Exercises to lose weight at home

Surely, everyone at least once in life thought about what it was time to take your figure in order. Many people dissatisfied with their figure, and the desire to get rid of the fat hanging on the sides. There are very many ways of losing weight. Today we will talk about a weight loss method, which does not require a lot of time and effort. This weight loss method at home with the help of special exercises. Let's go!

The causes of excess weight

exercises to lose weight

Before you begin to solve any kind of problem, you must deal with the causes of its occurrence. The main causes of the appearance of excess weight are:

  1. Smoke and alcohol.
  2. The low level of your physical activity.
  3. Disturbance of the metabolism.
  4. The frequent consumption of fatty foods and sweets.
  5. The use of large quantities of salt.
  6. Night tricks food.
  7. Excesses.
  8. The genetic predisposition to the fullness.

More often than the various reasons, and reinforce each other. For example, if the person eats a lot, but if you play sports, it may not be problems with excess weight. A person can a few, but when it is the smoke, and sometimes drink alcohol. In this case, it hardly will have problems with excess weight.

Most commonly, people have more pounds due to lifestyle choices. Basically, it is five and six days per week of sedentary work. Forth, pushing it home driving the car, once more sitting. The lift up to the apartment via a lift. After a hard day's work, you can take a bottle of beer and greasy appetizers. The more the night passed on tv. And because when a person during the meal-that-looks, his attention focuses not on the food. Because of this the person eats 30 percent more. Is, 30 percent are deposited in the belly.

More than half of men living in big cities, are exactly the type of style of life, and, therefore, have a decent life stomachs. That is, to lose weight, you have to completely change your lifestyle. It will be necessary to abandon some bad habits and acquire useful.

As regards the women, in most cases, they get fat after childbirth, and after the wedding. Many women, when they marry, they leave behind them the track. This can be explained by the fact that she already has more permanent from the man she loves, so there is no need to control your figure. This type of policy is not correct, because it can ruin your marriage. If you are aware of it, and decided to lose weight, a great deal of respect for you! Let's do this together!

A key point in weight loss

Important in weight loss is the difference between consumption and energy expenditure. The floor here has no value. Important to use the right products and be physically active.

So, for you to get rid of excess weight, you need to spend more energy than you eat. Without it, your weight will not change in the smaller side. Let's look at three scenarios:

  1. The weight of a person increases.
  2. The weight of a person does not change.
  3. The weight of a person decreases.

In the first case, the man is eating fatty foods, drinks beer and is lying on the sofa. The energy that it consumes a reasonable amount, and spends very little to go to work or to the supermarket. The energy, which he does not consume, is deposited in the form of fat in your stomach.

In the second case, the difference of consumption and the energy expenditure is approximately equal to zero. For example, a person almost does not practice physical exercises, but harmful food he likes vegetable salads and cooked meat. And drink every day 2-3 liters of water. He spends a little bit of energy, but it consumes little. Therefore, its weight is always in about the same level. The situation is the same, if the person eats a lot and constantly trained.

In the latter case, the person get rid of excess weight. In the first place, it uses low-calorie foods, which it simply there is no excess energy. It this energy to the life of a common man. In the second place, he makes specific exercises for slimming, which deprive you of your large amount of energy. And the result is that the balance of energy taken per day, it has negative. Thus, the body starts to extract energy from internal resources, or from fat in the abdomen of this man.

More details to enter on the topic of power we're not going to, but we make a very important point. When losing weight, you should train 2 hours after food intake. And when your workout is finished, you must wait 2 hours before eating something.


If you meal immediately before training, this will reduce its efficiency. The quality of the execution of the exercises will worsen, and you will not be able to spend the required amount of energy.

Immediately after the termination of exercise, the body begins a period in which he urgently needs to regain the energy, dollar spent during the year. This period lasts for about two hours. Therefore, we need to wait for the moment. If you eat something within two hours after the workout, that would undermine the process of weight loss. After the training, the food is absorbed by the body much better. This for we do not, we will lose weight.

When the body realizes that the energy from the outside to come, it will not, he begins to take it from the inside of the stock from your belly fat. After two hours, the body stop looking for where I would like to have this power, because he would take it from fat. Is so what happens the fat burning process. When this period has passed, may the delights dinner and reward yourself for a good workout lemon salad and a piece of chicken cooked.

Animals exercise to lose weight

We went back to the fact that the slimming process will not have any sense. For the weight loss may not need to do heavy exercise for bodybuilding. Enough to do some gymnastic exercises. The most important thing, for when you run spent a large amount of energy.

Thus, the most effective exercises fitness to lose weight at home:

  1. The rotation of the wrap is very popular and effective exercise gym. Is more suitable for girls, as well as the men try to bring the fat into lean muscle mass, and the girls the most important flat belly. In addition to the fact that this exercise burns calories, it studies the muscles of the stomach. In this way, by making a rotation of the rim, you kill two birds with one stone. When you lose weight, you will be a good worked the abdominal muscles.
  2. Energetic, the dance is suitable for both men and women. Think about your last walk in the nightclub or the disco. After several hours of dancing, you sweat a lot. This is very good, because that is how you get rid of excess weight. Now you have to dance more vigorously, that in a disco. Turn on the music that motivates and awakens, begins to move the hips, visualize that you are the star. It is a joke! To not spend the lost time, connect the video with dance for weight loss, and repeat everything they are doing there.
  3. Jump from a sitting position and squats require a lot of effort. Exercises for a leg workout require a strong respiratory system. On the breath during the intense training takes a lot of energy, so be sure to perform this exercise.
  4. Raises the leg and the trunk. Around exercises of press walks quite many myths. One of such, that they will not help you lose weight. It is not, because, they, like any other exercise, require energy costs. Therefore, do not forget to pump the press. After all, you want to be a happy owner of a covenant cubes, when you lose weight, isn't it?
  5. Push-ups are necessary for the elimination of fat in the arms and chest. Generally, if a person has problems with excess weight, that he deferred it in any place, such as in the abdomen and in the hand. To spend, more energy, do push-ups with palms. Among the approaches to relax, and not more than a minute.
  6. Mahi feet of a popular and an exercise gym. Is more suitable for women who want to get rid of cellulite on the legs. This movement was designed more for the study of the shape of the thighs and buttocks, burning only subcutaneous fat.
  7. The work with the punching bag boxing — good aerobic load. Do not forget to include in your exercise program for weight loss. The work with the punching bag boxing more efficient than a dance for slimming. If you are a man, you better work with the punching bag during 30-40 minutes.
  8. Running is a more effective exercise of all, about which we are talking about. About its usefulness or worth talking about. If you want to lose weight, you definitely need to run. For a race have brought the desired result, they should increase its duration from time to time.
  9. Jump rope will bring you the same result, such as jogging. However, the work here has as its goal the burning of fat in the region of the knees. This exercise is more suitable for girls. By the way, if you're too lazy to leave the house for the race, it is possible to replace it with jumping rope.
  10. The belt will load your whole body. To perform this exercise, take the emphasis lying. After that, rest on the floor forearms. Keep your back straight and not lift the buttocks. In this position, you must stay standing until you drop on the floor. This exercise is effective both for slimming and for the whole mass. In the first place, it has the strongest anabolic effect in your body. In the second place, it requires considerable energy costs.

For more tips

workout for weight loss

Not worth it, eat eat, watch tv. In the first place, you distracted, and eats much more, and this is not legal when the weight loss. In the second place, you will have much more time to practice. Usually, if a person eats and what it looks, the intake of foods that it takes about 15 minutes, and then he continued to examine a film or broadcast. Only after that, it will make your own things.

If you are bored to practice at home, sign up for the closest fitness centre. Perhaps, in addition to slimming, you will find new friends.

Determines the structure for the practice of slimming as follows:

  1. The race should be daily. Running in at a maximum of 2 times per week. On the other days, just run for the pleasure of 15 to 20 minutes.
  2. Per week is enough to four fitness sessions. For the upper part and the lower part of the body of 2 sessions per week. For example, Monday and Thursday — jump, dance and swing of the press. Tuesday and Friday — I pear and ran the bar.
  3. The exercise should last no more than an hour.

Drink at least 2 litres of water per day. No liquids, especially clean water. Preference to purchase water at the store. Make your habit of store houses several bottles of water.

Very well, if you have some kind of sports projectiles, for example, elastic, or balls of gymnastics. If possible, look something up and create your house gym.

Exercises to lose weight at home very much. Therefore, always change your training facilities. After a month or two the body can get used to the uniform loads, and achieve the desired result it will be more difficult.

Eat less salt, because it delays in the body fluid. And this does not help you lose weight, but reduces the efficiency of their activities.


Now that you know all about how to lose weight at home. Applying in practice the recommendation of our article, you will be able to get rid of the extra pounds, and so transform your body. And, most importantly, you disappear a complex about being overweight, you will feel confident. Will be that can feel like something other than a happy owner of a flat belly? Success to you!