How to lose weight free

People long ago thought of how to lose weight free, was invented many effective, based on the principles of reduction of weight. Today you will learn how to compile properly, the program, which is based on calculations of calories consumed from products and energy required for different types of activity. It will be a nice bonus, then, that, on the other hand, the acquisition of fitness equipment, fat burners, and t. d. this is the basis for a future program does not require any financial cost.

We believe calories

how to lose weight

As it says in the basic rule of weight loss: "the need to burn a larger amount of calories than the receive his body." If you forget this fact, you can go under water throughout the weight reduction program. To remove a pound of fat (about 450 grams), you must burn 3500 excess calories you spend during daily activities. Certainly, you will get rid of not for a day, so that there is no damage to the health and gradually.

Cons free weight loss

Given below is a step by step guide for all the calculations:

  1. You need to calculate your base level metabolism. This is a minimum number of calories required for digestion, respiration, and t. p. – that is, the vital systems of your body. Can to the calculation using this calculator. However, keep in mind that it cannot be considered the exact to 100%.
  2. During the week, try to keep a record of each type of activity you practice. Activity, such as physical and mental, practice sports, walk, any work – we all have to write. So you will have an idea of burning daily calories. It only remains to calculate the average magnitude, to fold the results of each day, and divide them into 7. The article "Calories and the types of activities that you can use for the calculation.
  3. You must make sure the amount of calories that you received along with the food. Throughout the week lead to a careful monitoring of the own diet, and record all, without exception. As in the last paragraph, summing up the results for each day, and then determine the average of the results. Calories of different products, you can learn from special tables.
  4. Now, all that remains is to double the number the basic level of metabolism with the number of calories, calculated in the second paragraph. Now the derivatives of the magnitude to subtract the average of the number of calories consumed (p. 3). If the person eats more that require activities and a basic level of metabolism, you have all the chances to continue to gain weight.

An example of how to lose weight for free — calculate the consumption of calories per day

Anna estimates that its basic level the metabolism is equal to 1400 calories. When she manages to burn 900 calories, from execution, regular physical exercises, walks, and the practice of their domestic chores. To maintain the current weight, she should be 2300 calories. But, as shown in the registration book of calories, with the food Anna receives daily 2550 calories. If the case passes, then every 3 weeks she will fatten up a pound. And the guilt is 250 excess calories.

This example proves, how easy it is to mark the extra kilos, even unbeknownst to each other. However, as soon as you can easily and lose weight, although a process of long duration. You can start with small changes in diet and hit the same start burning more calories than obtained with the food. Need to find a way to burn the surplus of 200-500 calories per day. For example, it is worth to replace very caloric products more useful and easy. And, at the same time, more time to give to the sport. Ideas bad.

How much time need to give for the sport

To reduce the weight, physical activity is an important element. Specialists recommend practicing sports from 200 minutes per week, not less, and this will be of 40 minutes per day for 5 days a week.