Water for slimming

Issues weight loss, we wonder with frequency. The women on this theme I care about the most: the pregnancy and delivery mode affect the female body, that to maintain a healthy weight, it becomes easy. Pounds the more, and strive to receive, and, especially, after the winter, the holidays and "walking guests". This has that "struggle with weight", looking for ways to "effective" for a lot of women resort to the "miracle tablets", or perspiring, then, and the "gnashing the teeth", the times of activities on our website. And a few people think, or at all, you know that the water is not only an excellent way to maintain a healthy weight, but and the remedy, which makes it possible to facilitate long of many diseases and even recover fully.

Why is it so simple?

water for slimming

When they say that the bright – easy, worth immediately think about the laws of nature: becoming "civilized" people, we can forget about them completely. Life arose in water and without water is not possible, but we ignore this law, by transforming your body into a true "field of battle": the cells of our forced literally every day to fight for the precious moisture, but it still is not enough, and they billions die of dehydration.

Any failures in the functioning of the body, including the violation of the metabolism of fats, in 99% of cases occur due to the scarcity of water. The human body is composed of water more than 2/3, and we are striving to lose weight, try to "carriage of water, using diuretics, diet and not always using standard products: because of the pharmaceutical teas, and other remedies to work faster. This approach spoils not only the shape of water "leaving", but the fat continues to be, but also jeopardizes the health: "recovered" after the diet, the cells begin to stock up on water the same, hindering the work of the kidneys and other internal organs.

How to lose weight with the help of water?

First of all, you need to learn to drink water each time you'd like something to eat", and especially rationing the food will not be necessary.

The majority of people with difficulty characterize hunger for thirst: the brain needs the liquid, and we have to reclaim the appetite, but after a glass of water, he often has "appeased". If after 20-30 minutes of still want to eat, to eat; however, after receiving a portion of the liquid, the body is satisfied with the smallest portion of food – this is the beginning of the weight loss process. And if you do not wait until the desire to eat and to drink of the water in time, the appetite begins to show increasingly rare. And the piece will become increasingly slim, most of the time with problems of excess weight on people that are not accustomed to drinking clean water.

When the cells get too little of water, decreases the speed of the metabolic processes in the body; fats also fission slowly – to form fat deposits. The fat burning fast when the water begins to flow in sufficient quantity. First, it speeds up the urination, but after a few days, all more or less normal, and the weight gradually starts to leave. But, if you do not restrict salt in the diet, to restore the water balance unlikely: the water will be retained in the tissues, accumulate, causes the swelling – about the weight reduction here can not speak.

To lose weight with the help of water designed the same room, the water diet, and some of them, evaluated as safe and effective, have become very popular among those who strives to keep the shape on the form.

Diet of water

There are a variety of options for water diets; give more soft. A diet clean of flour, fat, sweet dishes and fried foods, reduce the amount of salt; the tea is drunk without sugar, coffee – with minimum amount of sugar (1-1/2 h. l.).

The water should drink scheduled, to achieve a better effect. A full glass of liquid, a little warm water for 30 minutes before a meal, and another glass – not before 2 hours after. During the meal does not have to drink. In the morning, as soon as he woke up, it is highly desirable to drink 2 glasses of water (at night the body loses moisture), is also moderately hot (can be with lemon juice). With a short diet to develop more convenient: you can check how will react the body and prepare it for the most serious of options, which allows you to get rid of 10 to 18 kg of excess weight.

how to lose weight with the help of water

Here is a sample menu of the 3-day water diet.

1-the day of the water diet

  • Breakfast: a boiled egg, cheese, and rye bread (2 thin slices).
  • Lunch: pear and 2 plums fresh.
  • Lunch: salad (cucumber, tomato, cheese, vegetables), cooked chicken (chicken breast), a piece of bread (over the course of the whole diet of rye bread or millethNY whole, dried).
  • Afternoon snack: 2 peach.
  • Dinner: stewed vegetables (without potatoes) with a slice of low-fat cooked meat.
  • 2nd dinner (at around 21h00): 150 g ricotta and lean with fresh fruit and a little natural yogurt.

On day 2 of water a diet

  • Morning: soft low-fat cottage cheese (you can add 1 h. l. honey or jam), herbal tea and two pieces of bread.
  • Lunch: 2 nectarines (peach).
  • Lunch: salad of any raw vegetables with fresh herbs, a slice of low fat content of the cooked fish, bread.
  • Snack: an apple carriedlalcoe.
  • Dinner: 2 boiled eggs, salad of fresh cabbage with tomato sauce, a slice of bread with cheese.
  • To 21.00: a small piece of boiled chicken, bread and tomatoes.

3 day water diet

  • Breakfast: fresh leaf salad, cooked chicken, bread, green tea.
  • Breakfast: 2 plums.
  • Lunch: vegetable soup without a potato with a slice of low-fat meat, bread.
  • Afternoon snack: 2 pears.
  • Night: a fishing bath cutlet steam (raw), vegetables, bread; to 21.00: as in 1 day.

Every day, drink the water from the graphs, before and after each meal, and yet, a glass with 1 h. l. honey in for the night.

Please support the diet is easy. The low weight of only 1.5-2 kg, but is starting to improve well-being.

The state of health in general depends on the water directly, as discussed above. Thus, gastroenterologists carried out often resemble those patients, that the glass of water 30 minutes before eating helps the stomach to produce typically the juice for digestion. Those who do not forget to do this, it is not of heartburn and arrota, gastritis and other diseases of the digestive apparatus, and the weight is also normal (or close to it). The clean water saves not only the stomach, but, and the kidneys, and mohEPOlovuu system (not inflammation – all washed away with the water), and of the joints and the muscles. After all, when you lack water, your body distributes it sparingly and joints simply will not.

How to properly drink water to lose weight

Having achieved weight reduction, it's not worth re-forget about the water. Drink as much as you can (2 litres per day – the well, but the 1.5 l – mandatory), but, little by little, in small sips.

More than a glass of a time to drink, and not worth the (with the exception of the morning of a portion of the water).

Try to eat more soups and put in less salt; eat more fresh fruits, fruit and vegetables, salads, vegetable dishes.

diet for weight loss

Wherever you go, take water in a small packaging with care - it fits perfectly in the bag, and drink several bits at any given opportunity. On the job is also keep the water nearby, as well as during the practice of sports: when the active job is in the body of water drains very fast.

Remember that coffee and black tea, as in any place of the alcohol, contribute to rapid dehydration, and that it's not worth abusing. Alcohol is especially dangerous, so after the celebrations and holidays useful give you the discharge day with water.