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The issue of slimming care to all women, without exception. Kilos and grams in are able to find as chubby, and very shapely beauties. These and other begs the question: what such to eat or drink, to kilograms to get out of them. Such a magic bullet does not find, but here is a simple way to help the body to forge the metabolism exists. For this, you need to choose the tea for weight loss. It is no secret that the teas for slimming, traded in pharmacies and shops, most of the time not very potent. With its help, you can get is that short-term weight reduction through its diuretic effect.

Teas for weight loss herbal

tea for weight loss

The prolonged use of diuretics and laxatives drugs, although of vegetable origin, bring the body is not good, but the damage. They would dehydrate, break the electrolyte balance, resulting in disturbed the work of the kidneys, appears muscle weakness. And here is the slimming tea, which will be a complement to diet and exercise, will be an excellent way for the normalization of weight. This tea promises to burn fat for several days, and rid him of the disease.

The correct tea for weight loss ozdoravlivayuschim acts in the digestive tract, normalizes metabolism, eliminates toxins and toxins from the body, purifies the blood and the liver. As a result, the body rejuvenated and he gets rid of the extra pounds.

Do not buy tea, if you are not sure of how its components, or as part of are indicated, scents, dyes, and other chemicals. Better, the manufacture of the slimming tea for yourself.

Preparation of recipes of tea for weight loss

Mix 1 St. l. the root of the dandelion, fruit salsa and fennel, leaves of peppermint, 3 St. l. bark of buckthorn. A tablespoon of this mixture, pour boiling water and insist 15 minutes. Strain and drink over the course of two months the 2 St. l. the morning on empty stomach.

Mix the dry berries of rowan and the nettle leaves in a ratio of 7:3. Tablespoon of the mixture pour two cups of boiling water and leave for 10 minutes. Strain and drink half a cup 3 times a day, in the intervals between the meals.

Mix 80 g of leaves of blackberry, 10 g of birch leaves and the mother-stepmother. Two tablespoons of the mixture pour 0.5 liters of boiling water and rest for 15 minutes. Strain and drink a cup, twice a day — morning and evening.

Mix for 3 St. l. from the bark of buckthorn and nettle leaves, 2 St. l. mint leaves, 1 St. l. root calamus. Pour 1 St. l. (from top) of the mixture of two cups of boiling water, insist 4 h. Coe, and drink it half hour before meals, three times a day.

Despite the fact that these teas are beneficial to health, they do not recommend to lead to the aggravation of diseases of the digestive apparatus, when the renal stone disease, during pregnancy and lactation.

The green and the black tea, tea for weight loss

Replace the morning a cup of coffee and tea. In the first place, without the sugar and the cream, add the coffee, you'll have less calories (tea calories is negligible), in the second place, the tea helps to reset the already pent up weight. The tea works well for the whole body. It helps to put in order the cardiovascular, respiratory, nervous, uric, immune.

Green tea is an excellent control of the glucose level in the blood. It decreases its absorption after ingestion of food. In addition, people have begun to drink green tea, eat less than 40-60% of their usual portions. To the tea so it worked, he need to choose and brew.

Above all, eliminate the use of tea in tea bags. There is nothing like a cup of tea, simple, fragrant tea powder. Note the color of the tea leaf. It should be green, tones can be different – from dark to light brown olive, but in any case, the dark, with the smell of hay. Note the main rule is: the lighter the green tea leaf, so that it is better. Please Note that the content of the package: the type of appearance I leaves, and that there is still, apart from them. In quality pack of tea animals only 5% of broken leaves and branches, not more. Tea leaves should not turn into dust from the smaller to playing it.

green tea to lose weight

To make a delicious green tea to lose weight, 1 h. l. tea take 100 ml of water. Pour the tea water hot, but not boiling water. If the water bubbles, wait a few minutes so that it cooled off to about 80 degrees. Over a minute of the first water to drain. Pour the tea is the second time, and insist, in accordance with the instructions on the package. For a long time, the tea begins to gophit. The tea should be transparent, with a smooth taste and pleasant aroma. The quality of the tea, you can pour more time, it will become only more tasty. Also, try to include in your diet ginger tea is a very good tool, which allows you to get rid of a certain amount of hated hypodermic deposits.

There is still a wonderful tea, with which you can lose weight. Is Pu-Erh — soft tea, attacks the stomach, stimulating the work of the gallbladder and liver, accelerating the metabolism. Enough to drink 2 cups of hot tea in one day, and the result does not slow down. Especially it shows after parties, when the stomach is full, oily, heavy foods.

Black tea, tea for weight loss can be less effective. It also slows down the absorption of fat thanks to the action of a large number of atlisharing compounds that improve the body's metabolism. Whatever it was, but after having eaten the butter, a loaf of bread or a piece of cake, follow with them a cup of tea. So, you can reduce the chance of getting above weight.

Milk tea, tea for weight loss

The japanese, drinking tea in large quantities, with the goal of weight loss, are very skeptical with the addition it milk. Supposedly, the milk binds all the active connections of the tea, not giving you adjust the metabolic processes in the body. But the experience of many women, which proves that there is a versatile tool for weight loss – tea with milk. He did not want, nor eat, nor to drink, neither sweet nor bitter, nor morning, nor evening. If suddenly the appetite woke up, he could easily be a moderate sip of tea with milk. Any diet with it will be carried out easily and without suffering. This is the type of tea for weight loss does not burn fat, only suppresses the appetite. There is a disadvantage: in the early days, it acts as a diuretic, and, then, everything is going on too.

In products, you can't limit, you can pay for everything, simply the appetite nearly disappear. The saturation occurs due to the fact that the hot tea takes milk fatty acids. Recommend to prepare a tea with milk with low fat milk, but if the same feeling of total saturation is not enough, take the normal milk of 2.5% fat. Therefore, you can safely skip in the diet of vegetables and fish. And then the weight loss is guaranteed.

There are several ways to prepare this wonderful drink:

1) Boil 2 l of water, the falling asleep of the steep boiling water 3 St. l. green tea. Cool it under the lid for 20 minutes and dilute to 1 l. milk (0,5%). Insist the mixture for 10 minutes and drain. Drink during the day, hot or cold.

2) Boil 1,5 l of milk (0,5%), add 1,5 St. l. green tea, to insist 30-40 minutes, strain and drink during the day. This same recipe can be made with the black tea. The result will also be amazing.

3) Option for the lazy: boil the sachet of green tea in a mug of hot water, dissolve the milk tea halfway and drink.

Tea with milk for weight loss – is not the only liquid you need to drink per day, do not forget to add still 1-1,5 l of clean water.

Certainly, teas to lose weight – is not a panacea. In itself, not to help you deal with other children, but if you join a complex problem, then you can achieve a significant success. First of all, to balance the power. Nutritionists recommend not to exceed the limit of 1500 kcal per day, but not to fall below 1200 kcal. This is also harmful, as excess power. Do not forget to include in the diet of proteins, they must be at least 15 to 20% of the daily diet. For the female the body is very important fat, in no case can it pass for food fat-free. At least a teaspoon of vegetable oil in the morning you need to eat. In addition, it helps to normalize the work of stomach. Don't give up the sweet, to the duty of abstention is very easy to fall. Therefore, in 100 kcal can afford to eat sweets or biscuits. Necessarily take multivitamins and minerals, they are not enough on products.

lose weight with tea

Do not take a break between meals over 5 h, otherwise, it will slow down the metabolic processes. Because everyone recommend to refrain from eating after 18-19 h, then simply stop fat products at this time.