Gym to lose weight fast

Fitness is a series of exercises specially designed and rules of power, aimed at the improvement of the appearance, that is the way. Fitness classes to highlight the vitality, good health, beauty and beautiful physical form. With its help, you can effectively reduce your weight, improve the muscles, make a beautiful figure, as well as to strengthen the health. The huge popularity enjoy group classes and fitness walks.

Up until now, has developed a wide variety of training programs aimed at the solution of a wide range of tasks. They solve the problem of weight loss, change in the way of some adjustments, increase muscle mass, as well as the strengthening of the muscles and joints.

fitness slimming

It should be noted that the ability to the slimming, traditionally, brings together absolutely different cargo types – among them, strength exercises and stretching, gymnastics and cardio. The preparation of a complex of special exercises of gymnastics occurs, so, for all the muscle groups have been fully utilized.

This is why it is so important to the fitness program

Many are logical question: with the help of gym, you can achieve a quick weight reduction and improve muscle tone? For this, you need: eat, and performing cardio to burn fat cells, as well as exercises for strength, in order to form strong and embossed the muscles.

All of this without the order, ignored in the preparation of training programs of fitness, so that, as a rule, include various parts. In the first place any of this program will cardio. They are presented in a bicycle (as the option – a bicycle spinning), running, jumps, a swim in the pool or even favorite elements. Along with exercise, this part of the program in about 15-20 minutes. Then, you can proceed with the execution of special exercises. The best option will be the workout of every day of certain muscle groups.

Here's an example:

  • Monday to Friday – exercises for the belly and the side and to the back;
  • Wednesday - the buttocks, thighs and legs;
  • Friday – back, strap, belt and hands.

Therefore, they will be more well-designed all the muscles, and they have a time of restoration for the next class.

Today on the Internet loaded with thousands of videos with individual exercises and you have all of your complex. Download these lessons on your computer, completely free. So you will be able to practice at home alone, without having to visit a fitness room.

The improvement of a way with the help of gym happen, of course, not for a day. The first obvious result from your effort appears about a month. You are a part of rid of fat deposits–, the figure of the pick up and become lean. But the mass of the body until that will not decrease because the weight "melted" fat will replace the weight increases the volume of the muscles. But after a few months we can expect to get rid of 5 to 6 pounds.

Basic rules

If you decide to fight with excess weight and improve your appearance, you must first ask yourself: how to properly treat fitness. There are some rules, which will depend on the result.

  1. The regularity of the workout. If your goal is to lose weight, the sloth must become your enemy. Only if you perform exercises regularly, you can get the expected result. If you prefer independent animal class, then it is advisable to get involved with the music – it's more fun and active.
  2. Complexity. You can't focus on one group of muscles (even if this is your biggest problem of meals), or doing only cardio-load. It is very important to analyze the whole body complex.
  3. The healthy food. It consists in the rejection of sweets (in large quantities), from fatty acids, harmful to the health of dishes and semi-finished products, limit on drinks, and total rejection as harmful habits, such as smoking. The diet has to do the management, rational and balanced. Enrich your fruits, dried fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts, dairy, fish and meat. Overeating is strictly prohibited.
  4. The academy must become a way of life. We can't treat the fitness as the 2 months of diet. If you made the choice, in your favor, so you became the defender of an active and healthy life, good food, sport, as well as health and beauty, that they give you.

The use of fitness for health and slimming

the power to lose weight

What an academy is very useful for the shape, understand, probably, all. Therefore, more attentive to the fact that it is not less important, and to improve health. Generally, people do not particularly thinking about it, until there is no evident proof of its need. For example, a sedentary lifestyle, inevitably, causes pain in the back or a regular headache.

If you struggle to maintain your health, you need to very attentive to the signals, that feeds your body, and take preventive measures. The sooner you start doing it, the better your body. And the academy is the best assistant, as well as:

  • The exercise spinal muscle will ensure the backbone of a good support, and this means that you will forget about the pain, and in addition correct posture.
  • The physical load improves the blood circulation, allowing the body to receive more oxygen. And this, in turn, a way favorable affects the functioning of every organ and improves the general well-being.
  • Especially developed exercises to give joints increased mobility to make the blood circulate more active. The result will be pain in the legs and crunch in the joints.

And, of course, the most important thing that you should always listen to your body and, of course, tips from experienced coaches, fitness and medical qualified.

Who is contraindicated in fitness

Absolute contraindications to this kind of physical effort, unfortunately, are present. It is good that not much. Then, the fitness is prohibited from practicing when:

  • contour of mental states, mental disorders and epilepsy;
  • injuries to muscle-organic, character migrated infarction;
  • oncology;
  • complex injuries to the spinal column;
  • traumatic brain injuries, which have been transferred recently.

In these cases, the doctor may allow only classes of bandages, physical exercise, and individually. Temporarily, you may not engage for the aggravation of any chronic disease, when COLDS and even, as strange as that sounds, when the lack of sleep.

In addition, there is a list of diseases, in which an academy is not fully denied. Adjustments in the training will have to do:

  • When varicose veins. No crunches, jumping attacks. Static voltage possible. The pace of the achievements of the exercises should be moderate. To do them you can be lying down or sitting.
  • In diseases of the joints. Do not allow the jump, systems and static loads with large weight.
  • When the hypertension. It is better to choose calmly, yoga and pilates.
  • In the period of pregnancy. You need to go to certain lessons of the course "Fitness for mothers". Only with the authorization of a gynecologist with 12 to 38 weeks.


For those who want to stay in shape with the help of gymnastics, need to stock up on perseverance, diligence and patience. In fact, the result does not appear for a few days. But, as the saying goes, everything that you get, everything is yours. Reset the weight back already is not going to return, and the muscle long period of time will enchant you with its low.


Many experienced people who are able to experience the difficult struggle against excess weight, the most wide range of diet, has not yet chosen a gym. And has not been in vain. After all, this is one of the most effective ways. Comments about it-most positive and say that if the loading is done correctly, the extra pounds go away, without a trace, and in exchange, you receive a beautiful and lean body.