The best diets for weight loss

Start losing weight, the second target, who, in his life, puts a lot of women, unhappy with their weight. But, according to the statistics, only 15% intend to carry out to myself the promise, and the rest taken from there for more than 7 days. The adjustment of plans can take several months or years, affecting negatively not only in form but also in health. Is it worth losing time for nothing, if with the help of diet weight loss per week, it is easy to reset from 3 to 10 kg? Let's understand what is the best diet to lose weight can be used at home.

How to force a network on a diet and get out of the vicious cycle

diet for weight loss

In the arsenal of nutritionists are available hundreds of different diets, calculated in the week. Some are effective, but sturdy, ideal for fast weight loss in 10 kg. Other more soft, but 10 kg per week, to they, not to lose weight. But what is the best diet to lose weight at home?

Nutritionists recommend to start with the change of diet, therefore, it is advisable to take advantage of the tips from psychologists.

  1. For many women, the most effective is the motivation to lose weight fast – it is a tour of fashion stores. Fitting elegant dresses and in the fashion the news of smaller size, and also looks sellers good to stimulate the take a break of a week and delete from the menu all that hampers the figure.
  2. Other representatives of the fair sex refuse from fats and carbohydrates after the visit of a fashion show, a beauty contest, or other event, where the shapely beauty demonstrate your impeccable fashion enthusiast spectators, most of which – to admire the men.
  3. A lot of women especially the purchase of clothing of a smaller size, thus, not leaving yourself the chance to stay in the same way.
  4. The more daring to expose their photos in swimsuits, in online forums or competitions. Among the evaluators, necessarily, is, who is not just looking for words of comfort, and without fear of expressing their negative opinions.
  5. The easiest way to start losing weight at home alone ladies – they can afford to keep a refrigerator in white and do not go after work in shops, depriving, thus, all the types of temptations.

No less important to tune in the diet should not be placed prior to an overpricing of purpose, and too much to expect quick weight loss. During limited supply thoughts about food, were not the only meaning of life, it is advisable that you plan your days and take them to interesting events and activities: hiking in the cinema, travel on short trips, intensive cleaning of the house, the cultivation of the subtleties of a new hobby. Also in days of a diet is not worth to plan hiking, guests, commitments to those who love eating with friends and other events, where it will be difficult to refuse sweets.

How not to dial dropped pounds

Unfortunately, even the best diets for weight loss will not give the desired result, if, after you have completed the course, immediately attack calorie foods. With the difficulty of the in a diet of kilograms, many times, are returned in full or "counterweight". For this not to happen, it is important not only to observe strictly the diet to lose weight fast at home, prepared by the nutritionists, but it and properly exit the limited mode of energy. Experts recommend to return to normal, the style of life are so gently, by adding the day, not more than two products, the lack of diet menu. Ideally, daily calorie intake should increase by no more than 200 kcal.

At first shy, the diet must complement fresh vegetables and fruit, and then on the table you can put meat and fish, preferably to cook them in steam or in a little water, without adding fat. Flour and bakery products, and, especially, white flour products, preferably eliminate, and to use, only in rare cases.

Not to stretch reduced in the volume of the stomach, you should eat slowly, carefully chewing each slice. This is necessary to a rapid saturation, and allows you to avoid the feeling of hunger after a small portion of food.

Not less important to stay in shape, increase physical activity. If there is not the possibility of going to the gym, need more walking, do exercises at home, try to move the eyes during daily activities.

Effective ways to combat the sensation of hunger

correct slimming

The hunger – the first enemy to a strict diet, motivator of your early termination. To support the rigorous weekly menu, the need to combat the feeling of hunger by all means available.

  1. Safe for the health strive, with the increase of appetite essential oils of mint, vanilla and bark. They can be fill the room using an aroma lamp, or inhale directly in moments of crisis hunger and food intake.
  2. To indulge a small portion of food during the diet, it is recommended that it be in a hot room. If this is not possible, it may be the heat dress before dinner.
  3. Throughout the diet, it is important to drink water, and, in order to decrease appetite fierce, you need to drink a glass of warm water before eating.
  4. If the attack of hunger prevents them from working, and the ingestion of food is still far, you should take a deep breath and hold the breath for 5 seconds. After a slow flow exercise can be repeated several times.
  5. Sports and physical activities moderate, not only contribute to the burning of calories, but also help the body to forget the hunger. Tip: to increase the appetite should be to immediately load the working muscles.

The benefits of a diet for 7 days

Many nutritionists are unanimous in their opinion about the fact that the weight loss per week is ideal for healthy weight loss. There are several reasons:

  1. For 7 days, the body can get rid of not only water, but also of body fat.
  2. For the week the diet not can irritate and cause depression.
  3. A short period of fasting does not lead to a shortage of important vitamins and minerals.
  4. The restriction of food contributes to reduce the volume of the stomach, leading to the reduction required to saturate a quantity of food.
  5. 7 days is the ideal time to get used to the new power mode, and in the future don't come back the harmful products.
  6. Weekly to lose a few more pounds does not prejudice the health, and does not violate the metabolism.
  7. Balanced weeks of a diet can be applied at any time of the year, including in the spring, when the body more exhausted.

Recipes popular diets week

There are different effective diets to lose weight fast at home, mono, low-carb, low-calorie, low-fat, or protein. Separately is divided rigid diet, characterized by a poor ration and a great weight loss. The following will be presented the most effective and simple diet, approved by nutritionists.

Rewarding mixed diet

One of the most satisfying diets help to lose weight 3 to 5 kg per week. If you need to lose weight of 10 kg or more, the diet can repeat through a couple of months.

It is important not only to comply with the recommended diet, but compulsorily drink every day 1,5-2 litres of clean water. The menu is split in 6 portions, the last of which to consume the latest, up to 7 hours of the night.

  • 1 and 2 days: 500-700 grams of boiled chicken without skin and salt added in a minimum amount of water. It is allowed to put in the pan while cooking the onion and carrot, but you can't.
  • 3 and 4 days: Oatmeal cooked from grain on water, without the addition of butter and salt.
  • 5 and 6 days: Vegetables in the amount of 1-1,5 kg, preferably fresh, but is allowed the use of cooked or steamed. The salt and butter you can add, but to improve the taste of vegetable snacks are allowed to complement the herbs and the red pepper. Part of vegetable, you can replace the fruits with low sugar content.
  • Day 7 is the most complex, your diet is made up of 500 grams of green apples and 1 grapefruit.

Rigid cabbage soup diet for the loss of 5-7 kg

the power to lose weight

When the need is guaranteed to lose weight in a week to 10 kg, the diet, the diet that is present in cabbage, it will be the best option. If strictly to the diet, then you can reset from 5 to 10 kg of excess weight. The secret of the effectiveness lies in the low-calorie of this affordable vegetable – 100 grams of product contains not more than 20 kilocalories.

  • Breakfast: a Cup of natural coffee, baked without sugar, or a cup of green tea without sugar, preferably brewing tea, but not teabags disposable.
  • Lunch: Salad of fresh cabbage and grated carrot, dressed with flax or olive oil, without salt added. To compensate for the lack of protein can eat a small piece of fish, chicken or meat. Of course, the meat must be cooked without salt and other additives.
  • Dinner, serves cabbage-carrot salad, but this time, you can add the green apple and a quail egg or the protein of a chicken egg.

For a couple of hours before bedtime, you should drink a glass of yogurt warm is to get rid of the night feeling hungry, in addition to improving digestion.

Seven days diet yogurt with cucumber

Listing effective diet, it is not possible to avoid mentioning the yogurt with cucumber. These two recipes little of the product, known for its effectiveness in weight loss, joined together, leaving no chance of fat accumulation. The result of the week-kefir-cucumber diet, or less than 5 to 6 kg of excess weight. However, this is an effective technique for the proper away from it all. Abandon it will be that people, busy, intense physical work, and also the fact that many times faced with the pain of the stomach.

The diet of each of the seven days is compound per kilogram of cucumber, the gallon of yogurt and 100 grams of low fat fish, cooked in steam. The fish is required for the payment of protein, in a few days, you can replace a hard-boiled egg.

Diet Menu includes 6 meals, each of which use lightweight cold soup, made from juice of cucumber, yogurt and fresh herbs. The fish add up to a pattern of the portions during the dinner. Necessarily need to drink water, is not prohibited, a cup of natural coffee or 2 cups of green tea without sugar.

The initial weight loss of tomato juice

Diet of tomato juice prepared at home, provides a rapid weight loss due to the intense excretion from the body excess liquid, and the cleaning of the intestine. This is a good diet for weight loss, you can say goodbye to 10 pounds unnecessary.

An effect that gives the complete elimination of the salt, carbohydrates and fatty foods. Only to the seven days of the diet you will need 21 kg of fresh tomatoes daily will need to cook the juice at home 3 kg of ripe tomatoes. In addition to the juice, on the menu that should include vegetables, fruits, and vegetables, chosen in accordance with the ordinal day of the diet. The total weight of the fruit and vegetable additives – not more than 1 kg.

  • The first day: any cabbage, radish, or watercress.
  • Second day: salad of peppers, and the lettuce leaf.
  • Third day: green apples.
  • The fourth day: as an exception, put a piece of chicken uncooked, with a weight not exceeding 200 grams.
  • Day five: cucumber, beet or carrot.
  • Sixth day: watermelon, melon or citrus fruit.
  • On the last day as supplementation may only use herbs and spicy.

It is important to know that even prepared in house, the tomato juice has contra-indications for the application, including renal disease, gout, gallstone disease, a tendency to food allergies.

Colors of a slimming diet of the color scheme of the separation of the products

At first glance, this technique seems strange, but at its base the creators have put the effect of natural pigments for the digestion and the metabolism. The essence of the method is simple – each day you must choose the products of a particular color. Therefore, for the week in the house, you can lose 5 to 10 kg.

  • Products of white colour, addictive game where planned for the first day of the diet, improve the digestion, but quite high in calories, so their number should be limited. This group includes: potato, protein, rice, bananas, cheese, white fish, chicken meat.
  • During the second day of the diet is recommended to consume red foods rich in antioxidants: tomatoes, beans, berries, beets, the Bulgarian pepper.
  • The third day which passes under the guidance of green color, its presence in vegetables and fruit indicates the presence of magnesium and potassium – the most important elements not only for slimming, but also for health in general.
  • Bright orange day aims at the normalization of metabolism and make up for the lack of carotene. On the table can be a pumpkin, carrot, mango, persimmon, sea buckthorn, a red fish.
  • Purple pigments has a beneficial effect on the kidneys and immunity. In the five days of the diet must include eggplant, cabbage, plum, blackberry, black currant.
  • Rich in vitamin c and vitamin E yellow products enhance metabolism, digestion and mood. The menu of the sixth day, it must be zucchini, bell pepper, pineapple, corn, honey, and cheese.
  • Ends the coat of many colors the diet of purification and a day in the water.
the diet

Certainly, this technique draws its simplicity and the abundance of products, additionally, it can interest women originality. Limits volume of food does not – it is only important to comply with reasonable proportions. However, expect a healthy diet of great results, it's not worth it per week you will lose weight of not more than 2-3 kg.

It is important not to forget the fact that the excess weight is not always possible to rid yourself through self-selected diets. If even the most powerful the diet does not help, it is worth seeking advice from an expert.