Exercises for the sides

Every woman dreams of a slim waist, but hated the fat on the sides, sometimes prevents the achievement of the goal. If you perform regular exercises for the sides, with this problem, you can say good-bye, receiving the prize of a wasp waist. Which the complex will help to do this and how to organize the training, read more.

General rules for implementation

exercises to lose weight side

Do exercises for the sides can be as at home and in the salon, but it is important to follow some rules, that will increase your effectiveness:

  • Practice preferably before lunch or late in the afternoon. The best option – before breakfast or after 2-3 hours after the same. You can pick up the one and the other time, but in any case, comply with the important condition – it is desirable to produce a workout at the same time of day.
  • If you want to achieve faster, stronger results, do at least 3 times/week. Fitness trainers recommend to do this, and not by means of at least one day.
  • Preference for exercises for the sides, have become an essential part of regular exercise. However, you can and outside integrated the practice of having time for the preparation of these muscles. Be that as it may, before you start the main complex, necessarily need exercise to prepare the muscles for the job, to eliminate the risk of injury.
  • It is advisable to combine the work on the muscles with exercises – so as soon as possible to remove the fat.
  • Whatever the mode that you performed exercises to the sides, between them, do not need to make major interruptions, with a maximum of half a minute. Therefore, you should plan for the complex, so easy to walk into the scene from a previous move in following.
  • Should not be working at the limit of its possibilities. If you feel pain during the execution of certain movements, reduce the load or the intensity of its occurrence. After some time, muscle mass to grow, and the execution of manipulations with the body and make you become a much easier task.
  • You can't eat an hour before exercise, and after her not eating for 2 hours and, otherwise, to lose weight not going to work, at least, quickly.
  • Drink water during the day but preferably at night, to reduce to a minimum the consumption. The daily amount drink of water should be about 2 l. If you drink water in small amounts, can and during the class period.

Fulfill need and a another rule which does not apply directly to training, but it has to do with the efficiency of weight loss, struggle with the fat that is in places disturbed. Modify your feeding mode. It is recommended to take the food in small portions 5 to 6 times/day. Eat only need of useful products, and the diet must be balanced.

The most important rule in the practice of success – the regularity.

Effective exercises to lose weight side

During the class, you can use a variety of sports devices to increase the load. In this case, be able to get not only a greater efficiency of fat burning, but also the emergence of muscle mass. It can give visual volume, with such cargoes with excess of zeal, therefore, is not recommended to use weighting more than 1 time/week.

It does not matter, you work only with the muscles in the sides or connecting this unit, in total, of lesson, for a start, anyway, with unit of year.


exercises to lose weight

The duration is about 7-10 minutes.

In the warm-up block may include the following simple in the execution of the movement:

  1. Foot exactly, we commit incline the head forward, then backwards 20 times.
  2. Drawn up, rising up on tiptoe and pulling up hands. After that, again we are in the initial position – standing right. Repeat the exercise, need 20 times.
  3. By placing the feet shoulder-width apart, and hands at the waist, NAClonaem the trunk to the left and to the right – in each of the sides 15 times.
  4. Being in the position in which the hands on the waist and the feet placed shoulder-wide, we incline the trunk to the front. When the right hand trying to reach up to the toes of the left foot, and then vice-versa. Such manipulations on each side need to compromise-if for 10.
  5. Draw smooth circles with the hands, moving of their own, 10 times clockwise, and then so many times against it.
  6. Sitting position, straight back. Each squat by pulling the front smooth hands.

The main part of the

It includes directly the exercise for slimming feminine side, and intended to remove with them the fat, to tighten the muscle mass. For the optimal execution of pets and conditions.

It is highly effective exercises with free weights:

  1. Inclinations. For the most effective way to burn fat, you should pick up the dumbbells with a maximum weight of 1.5 kg. Foot exactly, a little bit with the legs separated, you need to do the slopes. If the skew is happening on the right side, smooth the right hand, along with dumbbells goes down, and the left and upward, toward the armpit. When the brush with dumbbells should slide through the body. In the same way we do the movement to the other side. Perform should be alternately, on each side 25-30 times.
  2. Foot exactly, we keep ourselves in his hands, that extends in front of you, alter. Fix the pelvis, legs – that the movement should not. If turn back to the right, the maximum starts in the back of his right hand with dumbbells. Later, fulfilling the equivalent rotation to the left. Alternatively should be done in 25-30 such turns for each side.

Fitbal – another excellent aid in the removal of all the excess with problem areas.

  1. Take the ball, keeping the back straight, and bending the legs at the right angle. Turn body to the right and to the left, pinning the ball taz without taking their feet off the ground. Do 20 laps for each side.
  2. When you do this exercise covers not only the interest in the land, but and the abdominal muscles, back and legs. Go to the floor, and fitbal firmly take feet. Increase feet, capturing the ball, we were in this position seconds 5-7. More gently back to the starting position. Beginners usually it is not easy to given to this exercise, then, to start with you can do at least 5 times. With time, it will become easier, and, gradually, you can increase the number of repetitions between 15 to 20 times.
  3. The slopes with the use of the ball. We have become, in the knees, in the hands of charge fitbal, raising it above his head. The back should be flat, as well as hands. We ran the incline to the right and to the left, trying as far as possible to form a ball. When we keep the balance, we guarantee that if you do not "the headlIVAlXia" to the front or to the rear, but remained on the same plane with the pelvis. On each side, you must do about 15-20 inclinations.
the facilities for weight loss

It is extremely effective for weight loss side women exercises-belt rack.

  1. Triangle. This support helps to strengthen the muscles in your back, legs, belly, and also of interest to us parts of the body. Is improving, thanks to her and stretching. The feet is necessary to put the maximum widely about 3 the width of the shoulders. Implementing the right socks for the outside, as far as possible. Left the same sock is articulated within 45 degrees. Hand produce to the side, with the palm of the hand must look down. Inhale and exhale and drawn by a brush in his right hand. When you do this, the hands should maintain a position parallel to the floor. Gently NAClonaem the trunk to the right, putting in the right calf with the right hand. The left hand is shifted to the top. Doing these movements, you must do the maximum to not round the sides, but, on the contrary, "draw" your itself. The posture in which you find yourself, resembles a triangle, and need to stay longer, do 10 breaths and exhalations. Next we perform the same steps, only in the other direction. This exercise contributes to fat burning.
  2. The belt. Go to one side, smooth, leaning on the right elbow. Increase taz therefore, that the body from head to toe, resembles that of a smooth surface, a stretched rope. Set in a desirable position, at least 5 to 7 seconds. We perform a similar exercise for the other side. All you need to do to begin with, at least 3-5 times, and with time you can increase the number of approaches and the time of fixation.

Remove the fat from the sides perfect to help a variety of twisting, which can also be carried out at home to lose weight.

  1. Go completely on his side, hands turned behind the head. Simultaneously gone the trunk and the legs up, doing the twist. Try to keep the body when twisting to remain within a plane. We made 15-20 of such movements in the same direction, and then both on the other. You can perform these effective tricks in various approaches.
  2. Lying on your back, start all over again the knees at a right angle, the hands turned behind the head. Raise the box, drawn when left with the right elbow of the tribe, and then vice-versa. All you need to do 15-20 of such movements.
  3. Go exactly to the floor, squeezing the body and feet to each other on the right side and then the left. We guarantee that is the case, and the feet remained in position parallel to the floor. You only have to do about 20 of these movements.

In addition to these complex, and highly efficient are the classes of hula-Hoop, the circle of "Health". They can be included as part of the exercise, and the main unit, and with its help to clear the fat with the bochkov.

To achieve the fat burning and the harmony of the body, it is not necessary to carry out an exercise immediately all these exercises to lose weight – choose 3 or 4 to each class and do your.

When the correct organization of the exercises and regularity, already after a few weeks you will see the results, no matter, at home, you practice or in the living room.