How to lose weight really?

Those that were overweight, you know how difficult it is to throw off the extra pounds. And, if all of this is possible, then, comes the most difficult part of maintaining achieved weight! Therefore, it is best to not resort to provisional measures, that is, diets, and lead a healthy lifestyle, eat properly. Want to know how to lose weight real and lasting, and not in a couple of weeks? I would like to know, how to enhance your health, and it will not harm your constant diets, ages a dozen years? Then read all of the rules that will help you in this task and for the next few years will provide you with the ideal weight and well-being.

Power mode

how to lose weight

Many women claim that they eat very little, but still continue to gain weight. After the study of their diet happens that they feed upon a very irregular and fast-walk. So if you really look for the true way to lose weight, begin with the establishment of the power mode. For example, in 8 of breakfast, lunch, 13, 19 dinner. Why is this important? Our body is very reacts with all the changes and mother nature is aimed at the survival in any environment. If you can take a break between meals is 2 hours, and then 10 hours, the body stops have the assurance that he in all, to serve as food. Therefore, it is urgent to form it starts to make reserves for a rainy day. We immediately see in the region of the belly, thighs, in the form of a second chin and other problems. So, make sure that the body full of confidence, train him to receive food in one and the same time, and then all the actions under the skin will start to melt.

Compulsory breakfast

The greater consumption of calories have occurs from the morning till 15-16 hours. In the evening, they spend little, even though they visited the gym. This is because the morning, the body prepared for great achievements, and, in the evening, already preparing to sleep. Therefore, if you are from it, how can you really lose weight, start in the morning, the breakfast, all these calories that the body with pleasure to the process, and stop thoroughly at night, the metabolism is low, and practically nothing to turn into energy, just fat.

Drink more

This requirement helps to free the body of more toxins. If you have a kidney healthy, drink per day at least 2.5 litres of drinking water. Note – not tea, coffee, soup, jam, and clean water! Only that in this case the harmful substances on a cellular level, going even though along with the total net output of the bladder. Is the amount of water you need to drink up to 20-21 hours, because at night, all the agents of the processes in the organism intact, and all the water running under the skin, forming to the morning swelling.

Solve all the problems of intestinal

The modern man often eats all that horrible. In conjunction with the syndrome of the intestine lazy, peculiar when idle, the food is processed and poor training congestion the fecal. Parallel to this, die beneficial bacteria in the gut and the process even more aggravated. There is no bacteria – the food is not transformed into energy, all the substances will subcutaneous accumulation. Therefore, instead of asking, how many actually lose weight, see your doctor and do the tests for the goiter. If there ever was the slightest hint of constipation, stomach, intestinal cramps and the absence of beneficial bacteria, the doctor will assign medication that will help the intestinal microflora. But after that, you should keep the use of bio-kefirs, not less than 0.5 l per day. So a coma during most of the beet, in any of the dishes cooked. It eliminates many of the problems of the intestine. After you enter this area of your body in order, you will see that you are our answer to the question, is it possible to lose weight in a month. The weight of the body is reduced immediately, such as normalizing the digestion. Appears ease, going pain in legs, chronic fatigue, and somnolence. The weight can be reduced to a month after treatment of 5-7 kg (if the excess weight was from 10 to 15 kg). Yes, and train the muscles of the belly, this will lose weight to prevent drooping internal organs.

Rule 90 10

the real weight loss

For beginners you can enunciate as the 80 20. Is that the food of their 90 per cent should be light and useful, and 10% harmful, but it is so delicious and loved. For your psyche, finally, destroy the rejection of cakes, chocolates, burgers and PR., you can eat, the same need. But not more than 10-oh part of the total volume of food. The rest of your diet should be fresh, welded on their own account or in the documents, but the from natural products, eat salads with fresh vegetables, fruits, less sugar, flour and potatoes. For example, at breakfast you eat 250 g of food, for a lunch of 650 grams, for a dinner of 200 g. the Total, 1100 grams per day. Of them 110 g can be very harmful, but tasty. This may be patty 55 g and half chocolate in a 55 g. Or ice cream 80 g and fries 30 g. Respecting this rule, you will not be able to lose weight really 10 kg in a month, but in the last six months, your weight will very visible!

Discharge days

The most persistent can pay for the discharge day. Note, not days of fasting, and the day of discharge. To avoid the stress to the body spends regularly on the same day of the week, for example, on Mondays. The fasting day may be based on the admission of the food-only kefir, which is very useful, or raw, vegetables, rice, gthe river, mineral water, natural juices. Options such days weight, you need to do is choose the most suitable for you, and make sure to talk with your doctor.

Stir it up, instead of diets

Many women wonder if it is really possible to lose weight in a week. Really, you just have to stop eating. In general. And be ready for the fact that, over the 2 weeks you will become even greater, and your liver or the intestine, or the gall bladder will give a lot of serious failure. Therefore, it is better for the week to lose weight in 1.5 kg is the maximum that is allowed by doctors. But the best way to lose weight 1,5-2 kg in a month, but regularly. This can help a generous breakfast, lunch medium, and a light dinner. And, of course, the need for constant movement. Easy step, run, half an hour in the simulator, all of this will make you more slim and will help the work of the heart and other organs. Diet treat with care, necessarily, check with your doctor! If you are not in the order of kidney, then you is against-indicated the Kremlin diet, the acidity of the stomach, so you can not sit on a diet of fruit. And if there are stones in the bile, any diet can be fatal.