Animal training for weight loss

If disturbed the balance between the arrival of calories and the consumption of, in various parts of the body appear fat deposits. Some need to find ways of how to lose weight in the stomach, the other concerned with the fullness of the hips or sides. The fight against excess weight for the harmony of the figure must be comprehensive.

exercises to lose weight

Is the control of the power supply, the use of the appropriate products, the classes in the gym, that the muscles in the abdominal area have received the work load, and muscle tone. Exercises to lose weight the stomach, and performed regularly in the house, help to eliminate the flaccidity of the muscles and make the waist thinner.

How to choose the best exercises

Choose the field type of load must be based on the results you want to achieve. If the fat deposits are observed not only in the abdominal region, but also on the thighs, buttocks, and the excess weight is not very large, are useful in the treatment of race, gymnastics, aerobics, and other types of physical activity. For example, for weight loss in the belly area, you can use a variety of gym equipment.

Do diet during the execution of the exercise does not need to, but adjust the diet worth. First of all, it is best to abandon power semi-fried foods, to not eat too much.

How to lose weight in the stomach with the domestic you can, correctly, alternating the work load and vacation, it is best to practice every day. The best time to exercise from 11 to 14 hours and from 18 to 20 hours. Important condition for the success of the training – she should start, not before two hours after the last meal, and no more than two hours before sleep.

Each lesson should begin with a warm-up. In the early days, can pain the muscles, but after everything normalizes. About a month of regular exercises get involved, and then have to think about the increased load, since the effectiveness of the former complex of the fall.

Start fitness for weight loss belly

By performing a series of exercises to lose weight in the stomach. it should be remembered that the woman should stay with a woman, which is unnecessary in the relief of the musculature, the "cubes" developed abdominal will in very rare cases.

To lose weight fast is enough to perform 3-4 exercises, 2-3 sets of 15-25 repetitions. You can include exercises in the morning.


Back and feet flat on the floor, hands behind head, elbows extended. Breathing in, lift the top half of the torso to the knees. Stopping for a while, inhaling return to the starting position.

Elevation of the legs

The loin firmly stuck when you have it, straight legs in the upright, lifted up, arms extended along the body. Gently lower the legs, almost touching the ground jumps. Stopping for a second, return to the starting position. Need to take care so that the loin did not come out of the ground.

Face down in the back

To lose weight in the abdomen, back, it is useful to do the following exercise. Arms, with the palms of the hands flat on the floor. The slow movement pull the legs up to the stomach, heel together. Then, the quick-moving legs straighten out and lie side by side on the floor.

The exercise press

To strengthen the abdominal muscles and to lose weight quickly in the stomach, the house is useful to perform the following exercises:

  • In the prone position bend the knees, feet on floor, hands on the nape of the neck, elbows to the sides. At expiration, raise the upper part of the body on the knees.
  • To get your hands along the body. Move straightened legs so that his fingers touched the pad above your head.
  • The initial position above, lift the unfolded feet from the floor to a minimum height of 20-25cm.
  • Sit on the carpet, back straight, arms close to the hips. Stretch the abdominal muscles and gently tip over to the back, keeping the angle between the body and smoothed with the feet. Then, return to the starting position.

How to remove fat with the thighs

how to lose weight at home

To become slimmer, useful every morning in the home the simple exercise of charging to lose weight and the belly has thin legs:

  1. Simple and useful exercise exercise: do jogging in place with high raising knees so that the thigh was perpendicular to the body. Train the abdominal muscles, effectively burn the fat in the lower part of the back.
  2. With the feet shoulder-width apart. Leaning to the right and, simultaneously, raise the left arm over the head. Repeat for the other side, reversing your hand. Thigh during the slope should not change position, rotation should not be delivered to the front or to the back, forming a plan with the rear surface of the feet.
  3. To lose weight the belly and on the side is useful to make shallow squats. With the legs away from the shoulders, feet parallel. Squat alternately to the left and the right leg, up to the level of a chair seat, back straight.
  4. Lying on the gymnastics mat, raise straightened legs and begin to twist the imaginary cycling pedal. Useful for switching a rotation motion, performing them to the front and to the back.

Exercises to lose weight feet

It is no secret that the fat deposits are formed not only in the belly, but and legs. By this, also want to lose weight in hips and thighs, calves, buttocks.

  1. The simple exercise – mahi. To keep the balance better holding the backrest of the chair, hitting each leg to the front, back, side to side. To not happened the injury, you need to that the muscles were well warmed up.
  2. Another type of useful field load, in order to lose weight effectively, you can start by using a low support – "step". Within 5-10 minutes the bet on first one, then the other leg, then, in the same way, the "get down".
  3. In the exercise of their thighs and buttocks have to lie to your side, lower the hand bent at the elbow and rests on the carpet, the palm of the arm in the region of the belly also rests on the floor. Boot from the floor to the thigh, based on their hands and feet. Back and back of the feet form a plan. The exercise will help you lose weight in the stomach, you train several muscles. He needs to do to both sides of the trunk.
  4. Lying on side, bottom, place the palm of the hand under the head, top to the waist. Understand exude rectified upper leg to the maximum to the top. Perform the exercise for the other side.
  5. Sitting and leaning back to hand, try to touch the floor with your knees bent feet on the right and to the left of the trunk.
  6. If the legs complete in the calves, to your weight loss useful to run the weight of the body with the heel on tiptoe.
  7. To lose weight in the calves, stand on one foot, the second cross to the back, climb up on the waist band. To keep the balance stick to the back of a chair or the wall.

Animals of exercise for weight loss on the side of the belly

  • Stand right with the feet about shoulder width apart. The arms for the lift. Do incline to the front, to the right, to the left, 15 to each side.
  • Initial position, with the palm concatenated in the chest. Turn three times to the left, and then three times to the right, on each side 15 to 20 times.
  • Sitting in a chair and keeping your balance, pull your knees to your chest, squeezing them with the hands. Slowly return to the starting position. Enough 8-10 times, 2-3 approach.
  • Keeping the balance in a chair and controlling, to the heel touching the ground, discard the stem to the back. For the insurance it back, you can put the mattress and fluffy pillows.
  • Lying on the carpet, to lift without assistance of hands, body, placing it in a vertical position, rotation direct.