The best exercises to lose weight

Sharp, the desire to lose weight occurs not only in women but also for men. Who is not enough, the harmony and confidence in yourself, but for someone — it is vital to restore the health, to live fully, or, say, having a baby. But, often, the first thing that comes in mind those who wish to lose weight — my session -- exhaustive diet amazing content, even the strong fast.

workout for weight loss

But few people think — in addition to changing your daily diet, you need to take care and physical effort, and there is no need to buy expensive passes in the gym, study hard exercises to lose weight at home. Only with the proper combination of adequate power and reasonable effort you can achieve the desired results. Let's try from today, from this moment to change your usual pace of life.

Where to start?

Physical exercises to lose weight — this is not the first objective, there is no need to perform for the sake of statistics, everything has to go in a complex and entertaining. With this same spirit can achieve results — all you need to do by the will, and not through force. About the that it can hardly be said about the diet. To start, let's try the following:

  • stop thinking and start acting;
  • eat often but in small portions, as a stranger — which it operates;
  • delete, finally, from a ration of pastry products, fatty and spicy foods;
  • eat in on the fun, still, I wanted to bread, or cookie — eat for health and not censorship. But don't abuse it;
  • start practicing a little bit of everything — not sure that will be 10-15 minutes per day, and is a conquest;
  • for service to the sport in a good mood — not through strength;
  • each day increase the workload;
  • drink more water, up to two liters;
  • you is sure to come in self-control.

Everything is very simple — now, after you read the article, go for a walk, go in the store or in the market, buy vegetables, fruit, olive oil, herbs, dried fruits and tile of black chocolate to set the mood. Do not need to create for the body additional stress, and so they have in life, only to gradually rebuild it to make the path and, then, the mechanism of weight loss is started in si.

The inventory, which comes in handy in a new field of life

To start the path to weight loss is not enough to just change your diet and score a refrigerator products useful in your home, you should appear and things. That will come in handy for the daily sports activities:

  • rug or mat ideal for stretching exercises for the attainment of exercises of toner press;
  • alter, buy first the lungs in 1-2 kg ideal for women and 3-5 for men.
  • the new sports clothing is very important for the encouragement and comfort;
  • rim with a weight of 1-2 kg, is not easy.

In the future, may come in handy elastic tape, jump rope, fitball and other simulators, but for the beginning and the source list, it will be enough. Also pay attention on the place where to spend or you are planning to hold workouts. Here it should be clear enough, spacious, clean, must be able to ventilate the area. Do here each day, cleaning is also the overload in the body.

What exercises are suitable for the house?

At home, you can do all the exercises taught in the sports classroom. We have gathered for you the best exercises to lose weight and for some of the most important useful habits for the body, after the output of your body will tell you thank you.

Thus, the first and necessary habit of exercise, without it, generally, it is not possible to start practicing. Slopes, run in place, jump, press on the hands and the neck. Exercise should occupy at least 15 minutes. Now the complex of the lesson.

how to lose weight with exercises

The squat. Oh, yes, those simple, but many hated the squat. But this is one of the effective exercises. The squat can be properly to the thighs are parallel to the floor. At the beginning, the squat can be in a chair, it is an exercise to repeat 10 to 15 times for one approach. Later, increase the workload of up to 20 to 30 crunches at a time.

The belt. The classic exercise, which aims the strengthening of all the muscle groups. Enough to put on the floor, with the forearms parallel to each other, and lift the box, setting the feet on the ends. Hold you need at least a minute or two. But to start with, gradually, you will have to increase the run time.

Ramp. Lying on your back, need to get to the limits with hands and feet on the floor and rise high above the pelvis. Such exercises should be 15 to 20 is not for less.

Press. It is still an all favorite, but very effective for slimming classroom. Lying on your back, lift your feet up. Alternately, without touching the ground, lower the legs down. Now, place hands behind the head, the legs, bend the knees, rest on the ground and lift the body.

In fact, in addition to a useful habit — the school must spend at least half an hour, so, when you get into the rhythm of a new life, take this as a rule.

To lose weight, it is important to practice with dumbbells, they increase the pressure and give you toning the muscles. Then, become erect, with the feet put shoulder-width apart, dumbbells in your hands, the palms deployed for you. On the exhalation, lift the hand to the shoulder, inspiration — lower. Make a year, alternately, to a minimum of 10 to 15 times in the hand.

Again here is the correct habit — watch out for breathing, this will facilitate the exercise and not so will quickly get bored.

Once again the work with dumbbells flexion of the hands, in a horizontal position. Place two chairs on the side as a field of the database. Lie down on them back to back and place the hands to the sides, so the elbows were below the body. Exhale — join the hands in front, inhale — lower the original position. Such movements are useful for strengthening the chest.

The lesson to back: to its original position it is slightly bent knees, placed on the width of the pelvis. Shovel, to join, to straighten out the back and a little bend by the. In the hand — of dumbbells, hands down. Exhale — move the arms from the side, inhale — return to the initial position.

These simple exercises to lose weight, provided that the daily execution able to give a result after only a few weeks. Note that, in this complex should be several exercises for each muscle group, as well as nutraceutical classes.

The final step of the exercise

This is an important point, because as you finish a workout correct, using warm-up exercises. Again, slopes, shake, and arms, walk slowly in a circle, make circular movements of the neck, stretch your shoulders, bend the blades, think of a plan for tomorrow. Because, and this is an important question — when is the best and most convenient start to load, what exactly should be complex, that was not able to do today, but have to repeat tomorrow. Review the day. As long as you think, sit in a posture of lotus, lower the hand on the knees, close your eyes, concentrate and sit in silence for a few minutes. Now, slowly, rise up to you and you can go to the shower. The load today is long. Or want to repeat?

Mental attitude

exercises to lose weight

Exercises to lose weight at home include not only the physical load and adequate power supply, it is important and emotional attitude. Do not harm the occupation of the area of anger management:

  • losing weight is not the goal, the goal is to become healthy, slim and a happy person and to maintain this state continuously. Remember this;
  • in this imagine minutes of relaxation, simply lie down on the floor or on the sofa, close your eyes and immerse yourself in the darkness, try to enter into a state of hypnosis;
  • visualize the desired outcome: make a note of on paper the expected weight and other parameters, create a map of desires, where the smile slender person;
  • correctly formulate thoughts, use the phrase "I lost weight/lost weight", "I slim and healthy" man, many times, to use the word "health", "happiness", "harmony", "use", "objective" and other words that you set to the desired shape;
  • use the mobile apps for weight loss, they will remind you of the classroom, techniques of food and fight with various images and phrases.

But it is important to communicate with the world, with the people, that through the exercises for the weight loss, achieved the goal, has succeeded in becoming on track to a healthy diet and lifestyle, don't miss it and you this chance!