The tool for slimming

Fat reducing overview of the tools for weight loss: pills for weight loss, microcrystalline cellulose, tea for slimming, thai tablets, the fruit extracts, the "super-system of six", a tool for slimming reviews.

It seems that it is the most easy – line-so what is the choice of the means of weight loss. Pills, teas, sprays of appetite, fat burners. Swallowed – and without pleats on the waist! Are all these methods of money spent? Let's understand best!

The pills for weight loss

the tool for slimming

The pharmacy provides dozens of tools for weight loss, but few really help to deal with the problem, and only then, since that man is limited if the food, the asset moves. If you sit all day you have a computer, and at night, to not turn away from the refrigerator, even the best medicine is powerless!

Medicines that reduce the appetite

That is, reduce the appetite, in the form of sprays, tablets and aromatics of the songs you want to breathe. Before you buy, explore your composition. In the note specified caffeine? Look for more secure. A small can of spray may contain a dose of 300 cups of coffee! After its application the heart beats accelerated, the pressure of the rolls, the hands shiver, and, in addition, plagued with insomnia...

In the box of tools for slimming , there is no mention on the caffeine? The list of vitamins ( ascorbic acid ), chemicals ( sodium benzoate ), grass ( shoots and birch leaves, burdock root ) or essential oils of plants, cleaning desire to eat? This type of drug damage is not going to bring ( not to be, that will occur from allergy to any of the components, but is not deadly ). If it will help is another question. Depends on how strong is their appetite, how much you eat, enough to move around.

Decided to beat the feeling of hunger, aromatherapy, carefully, choose an essential oil. In the number of plants, of which receive the aromas of star anise, orange, basil, bergamot, valerian, verbena, clove, geranium, grapefruit, oregano, fir, jasmine, ylang-ylang, ginger, hyssop, the cedar, the cypress, cinnamon, lavender, incense, leuzea, lemon, marjoram, mandarin, melissa, the peace, the myrtle, the juniper, nutmeg, pepper, neroli, patchouli, chamomile, rosemary, rose, and rose and tea tree, sandalwood, pine, thyme, sage, fennel, and eucalyptus.

Note: these essential oils are expensive ( from 30 to 50.and. by phones ). This is understandable: to squeeze precious drops, need to reformulate the mountains of raw materials. Cheap oil – at best, the result of the withdrawal of the trademark aroma of pure vegetable oil. In the worst case – synthetic analogous of natural essential smell, not having its curative properties.

To determine the falsification of documents is simple: the oil drip on the paper and wait until it evaporates. A quality product, does not leave oily residue.

Pros. If the reason for their fullness in the excess of food, medicines help to cut in the feed, without much effort on your part. When you begin to keep track of energy, offices much afflict them, and for them it was not possible to contain the appetite of such auxiliary means for weight loss.

Cons. Such tools do not teach you to eat well, after withdrawal appetite is back.

Price from 15 you.and. for a small bottle of oil, spray 2 to 3 times more expensive.

Microcrystalline cellulose ( MKC )

If you believe advertising, it gets rid of the excess weight and slag – end, the exchange of products. Receive from a specially treated cotton. On the composition and properties of micro-cellulose is close to fibers, vegetables and fruits. The operating principle is the following: swelled in the stomach, it creates the illusion of satiety, is not digested and acts as a brush of the intestine: when the digestive digestive, mechanic clean it.

The novelty of the last years, the pill MKC, enriched with minerals and vitamins. They attach to the bio-additive properties – additional nutraceutical and toning.

Pros. Helps normalize digestion and allows you to dispense a smaller amount of food.

Cons. Lose weight in one MKC quite difficult. So there is no want to, you need to swallow not 3-4 pills, and all that in the bottle, and this is already an overdose!

The price the lowest of all means of slimming of this class, which, in fact, and on the demand of the buyers.

Tea for weight loss

how to lose weight with the help of drugs

Nothing but laxatives and diuretics herbs ( such as hay, airela leaf ), this tea does not. Some varieties are designed not only to reduce the weight, but for the purification of the composition is composed of dry powder, beet concentrate, the activated carbon. This tea can be a great test, since it ends with diarrhea.

Decided to bring months of the course until the end of may, and decline a few pounds, and exhausted and frazzled, as after dysentery.

Pros. Products of reputable manufacturers with an excellent location and selected combination of herbs work gently, actually reduce the appetite and normalize the work of the intestine.

Cons. The lower the false ( and too long ) cause diarrhea and would dehydrate the body. If in an emergency to release the intestine the greater part of its contents and to infer from tissue fluid, can be for the day-to-reset 3-5 kg. But will the day-other, and everything will recover, even with excess: the digestive system again full of food, the organism feeds on humidity. When you do this, the kidneys and the intestine, accustomed to the external stimulation, will begin to be lazy, and you will become increase and contamination, better transportation in laxatives and diuretics.

The price is quite affordable – from 5 to 10.and. per pack.

The thai tablets

Are prohibited in civilized countries and are not registered in the Russian market, but, sometimes, even in the face of greater stores of oriental products to maintain the shape.

When, in 1990, g. thai pills took the exam in the testing Center of food production, with the Institute of nutrition of RAMS, it was discovered that they contain the elements of plant origin and chemical components.

Vegetable elements has not resulted in complaints is of grass traditionally recommended for weight reduction. And the chemical components of experts alarmed. Phentermine believe psychotropic tool, similar to drugs. Use it in food supplements is prohibited!

Pros. They are simply not there. The weight reduction in this case can not be considered a blessing. Addicts do not suffer from your excess, but you will not take the medicines for losing weight!

Cons. American doctors have established: the third, the receiving of the thai pills, are surprised by the valves of the heart. According to Russian and from health professionals, due pills worsens the sleep, hair falling, nails exfoliate, peel the skin, as if heavy vitamin a deficiency.

Price- about she generally does not speak: that goodness you the dom you don't need!

The fruit extracts

In the instructions to means of slimming of this group, often written something incomprehensible, for example, the "capsule consumes the same amount of calories as 15 ( ! ) kg of fresh fruits". The truth, the explanation of how this occurs, is also uncertain: "Fruit acids such as connecting candidates with food of a calorie". As if the calories are in pure form and can block, such as food fat and bring the body!

By the reception desk, there are also discrepancies. On the packaging it is written: take before meals, the notes ( the "Application" ): during the meal, and a little above in the section "Action," the buyer reported that: "When a before lunch and dinner, you're taking one of these capsules..."

Pros. Provides the body with amino acids ( lysine, phenylalanine ), vitamins ( B6, PP, C ), macro-and micronutrients ( iron, magnesium, silica ) and fruit acids, which activate the metabolism.

Cons. Does not affect the weight, but can be applied only as a strengthener of biological active additives to food to lose weight.

Price - from 20 you.and. in addition to packaging ( missing 10 days ).

Fat burners

Nothing to them, of course, do not burn, although to a certain extent, stimulate the metabolism and help us to support the loads of physical. These tools are mainly designed for people who lead an active lifestyle. Take, the plant enzyme bromelain from pineapple and papaya. During the aerobic training, when you increase your heart rate and breathing, bromelain works as a catalyst in the metabolism of fats.

But if you don't have a good relationship with fitness, losing weight, on the extract of pineapple does not make sense – as a means to lose weight, it is not suitable. But knowing the ladies appreciate this bio-additive to the other. Bromelain reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood and facilitates the work of the heart, improves the well-being on the eve of the critical days.

correct slimming

Pros. When active fitness classes fat burners can help you lose weight.

Cons. Don't expect to lose weight, if you are driving a sedentary lifestyle: only cash and play outside!

Price from 20 you.and. in addition to packaging.

Super system six

Contains many compounds beneficial: 72 mineral and 12 vitamins, which normalize the metabolism.

Chromium picolinate generates the muscle mass and reduces cravings for sweets. The ginger, the chilli, the extracts of the nut of cola and green tea promote the consumption of energy, helping to burn calories.

Pros. The medicine tested on celebrities. But remember: if the system super helped it transform into the cane, this does not mean that you will experience the same metamorphosis. Not a miracle-a tool for slimming is not free of the need to work on yourself.

Cons. Without fitness and diet has just the stimulant effect.

Price from 30-40 you.and. in addition to packaging.