Weeks diet to lose weight the belly and on the sides

To be able to lose weight, there are three necessary components: nutrition, active, exercise, and beauty treatments. This applies as much to get rid of excess weight, and for the correction of certain problem areas. Many women dream of receiving a flat belly or torneada thigh, but can not achieve the desired result, because the diet in the first place, to lose weight not those areas that you need to adjust. But some rations designed to maximize the part with fat in the belly and on the sides.

Of course, the diet must be combined with specific exercises aimed at exercising a muscle in the problem areas. Today we will talk about the most popular and effective diets, aiming at the elimination of the fat from the belly and sides.

The first way: time, but trust

diet for weight loss side

The most reliable way to acquire the graceful shape is gradual and slow weight loss through the correction of the diet and the transition to a correct diet. This method still can not be called a diet. It is more of a lifestyle, based on healthy nutrition and sport. This is the best choice for those who understand that extreme diets provide, usually, only a temporary result. Comply with a diet quite simple. Certain products are under the ban, they can not be consumed. But the circle of the permissions of products is large enough, then you don't have to go hungry or suffer from a monotony of food. In addition to the useful food, you should, every day, drink 1.5 to 2 liters of water. This is all simple rules that you must follow. Let's see with more details the list of products and the characteristics of this diet.

Prohibited products

If you dream to get rid of a big belly, after a few products, it is better to fold, because they is that the first replenish the fat reserves in the troubled region. Such products are:

  • Bakery products, pastries and pasta;
  • Candy, ice cream, pastry and confectionery;
  • Any drink with alcohol;
  • White rice;
  • Potatoes;
  • Pickled, smoked, salted or products;
  • Butter, margarine;
  • Soft drinks;
  • Juices from the store.

Give up at once all this, the set of products can be difficult. It's not worth doing this, because, probably, acute rejection, will cause you to fail. The best way to start the quitting of harmful products, gradually, paragraph by paragraph. So you will be much more easy, and the likelihood of relapse, will be minimal.

Allowed products

Despite the extensive list of locks products, diet this diet is neither uniform, nor poor. Choose permissions from products quite wide. Among them, are present and very tasty things. When weight loss is recommended to base the daily diet in the following products:

  • Dairy without fat – kefir and yogurt without flavor, ryazhenka. These products are beneficial to the functioning of the digestive system;
  • Dried apricots and apples as useful substitutes for sweets. They have not only a great taste, but also a large stock of nutrients, vitamins and trace elements. In these products, large amount of fibers, which is conducive to active and healthy in the digestion of food. In the day post a couple of apples, you can eat during lunch. One between breakfast and lunch, another between lunch and dinner. The preference is to give apples green. Dried apricots is a great dessert. By day, you can eat up to 6 months.
  • Food rich in protein. Protein is essential for the success of loss of weight and form a beautiful silhouette. Among the products of protein, choose eggs, not the fat meat, fish, chicken. These foods and are the basis of most of the diet dishes.

Sample menu

From the permissions list of products that you can make up delicious dishes to combine them in the menu of the week. We offer you the option just the menu, which fully meets the requirements of the diet against the fat of the belly and sides.

The morning begins with a glass of water. He should drink soon after you woke up. During the day you should drink daily water according to your weight. Breakfast can be over half an hour after going to drunk the first glass of water. Washing food is not possible. To drink, it may take some time after a meal.

At breakfast you can prepare the scrambled eggs, and from a couple of eggs. You can add a little turkey or chicken, cheese, yogurt without additives. Another possible version of the your morning meal – 200 gr. wheat cereal or cooked in the steam of beans. As the beverage industry the ideal coffee and tea without milk and sugar.

Between breakfast and lunch, you can eat the green apple, drink a little yogurt 0% fat, or yogurt

proper nutrition

At lunch, prepare your own broth, and eat a small piece of cooked meat. As a follow-up, prepare a salad of tomato, cucumber, pepper. Filling the tank can be a drop of oil, but only mayonnaise! In conclusion, the cup of tea with dried apricots.

Between lunch and dinner, eat the green apple or the Bulgarian pepper.

The evening meal may consist of cooked meat or fish. Cooking is necessary, no salt and no seasoning. Another option for dinner – salad with fruits of the sea. To decorate, select the sauerkraut. You can drink tea, preferably green.

Before you sleep, you can eat a small piece of cooked meat or drink a glass of yogurt.

Adhering to this system, you without problems throws up to five pounds in a month. Yes, there is a very large figure, but the weight will fall steadily and for the account of fat of a body, and not through liquid or muscle mass. By choosing this diet, you can't doubt that the weight lost will not return.

A way of second, the rapid

This technique allows you to quickly get rid of a few pounds more. It is less correct than the previous one. The result of this diet can be unstable, and lost kilograms back. However, in situations in which the thinness, we need to have in a matter of days, as diets – the only option. It is necessary to say that such extra diet is not can use many times, because they have a negative influence on the body. Below, you will learn about the most efficient and popular options of diets fast. Among them, you will surely be able to find one that pleases you.

The diet 10 days: less than 5 kg

This diet is known as BOOCH, ie, protein, carbohydrate distribution. In its essence lies in the fact that the power organizing cycles: two proteins of the day, when it is possible to consume foods rich in proteins and contains a minimal amount of carbohydrates, carbohydrates a day, when the need to eliminate the proteins, and to consume only the carbohydrates and mixed day, when it is possible and there are those and other products. The cycles may be different, but the essence of the diet is the alternation between proteins and carbohydrates in the diet.

Weeks diet to lose weight the belly and on the sides

This is a good example mono -, aiming at the correction of specific areas. You can use different options:

  • Yogurt with cucumber. For the night, depends on up to a liter of lean yoghurt and up to a kilo of cucumber;
  • Chicken with vegetables. On the day of eating up to a kilo of chicken breast together with salads vegetables;
  • Mace cheese. On the day – a pound of ricotta lean and not more than four apples.

Adhere to this diet for more than a week is not recommended, as the body begins to feel the lack of vitamins and essential micronutrients.

Oatmeal and egg shells of a weight loss diet the belly and on the sides

We offer to your attention for two more mono. But they are not as rigid as those on which it was discussed in the previous section. Fulfilling them is quite simple. Oatmeal diet assumes the following weekly menu:

  • Three times per day you need to eat 200 gr. oatmeal in water;
  • Between meals you can eat fruit, just not bananas and not grapes;
  • On the day drink two liters of water, herbal or green tea. Drinking can be just half an hour before meal or one hour after.

The termination of a diet gradually. In the second week, start to expand the diet, adding dairy products, chicken, vegetables. This will allow you to prevent a return to lost during a diet pounds.

Shells of eggs from the diet does not have lower efficiency. It is also very simple. A week of the diet is made up of eggs, vegetables, fruits, and water. You can't salt products and use the oil. From vegetables, under the ban of the potato. From fruits – banana, grapes, dates, figs. According to the feedback of the women, who tried to imagine this diet for a week you can say goodbye with five or more kilos.

menu for weight loss

We try to talk about the most popular diets that can help you gain a flat tummy and slim waist. We hope that our tips have been useful!