Proper nutrition for weight loss

This method of feeding the appropriate to lose weight work without risk to their health, to reduce weight and keep the muscle. "I lose weight" provides a very simple, but it works perfectly method — is the loss in weight is suitable for healthy men and women is not a lot of people.

The method can be called rights, but there is nothing revolutionary, it is based on a healthy diet, characteristics of metabolism and the treatment of diets.

What you need to do to lose weight?


Obey all the rules. Religiously. Everything that is described here, there is nothing superfluous, nothing that you can not pay attention. If you choose to add something of themselves to improve the effect of weight faster, will not go away, and hurt your health, you will cause. Do not restrict calorie intake, it is not necessary to reduce the amount of fat in the diet, or the number of meals. If this worked, you don't have now read this article, right?

Proper nutrition for weight loss: by order

To start, let's understand what you eat, what you need is, and what has not. And so let's discover how we need to eat to lose weight without harming the health.

Before you start the diet, I recommend that you weigh in and make the collection of measures of waist, hip, chest, and forearm. The following measurements need to go through a month. Do not need every day to get on the scale and lost look 100 grams, is not the important details, which need not focus.

You will have to change many things in your diet. If folded on the table everything that you eat for the week, determine what the basis of your diet, are the carbohydrates simple.

In his work, a lot of cookies, candy, potato, cola, chocolate bars, sweet yogurt. And what cola you drink diet, and flakes to eat "Fitness", there is nothing better and it does not change.

You consume simple carbohydrates, is not very useful for health, and consume them in abundance. And fats. You also eat too much. Without even realizing it. In the same chocolates, candy and cake. And the worst, are not the fats that are necessary to your body. You waive the butter, but eats vegetables, the cream of milk and cookies with cream filling.

The excess of carbohydrates in the diet is bad. Excess of fat in the diet is so bad. But the excess of fats and carbohydrates is really bad, not two, but four times.

In their work, in addition, will a bit of meat and fish. Or because you think that they are very rich in calories, or because someone told you that they prevent weight loss. This also prevents you to lose weight without losing health.

In his work a little of fruits, vegetables and legumes, a little (or none) of healthy fats, a little water and a lot of the food refined.

If I am wrong, then, just a few nuances.