You can honey, when the weight loss?

If sugar is forbidden during the weight loss, then "we can honey when losing weight ?" option of response is always positive. In addition, which is a natural product of beekeeping and mega helpful. Since time immemorial, honey, used and in nutrition, rejuvenation and recovery of the organism in general.

what you can and can't lose weight

The opinion of nutritionists and dual-split. By virtue of its strong caloric of honey, when the weight loss many forbid it. However, depriving your body useful carbohydrates is a sin. The amount of vitamins and minerals contained in the bee products, not repeated in any existing product.

Weight loss should be the goal of recovery of the organism, the acquisition of courage and resistance. It is not possible to deny the consumption of some products, which in virtue of their conclusions-hurts. This declaration, I am the honey and fruit. The use of both is difficult to assess. It is high in an unambiguous way. And here you can dispense the honey, when the weight loss? Of course, yes, and just as well.

Can honey when losing weight: the use of

How much can of honey in weight loss, you must identify to themselves, counting the amount of calories per day. The strict diet, you probably will not be able to, that is why it is highly important not to exceed the limit. And the use of honey from on high:

  1. The honey is often called easy antidepressant. People who consume honey, less likely to suffer from psychological disorders.
  2. Scientists discovered that the bee products, clean the bowel and eliminate the toxins.
  3. The honey has antibacterial action, antiviral, antifungal effect. It's no wonder that honey is a member of many juices from coughing.
  4. Increases metabolism, increases the levels of "good" cholesterol.
  5. It promotes hair growth, cleaning and recovery of the skin.
  6. Restores the mental strength and physical.

You can honey, when the weight loss: recommendations

If you are brand new and need to convince, that can be of honey, when the weight loss, then you would think – and how it is useful:

  1. Anti-cellulite massage with honey, is very, very useful for the skin. They are smooth and radiant. However, it is worth to remember about the importance of nutrition in the stage of cellulite. Honey has the ability to penetrate deeply into the skin, stimulating the lymph.
  2. During the phase of weight loss your intake should not exceed 1200 calories. This is why you and only you calculate how much honey you can eat. I'll even say that it helps a lot to deal with cravings for sweets, but no more than a tablespoon per day.
  3. There is absolute contraindication to the use of honey – diabetes, allergy, heart failure, and renal failure.
  4. Honey exfoliation, hydrating mask based on honey baths and honey is also well-known methods of the use of honey in weight loss.
proper nutrition

All who live a healthy, want to lose weight or simply control your weight, you know that honey is much better than sugar. For this reason, and oats, and casseroles preferably do exactly with honey. And here we can honey when losing weight, you'll have to determine for yourself the dose optimal. And it is not constant, and in the case in which we would very much like sweet. In a tablespoon of honey 94, 2 kcal. The option to do only you!!