Easy diet to lose weight fast on the belly and sides

The diet is a method of power, limited to certain list of products. Several menu options are applied in the treatment of diseases, recovery after surgery for weight loss and cleanse the body. There is a special diet to lose weight the belly and the side, which allows the volume of the body in a short space of time.

Rules of the offer

diet for weight loss

In the hope of slenderness, to get rid of fat in the legs and abdomen, the girls resort to various means, including tablets. But methods questionable, dangerous, can cause health problems. To maintain the physical form, resolution, thick thighs and health it is important to stay with the principles of power. The diet, aimed at weight loss around your belly and sides, contains large amount of fibers. She is represented cereals, vegetables, vegetables, fruits. The diet should be present foods rich in protein. It is meat, seafood, dairy products, eggs. Each day eat protein from vegetable origin such as nuts, seeds (50 g).

An important factor for burning fat – the water. Drink plenty of clean liquid.

Nutrition experts recommend drinking on average 2 liters of fluid per day. This can be mineral, carbonated, from a filter or the water melted.

The proper diet implies crushing of the food in equal portions. It is necessary, many times, up to 7 times per day. Sleep, the last meal should be with an interval of 3 hours.

Principles of energy during the diet for belly:

  1. Eliminate the alcoholic beverages. Alcohol interferes with the normal metabolism, leading to the formation of fat in the waist and in the upper part of the feet. In women appears cellulite.
  2. Pastries, sweet to eat it in small quantities and rarely. Substitute fruit, sweet fruit, the watermelon.
  3. Remove from the diet, smoked, fried, fatty dishes. The food for steaming, grilling, or cooking. The food save more nutrients, will not be complemented with the excess calories from the oil.
  4. See how many calories you want during the day, not to exceed the period of record. The figure for women, adolescents and men may vary.

Diet a week for weight loss the belly and on the sides

The desired result, you may be able to stick to developed a weight loss plan during a certain period of time. Lose a few pounds and reduce the amount of waist will help you diet to flat belly, calculated for a week.

1 day:

  1. Morning – a cup of yogurt low-fat; toast of rye flour.
  2. Lunch – salad of pepper, cabbage, cucumber. Cooked rice, 150 g.
  3. Dinner boiled chicken or beef in the amount of 100 g. a Glass of apple juice from a cup or a couple of cooked eggplant.

Day 2:

  1. Low-fat cottage cheese, tea or coffee.
  2. Cooked meat and rice or wheat 100 g.
  3. Salad, taking advantage from onion, tomato. The amount of dishes – 250 g For the filling you can take a little bit of vegetable oil.
  4. Just before sleep, enjoy a delicious glass of tomato juice.

Day 3:

  1. Green tea; baked filet of peru 100 g.
  2. 150 g low-fat fish, steamed, salad, onion, pickles, cabbage with peas.
  3. Apple 1 PCs. of medium size; the portion of the rice.
  4. Before bed: freshly squeezed juice of fresh apple 250 ml.

Day 4:

  1. Coffee or tea, cooked beef 100 g.
  2. Bread bran, vegetable soup.
  3. The chicken and rice 100 g.

Day 5:

  1. Low-fat kefir; toast of rye flour.
  2. Salad with carrots, dressed with sour cream, boiled fish 150 g, 2 PCs. breads potatoes.
  3. Salad vegetables: bell pepper, cucumber, tomato. Wheat cooked veal 100 g.

Day 6:

  1. Biscuits of oats, 2 pieces, with a chicken egg, cooked soft; herbal tea.
  2. The rice, the turkey of 100 g.
  3. Salad of apple, pear, plum, and orange; chicken 200 g.

7 day:

  1. Solid medium fat cheese, 100 g of green tea, a toast.
  2. The rice and salad of tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, domestic, onions.
  3. Meat 200 g, cucumber, cabbage white.
proper nutrition

It is not possible to change the days of the seats or the chicken in veal. Eat at regular intervals of time. Non-greasy something to eat, to help establish the digestive process, eliminate the pain in the stomach, to burn fat in places disturbed. Eating the week on limited hours, drink plenty of pure water, in order to speed up the metabolism, reduce weight. The menu for the week beneficial effect on the hair condition of the skin. Nutrients nourish blood, improving the well-being.

You can take advantage of the three-day express service technique, with capability for up to 3 days.

Revenue for the first day:

  • the juice prepared with carrot, apple; mug of green tea varieties;
  • is allowed before lunch, eat chestnuts: wood, hazelnuts, or in the amount of 50 grams;
  • boil the brown rice varieties; an apple or citrus; vegetable salad;
  • vegetables, grilled 200 g; lean fish 50 g.

The second day:

  • an apple or ½ grapefruit;
  • carrot juice, mix fruits or vegetables;
  • herbal tea; tomato-2 pieces; porridge of wheat; grapes;
  • chicken breast baked or cooked 200 g; mint tea; vegetables cooked.

The third day:

  • bake apple; oatmeal;
  • drinking water 200 ml. without gas; grapes;
  • grate the carrots with a cream sauce of milk in the amount of 100 g; cooked fish 200 g; water 1 cup;
  • the average banana and a cup of yogurt a minimum of fat.

The list of products to facilitate weight loss

To easy to lose weight, it is not necessary to sit on the strict diets. Enough to understand the principles of proper nutrition. Some food promotes weight loss, the other slows the metabolism, makes the cause of the accumulation of subcutaneous fat. To balance the diet, make a varied menu, the need to share the products of many, average, calories, the percentage of protein-fat-carbohydrates.

Sure to consume It is forbidden to consume

1. The chicken meat.

2. Lamb.

3. Peru.

4. Liver of veal.

5. Ham

6. Eggs.


7. The salmon.

8. Acne.

9. Crabs.

10. The herring.

11. The sardines.

12. The tuna.

13. Carp.


14. Milk.

15. The kefir.

16. Cheese Cheese"

17. Hard cheese

18. Natural yoghurt without dyes.

19. All vegetables (celery, tomatoes, cucumber, onion, bell pepper, corn, soybeans).

20. Fruits (in moderate amounts in the first half of the day).

1. Sausages.

2. Sausage.

3. Grilling the potatoes.

4. Fries.

5. The sugar.

6. The cake.

7. Glace.

8. Sweet.

9. Cake.

10. Pancakes.

11. The chocolate.

12. Biscuits.

13. Lollipops.

14. Marmalade.

15. Honey.

16. Jam.

17. Bread.

18. Potatoes cooked (to reduce to a minimum).

19. Ice cream.

20. The noodles.

21. Sausages and cold cuts.

22. Packed sodas and juices.

23. Alcoholic beverages.

24. Pizza.

How to increase the effectiveness of the diet

the slender figure of

The diet, which helps you achieve belly more flat for the week must be combined with the other principles of weight loss. Stir it up more, includes a daily list of tasks walking, running, hiking. Do not forget to exercise.

To get rid of fat in the waist and in the area of the feet it is important to follow a healthy diet, train at home or in the salon. With the help of a complex gymnastics of the press and the mouth, you can perform all the metabolic processes, the diet for slimming the belly more quickly bring the fruits.

No. 1 Balance sheet of the press: the lifting body from a lying position on his back.

No 2 - Torsion. Lie down on the floor, bend the lower limbs, hands behind his head. Right elbow, pull it to the left to the tribe and vice-versa.

No. 3 - do Not change the position. Straight legs lift, leave to enter, but do not touch on the feet from the floor.

Lessons perform 3 times per week, at least.

The power to slim down the tummy and a slim figure should be correct, rational. Nutritionists claim that the fat will not go away, if you continue to eat foods high-calorie dishes and play physical exercises.