Break slimming

To lose weight in one of the sides, not only every day, to torment yourself, on the slopes or stretching: improve the contour of the figure and reduce the deposits of fat in the waist help wrap film food.

Familiar with the technical execution of the procedure?

Below you will find instructions and recipes for the break.

How to make a wrap to lose weight at home

break slimming

Break go for the slimming side even better if you combine them, even with minimal physical activities, and dietary restrictions. The result of the procedures depends on the technique of running, then you need to follow some simple tips. The first group is related with the preparation for the wrap:

  • to pass a procedure by not more than 1 time every 2 or 3 days, once for the body, it is serious stress;
  • avoid there 2 hours before and 1 hour after the break;
  • the time for the procedure of choice especially in the night, the best is to spend the night, since this period of activity of the leather upper;
  • before the procedure, carefully, heat the skin under the contrast shower with the use of towels massage and exfoliation, for example, coffee or salt.

The second group recommendation with respect to the already the process of encapsulation of the film:

  • before the procedure, a thick layer, spread over the problematic regions, t. e. side, the selected tool – bought from a gel or cream anti-cellulite or even alone to cooked mixture;
  • wrap the belly film of multiple layers;
  • wear warm clothing and wrap yourself with a blanket to the skin feels the heat, or even burning;
  • after a time required for the breaking of one or the other mixture, rinse the mouth with warm water and soap or gel, and then moisten them with cream.

Revenue break

An indispensable element of the procedure break weight loss is a mixture that is applied to the skin before coating it on the film. In special beauty salons procedures have a high price, but are used when they are virtually the same formulations, are easy to prepare and the house. Depending on the damage tools break can be:

  1. Hot. Are more pleasant, as well as affect the skin, the heat, which contributes to the widening of blood vessels, activate the blood circulation. The last effect leads to the burning of subcutaneous fat through enrichment of oxygen. Particularly effective is mustard or wrap with pepper.
  2. Cold. Are the opposite of the first mind, since they create a cooling effect, by constriction of the capillaries. In this case, all the toxins come out through the purification of the body's internal organs, which brings the danger of blood.

Wrap hot slimming

Thanks to the thermal exposed to hot involves the process of weight loss side to run faster, because when such procedures is reinforced by the allocation of sweat, with which you will toxins. In addition, the heated subcutaneous layers of fat cells become like jelly, which makes it easier to enter the vessels and receive from the body. Here are some recipes of such breach.


The medicinal properties of the honey are manifested not only in the use of his to spread the goodies in the mouth, the your weight loss more quickly. This sweet organic, the product has in its composition fructose and glucose, which are characterized by the property of penetrating into the skin. Wrap honey helps to speed up the processes of exchange and takes on the tone of the fabric. In addition to side, you can use this recipe to lose weight thigh, or hand, especially for the treatment of cellulite for them. The technical execution break, the following:

  1. Preparation clean the skin with the application of the scrub, then dry.
  2. Pre-heat 6 ct. l. honey, add 3 drops of essential oil of any of the citrus, t. e. orange, lemon or gReйпфRуtovoe.
  3. Distribute the ready tool in the side, abouteRниtecamping cling film, top place anything hot.
  4. Go half an hour under a blanket.
  5. Wash the skin on the sides, under the contrast shower, lubricate your moisturizing cream.

With clay

revenue break

More to the break down of sides and other problematic parts of the body that applies the clay to blue, because it established itself as a tool to speed up the metabolism and tone the skin. To purchase your, you can in a cosmetics shop or pharmacy. Make a wrap with the clay in need of the following statement:

  1. Take equal proportions of clay and warm water. Mix all the ingredients until the state of the pulp, mixed to no more lumps. You can add essential oil.
  2. Grease clean and RandзоgRetse mouth prepared with the mixture from the top wrap the plastic film, put on something warm.
  3. Engage a plain or a blanket. For weight loss procedure shall have a duration not me 30-60 min.
  4. Rinse your mouth, necessarily, use moisturizer, as the clay dry the skin.

With cinnamon

An indispensable aid for slimming the sides is cinnamon. Spice eliminates fat, cellulite, promotes the alignment tone the skin, and, in addition, the cinnamon gently acts on the nervous system. The technology breaks with this пRяbutсtd is the same as with the honey, or the clay, and here are the recipes that are different:

  1. Ligue 1 ct. l. of olive oil with 4-5 drops of cinnamon. Warm the mixture with the aid of the water of the baths.
  2. Dilute water bag of any clay, всsпüte 3-4 tablespoons of cinnamon powder. Add more water, if necessary, to the consistency was similar to a porridge.
  3. Watermark in a bain-marie, melt 3-4 ct. l. honey, mix them with 1 h. l. cinnamon powder.
  4. Melt 100 g of chocolate using the same watermark, the baths всsпüte 1 ct. l. cinnamon, or apply 5 drops of oil from it. At the end, add 1 h. l. olive oil – a mixture is ready.

Wrap cold

Cold break weight loss side are used with other purpose, which are hot – decrease the pores and remove the excess liquid, which results in reduction of volume. The toxins to exit to the outside through pores open, and inside, where they face the liver and the kidneys. Slimming effect is the fact that the body expends the fat reserves on the sides to keep warm. More for such procedures to apply the vinegar, seaweed, essential oils, for example, metbute. The difference of hot is the lack of need of UCUtsвandtSya blanket and warm clothes.


The properties of vinegar can be attributed to the synthesis of collagen, which is essential for the skin, enriched with vitamins, resorption of fat to the sides and to the reduction of the volume of fluid in the tissues. Use not need a product pure, but mixed with water in a ratio of 1:5. Pick up for this, grape or apple vinegar. In the end the solution may introduce a couple of drops of essential oil of citrus. Apply the tool apply directly on the skin or moisten with him bandage, then wrap the mouth. After that, look for the film and rest for about an hour.

With algae

For weight loss are very useful algae, but not everyone will like, for example, that algae. If you do not also want to take this product with food, so try to make the wrap-around side or any other part of the body:

  1. Take a container with water at room temperature.
  2. Place there landminandRию in the amount of 100 g.
  3. After 2-3 hours, they should нandбухнуtü to the maximum, then you can apply them to the sides and зandмоtandtü the film.
  4. After an hour, wash the skin under warm water.

With essential oils

The use of different essential oils is very high – they are used not only for skin care, but also for slimming, particularly successful citrus fruit. In addition to such effects are still promoting the relaxation of the body, bring thoughts in order. To perform the break simply dissolve 5 to 10 drops of essential oil in 0.5 litre of warm water. Then wrap the mouth bandages, wet with such a tool. The film must be on top of bandages.

Contraindications to the break


There are a number of contraindications for both types of break – hot and cold. The first type of procedure is not recommended for people with varicose veins, venous disease, diseases vascular diseases, tumors, kidney diseases, or cardiovascular system, and even pregnant women. Cold break at the sides, you can't do that when the problems of gynecological part. Are not permitted such procedures in cases of intolerance of components of mixtures or of any damage to the skin.