Diet for slimming the belly

When the belly accumulate fat, in addition to unpleasant, the loss of the harmony of forms, has a health problem. The fat swimming internal organs, resulting in a disturbed by your active participation. Exceptionally difficult to get free of the excess fat on the waist after the birth, and when stable stress situations, that arouse the desire to escape from the negativity of a simple way to eat to the full.

The original means of getting rid of the fat of frills in the press

how to lose weight

Remove deposits of fat on the abdomen help diets different from a single product – that is, when, in three days nothing is not accepted in the food, in addition to the single dishes. This type of restriction of power takes the name of mono -, and a special type of diet can not be use for a long time, for that it does not affect the normal functioning of the intestine and of the stomach. Applies buckwheat diet, when soaking beans at night and in the morning, eating raw. There are several type of diet, fermented products, vegetables and fruits. This diet has a positive effect on metabolism, the stomach and the intestine and other organs. However, the main condition is that after the end of the period power not to return the large part of the food and the abuse of a variety of cakes. Must pass for the complete system, but not excess energy to get the flat press and the strong recovery of health.

Development of diet

Diet for weight loss belly involves the complete renunciation of fat from any way of eating, and limited use of products that contain the protein complex. During the diet the main products become a variety of vegetables, fruits – is permitted and the green tea without sugar. To diet successfully removes excess kilos, divided in three phases:

  • the pre-diet stage painted in the seven-day period – during this period, gradually abandon edible with the increase of calories, and edible supplies, which are absolutely not acceptable for the compliance of the candidate foods from the diet.
  • The main stage painted for a period of one to three weeks, when he fully come into action the mechanisms for the enforcement of a new filling of the menu. The period of passage of the landmark is in direct relationship from the original weighing of the state of a person, that has a weight of over 80 kg prompted mild to diet for three weeks. And, so, the time is updated the skin's structure and warn of their sagging, as a result of the accelerated drop weight.
  • The final step in the use of diet to lose weight the belly women, with a duration of up to six months – during this time, you need to gradually lead to diet healthy and balanced diet for the state.

Possible and not the products

According to the cumulative according to the rules of time use of diet to lose weight belly in a week – and you should not drink alcohol and smoking, because they compromise seriously the order of the exchange of substances. In other products, which prevent the constant exchange of substances imposed a restriction, in particular, a source of paste of carbohydrates, which stimulate the formation of fat in the waist area.

When diets that contribute to the elimination of body fat is prohibited such edible:

  • The salt, which inhibits the metabolism and hinders the excretion of fluids;
  • Sugar, sweets, and preserves, that being in the body, are transformed into abdominal fat;
  • This pone and the masses, as a source of carbohydrate heavy, which deposited on the thighs and in the belly unsightly folds of fat;
  • Frying and smoking and the foods of fast food;
  • Sweet soft drinks, juices, tea bags, coffee, alcohol;
  • The champions of the content of starchy substances among vegetables – potato, in the country, and cauliflower;
  • The champions of the capacity of sugar in fruits – figs, bananas and grapes;
  • Needless to oily lamb and pork;
  • The champion in the fat content of the fish;
  • All kinds of sauces;
  • Bold cheese;
  • Preservation.

To eliminate deposits of fat in the waist should follow a healthy lifestyle and eat food, rich in gluten, vitamins, and easy carbohydrates. For lovers of counting calories, your daily consumption should not exceed 1700 kilocalories.

diet for slimming the belly

It is permitted for application during a diet to eliminate fat deposits in the belly:

  • The tomatoes, carrot, asparagus, radish, peas, cabbage, and cucumber in the form of vegetables, soups, vegetable salads and steamed vegetable;
  • From fruits and berries are applied to apricots, peaches, plums, pears, cherries, rich in gluten, and, therefore, are dietary, and eliminate the fat from the press and normalizes intestinal processes;
  • Of the vegetation of special value to represent the celery, fennel and coriander, rich in substances necessary for the proper functioning of the body;
  • Meat, poultry, and lean meat, which are a source of protein to counteract the feeling of hunger and contribute to the normal peristalsis of the intestine;
  • Devoid of fat varieties of fish;
  • Yogurt and milk drunk two times for the period of seven days of a cup a day;
  • Cheese pasta eaten once for the period of seven days without any additives;
  • Dried fruit, sunflower seeds and walnuts are taken twice for the period of seven days of a small handful in the raw state;
  • Cereals – oats, rice and wheat, running a useful in the carbohydrates and counteract unpleasant feeling of hunger.

Fundamentals of food

For the resolution activity from unwanted extra pounds in the waist and improvement of work of the internal organs, special rules. Fundamentals of energy during the diet easy to lose weight the belly for beginners to help you meet your goal. For the best effect that they meet the fundamental requirements:

  • It is necessary to a full buffet – it is he who initiates the exchange of substances immediately after the acceptance of the food. You need a varied and complete set of edible for breakfast, lunch and dinner should be about 2 to 3 hours before a night's sleep.
  • The adhesion of the water balance and drink at least 2 litres of water per day.
  • The acceleration of the process of elimination of excess pounds reached supplement diet physical activities.
  • In each meal are applied, salads, and snack between meals best fruit.

What you need is for a flat belly

Approximate ration of food to eliminate the excess kilos:

breakfast, lunch, dinner.

Day 1: 1 cup of yogurt, toast; 150 gr of rice in the broth. Salad with sweet pepper, cabbage and cucumber; 100 gr. of meat in the broth, roasted cyan dots, the apple juice;

2 ° day: defatted cheese mass weak tea without sugar; 100 g of rice in broth and 100 gr. of meat in the broth. Tomato salad with onions, dressed with olive oil, a glass of tomato juice before going to sleep;

3rd day: 100 g of turkey in broth, green tea without sugar; 150 g of fish in the broth with cabbage, salad with the green onions and peas; rice in a broth of apple, before going to sleep a glass of juice;

Day 4: 100 gr of meat in the broth, weak tea without sugar, without meat soup, vegetables and bread; 150 gr of birds in the broth, the rice in the broth;

5th day: a glass, devoid of fat yoghurt, toast, 2 PCs. roasted potato, carrot, salad 150 gr of fish in the broth; salad with tomato, cucumber and sweet pepper, 100 g of veal meat in broth;

Day 6: two boiled eggs, two bran biscuit, herbal tea; 100 gr. of cooked turkey, the rice in the broth; 200 gr of chicken in the broth, orange salad;

Day 7: 100 g of cheese, green tea with toast; the rice in the broth, salad with tomato, cucumber and onion; 200 gr of cooked beef, cabbage salad with cucumber;

The diet combined with physical exercise

Unwanted extra pounds will come out of the waist, at the same time with the compliance of the diet to produce physical exercise to strengthen oblique at the waist. Good results give the following exercises, such as bicycle, side mahi hands, jumping rope, and the rotation of the rim. For fast weight loss diameter exercise in full:

  • when you're lying in the back, where the legs folded and the hands under the head, the shoulders taking the ground, and the abdominal stretch, and then you must go back to the original position and relax – done a dozen times;
  • when you are lying on your back, bend your legs simultaneously to squeeze the knees to chest and return to the original position – done a dozen times;
  • In the back of the hand if divorced to the side, while the hips go up and they are fixed, then the body relaxes – done a dozen times;
  • The position in the stomach omit the body on the elbows, and the socks and the feet: raise one leg up to the level of the thighs and return to the original position –do it a dozen times with several legs.
the power to lose weight

Easy diet to lose weight fast the belly provides an exception from the food of salt, sugar, fat, meat and fish, sauces and preserves. These edible are replaced by vegetables, excluding potatoes, fruit and vegetables and a little dried fruit. Must be firmly taking breakfast, drink per day at least two liters of water, include meals, salads, and enhancing the effects of a diet-gym exercises. The menu includes small portions that satisfy hunger but contribute to the care of fat mass with the press and the hips. Running special of a complex of four exercises to fully eliminate the excesses in the waist and improve the general well-being.