Effective slimming

Effective weight loss involves two options of reset weight:

1. The release of excess weight and improve the general state of the organism for a long period of time. Effective techniques of slimming in this case:

correct slimming
  • A healthy lifestyle;
  • A balanced diet;
  • A high dosage of regular physical activity.

2. Considerable relief amount of pounds in a short period of time. To such effective weight loss usually use:

  • The fasting;
  • Mono-diet;
  • Strict diets low in calories.

The excess weight in the body accumulates over a long period, and if the couple of kilos too much disturbance does not, then, with the own weight increases the pressure on all the organs and systems, deterioration of general well-being, of problems of a psychological nature. It is necessary to determine which of the effective methods of weight loss to resolve the problem.

At first glance, it is preferable to get rid of excess weight quickly. Choosing the proper diet and for a short period of time, rigidly restricting the diet, is to seek its thinness. In this case, what happens is that, clear reset of weight, lack of power, makes the body enter the economy through a reduction in the pace of the metabolism. Therefore, after the end of the diet, once again restored the usual maintenance mode, reset, fast weight back. And once the metabolism slowed down and contracted for the next extra pounds. That is why it is believed that the general formula for all diets fast weight loss effective – "less than ten, more the fifteen", the so-called "yo-yo effect".

Practically all methods of weight loss effective in the short term, has a lot of contraindications and affect health and health. Although many have had to use them to lose a few extra pounds, be adjusted to form before significant life event (birthday, wedding, a trip to the resort and t. d.).

With an approach to the problem of excess weight for slimming effective the focus should be not on tirelessly the results of short rigid constraints, and a radical change not only the style and the manner of nutrition, but also lifestyle in general.

Effective weight loss at home

Make effective pohudeniem at home - easily practicable task. The observance of rules of diet and mode of exercise throughout time, not only take in the order of a form, will do to family life, but also will significantly improve the state of health.

The most significant part of the effectiveness slimming at home – full of a balanced diet, which includes:

  • Certain proteins – lean meats, poultry, legumes, low-fat milk and dairy products;
  • Healthy fats – fatty fish varieties that contain omega-fatty acids, vegetable oils, especially olive oil and flaxseed, butter, low-fat;
  • Complex carbohydrates – wholemeal bread, cereals, rice, variety of fruits and berries, dried fruits, natural honey;
  • The ideal ratio of proteins, fats, carbohydrates – the balance of protein, fats and carbohydrates. It was found that, in the daily diet should proceed in the following number of calories – 45-65% of carbohydrates, 20 to 35% fats, and 10-35% protein. For those who wish to lose weight should follow the ratio of proteins, fats and carbohydrates 30-20-50;
  • Vitamins in sufficient quantity, and many fruits, vegetables, especially raw, meat liver, nuts;
  • Products, contributing to the purification of the body and stimulate weight loss – the ginger, the garlic, the white wine, the balsamic vinegar;
  • The clean drinking water, not less than 1.5-2.0 litres per day, preferably, drink a glass of water, for 15 to 20 minutes before a meal.
diet in weight loss

All of the food that arrives at the table, effective for slimming should be healthy. You should avoid the semi-finished products and products of industrial manufacture, because they have a high content of preservatives, emulsifiers, tRangiroa, flavorings, flavor enhancers and other chemical compounds that can be harmful. No crackers, chips, quick meals (fast food), sweets and soft drinks, and juices from packages.

The dishes must be cooked from fresh products, that best buy in the market or in the special departments of supermarkets.The less salt eat, at most, to use the bottom of the sea or yodfocus salt. Need to the body the amount of salt is already contained in the products, excessive delays in the body of water, preventing its purification, improves the swelling and makes the slimming process.

An important point of effective slimming – the correct way to power. Preference is, at the same time, no less 4 or 5 times during the day, in small portions. For the dinner no later than seven o'clock in the evening, or, at a minimum, four hours before sleep.

Useful addition to the diet, to maintain the integrity and improve the efficiency of reduction measures of weight, you will medications that help balance the cellular metabolism.

An important step in any weight loss program nutritionists believe purification of modern drugs. They are actively absorb only harmful toxins, in abundance come to the blood during the breakdown of body fat. It is to these toxins cause specific to the diet nausea, unpleasant taste in the mouth, disorders of the chair, tusclastü of the skin, the appearance of her acne and blemishes. This is the sorbent as well fills the stomach, giving the feeling of satiety, it sucks the excess of gastric juice and enzymes, neutralizing their effect of injection on the wall of the stomach. Let's say your reception with duration of exchange unlike other Corbents.

Exercise for weight loss effective

Regular exercise and a high dosage of physical activity required in the process of slimming effective to increase the consumption of energy, strengthen muscle tone, improve circulation and well-being of the body.

Daily the execution of the following to develop a complex exercise as the morning or night loading to speed up the reset weight and improve your overall physical fitness:

  • Raise hands from the side to the top, stretch and bend backwards in the chest, getting up on socks. Fall in full foot, hands by the side-down;
  • A hand on the waist, with the other hand, held high above his head, run circles. Change hand;
  • Hands on the waist, climb on your toes, running circles left and right legs alternately;
  • With the feet shoulder-width apart, hands on waist, using circular movements at the waist to the right and to the left;
  • With the feet shoulder-width apart, hands on the waist, the country and the left foot to the left to lean it, right hand on the head extends to the left parallel to the ground. Repeat for the other side.

Also for effective slimming will be useful:

  • With the feet together, the hands left behind, the lifting of the hands up with poocheradNYM only time the legs to the back;
  • With the feet shoulder-width apart, hands on waist, twist the trunk to the left with a single blow with the right hand to the left side and vice-versa;
  • Hands forward, at chest height, with your feet shoulder-width apart, mach walk to the other side of the hand, fingers touch the fingers of the hands;
  • With your feet together, arms along the body, the squat with the hands, the arms extended to the front switch with pricedAnemi, when the hands from the ground;
  • With the feet together, the four hop on two legs, two hops on the right and on the left leg.
effective slimming

The first time that we can do all the exercises 2 to 4 times, gradually increasing the work load. Ideal to perform each exercise 8 to 10 times, until the pleasant sensation of fatigue.

Effective weight loss is possible exclusively in the case, when the desire to look good and it is well to feel more than the desire of a delicious and plentiful to eat, and the less you move.