep breathing, it should not be intermittent. The correct breathing helps speed up the metabolism, which, in turn, accelerate the burning of fat.

Exercises with hoop to lose weight the belly

Studies point to three of the most efficient exercises to help get rid of the belly, you can perform an exercise in a lesson or stick them in a complex, making the exercise more diversified. However, do not forget that, in the early stages, you still do normal push rim, and only after you achieve a good technique, go to the effective and more difficult exercises with a hoop.

  1. Exercise with the hoop of "Йongическonе rotation"up, get you straight with the feet together, the hands, bend the elbows the fingers together, in a castle in the back of the head. Elbows away from your face. Rotate the hoop, making soft circular movements (with a small amplitude) from side to side. Follow 88 spins to one side and 88 rounds to the other side. One of the main aspects of this exercise is the breathing, try to breath for a few seconds, hold the breath, and maximum draw belly. In the early stages to make the 2-repeat on both sides, with each lesson, increase the number of repetitions up to 7.
  2. Exercise with the hoop of "Rotation of the planets"this exercise Is a little more complex, place your feet slightly narrower than shoulder width, hands start by the head. Start to turn the bezel in clockwise direction, make several laps the rim, after that you start slowly to unfold around its axis followed by a hoop (to the right). Run 10 right turns and 10 left.
  3. Exercise for the belly "The arrow"is a difficult exercise that will help you to remove belly fat with the help of a wrap, it requires a good physical preparation, and developed a sense of balance. Your body should resemble arrow hours, with the feet together, raise the ponлhavepalcy (on your toes), with your hands, lift up on the head and attach the palm of the hand. It is precisely in such a posture, rotate the hoop, with the speed of execution of exercise is not important. Do the exercise for 10 minutes.
  4. The exercise of the same is difficult, but it is very effective in the combat with a big belly. Secure the position with the feet together (well done to each other), with the hands behind the head. Rotate the bezel in 5 minutes one side and 5 minutes the other, with the feet must stay completely immobile. Works only with the axis of the pelvis.

Keep in mind that you would like to get rid of the belly with the hoop of the need to comply with the regularity in your workouts, and, of course, keep track of energy. It is not recommended to use a hoop in the period of menstruation, pregnancy, at any time, in the post-partum period, as well as the disease of the liver, the kidneys and inflammation of the ovaries.

If the exercise with a hoop for a flat belly is not enough, or you just want to make the diversity in your workouts, and alternate the load on different areas of the belly, we offer you the most effective exercises for weight loss belly and sides, which you can easily perform at home. This is not a standard and torsion exercises for the abdominal muscles, therefore, under any circumstances, will not affect the fat in the belly area, but only pumpt the abdominal muscles, is an exercise that will actually be able to burn fat. You can choose to train a little exercise or meet them in the proposed sequence.

Exercises to lose weight belly

workout for weight loss

Brace for flat belly. Starting position: fold your knees, with the palms of the hands havepritect on the floor, the head, lower your face to the ground. Then, pull the belly, straining the abdominal muscles, taz turn in on itself, and then down to the bent in the elbows hands. The elbows should be directly under the shoulder joints;. Hold this position for 30 to 60 seconds, always pulling up the muscles of the belly. After that, straighten the legs, passing the classic bar elbows, and stay in such a position in 6-8 accounts. After that, get on your knees and stretch forward, stretching the muscles. Repeat the exercise 3-5 times.