The correct to lose weight at home

Get rid of excess weight in the home, and dreams of nearly one in every two people, but as you start to lose weight, you know, far from each other.

Because of this, the slimming process is systematically postponed to "the day of tomorrow", in kilograms, in the meantime, just to sum up. A visual guide to the action – is what we need.

the correct to lose weight at home

When there is a clear plan that determines the sequence of the process, the person most easy to start to lose weight. Draw up a step by step guide, and we'll call it "where to start losing weight".

Step number 1. Testing and analysis of self-help

To set a goal, it is necessary to perform a self-test. This is an important step to start losing weight, after all, the result becomes the single point of reference, over which should be remembered throughout the program.

  • Make the calculations of the ideal weight for you. You can use the calculator, the calculation of ideal weight, or be based on the weight that you feel comfortable and well. Remember that the end goal must be real, therefore not exaggerate their strengths and capabilities.
  • Do the key measures of the volume of the body (chest, belly, thighs). In the weight loss process there are moments, when the weight of the "worth it" in place, but the volumes continue to decrease.
  • Make a note of the initial measurements in notepad.
  • In order to help you monitor your results, download here of card of id, in which you can select your measurements and the measurement date. (the link takes you to a yandex the disk is absolutely safe and free)

A psychological dimension. Many people, frankly, do yourself the question: "Why can't I stop eating?". Sometimes, the reason becomes stress, depression, lack of sleep, chronic fatigue – these moments must also fight. For the best motivation you can eat yourself stimulus.

Say "NO" to harmful food

Step # 2. We put the goal and the time

You did the calculations and got some results – they become the main goal, which can be viewed in order not to fall. Make a poster colored, place in a prominent place for your image, where you can imagine, and football conventional, and t. d.

Establish a realistic deadline. Do not hurry up to the event, weight loss fast it takes the same return the weight or breakage. Great reduction of body mass of 3-4 kg in a month. Weightect 1 time per week, and notice the results in your journal.

Step # 3. We hope to caloric intake

How to lose weight at home: step-by-step

Many people are overweight and do not want to, or can not attend the academies. Sit at home and want to lose weight. Yes, you can lose weight at home, but to train, you still have. But, over all is in order.

Generally, the weight loss at home is no different slimming in the room (after all, the body is one and the same) and is composed of four components:

  • Diet (40% success)
  • Cardio-load (30% success)
  • Exercises (20% success)
  • Sports nutrition (10% success)

And these elements are ordered in decreasing order of importance. If the athletic power can be neglected, and it is the need, the diet is the basis. With it and let's get started.

Incidentally, I forgot to warn you, the theme of the loss of the house – is very extensive, in order to contain them in a single article. Therefore, this article will consist of links to other articles.

The diet

On our website has already ready a menu for slimming. There is nothing to invent. You just need to follow this menu. Here they are:

  • Women menu for weight loss
  • Male menu for weight loss
exercises to lose weight

For those who do not want anything to count, you can go the other way – the more to be a menu. But for that you need to know the basic principles of nutrition for weight loss: the 5 principles of eating for weight loss. And also to know how much you need to eat kcal per day: how Many calories you need to consume per day to lose weight


It is designed to speed up your metabolism and make your body spend more energy. For example, a girl of weight of 60 kg in 30 minutes of slow running will spend about 350 kcal. This is about 20% of its daily cost.

As cardio is any physical activity, during which their average heart rate is about 130 beats per minute, or above. This can be jogging, cardio, swimming, cycling, playing football, sex. Yes, any thing.

It is a very important parameter – the frequency of cardiovascular disease. It is better to work out 3 consecutive days of 30 minutes a day 1.30. Ideally, you should be 4 to 5 cardio per week, at least 40 minutes. From 40 minutes to 60. But this is the case, if you are not using the third component.


Referring to the training with dumbbells, barbells and other weights. Many may ask: why they are necessary, if the goal is to lose weight. The answer is simple. These exercises are needed only for the purpose of maximizing the to keep your muscles from destruction.

I agree that the beautiful figure is built not only by a lack of fat, but when it is enough for the muscle. When you start to lose weight – the body burns indiscriminately, and the fat and the muscle.

And strength training, make your body to keep the muscle. They like saying to him: "Dude, you see that the external is the environment does the work your muscles.

Keep them! In such circumstances, they are the ones that are still useful".

Complex of exercises at home to lose weight for women:

And for the men:

4. Sports nutrition

This item is optional for weight loss. But the sports nutrition can facilitate and accelerate a little the process is a process. It includes integrated burning fat, L-carnitine, protein, and amino acids. During the prices of today, in the sport of food you have that in a month spend about 3000 – 6000 rubles. For more details here: What is the sports nutrition is appropriate for weight loss.

Once more I repeat, that this component of weight loss is optional. But, with proper use, it is great you can help those who lose weight very difficult.


1. As you can see, the slimming process is built not just a diet. More precisely, it can be based only on diet. And are you really going to lose weight, although not be as efficient. But, in the first place, in such cases, the diet should be more rigid. And hardly you will be able to adhere to this diet for life. And in the second place, along with the fat gone and the muscles. The muscles even have to leave before.

2. Personally, I advise to all 4 components to incorporate at the same time. However, if you are very weak physical preparation, so the first month can be some complex exercises without cardio.

3. The best speed of weight loss – 4 to 5 kg in a month. If you're going to lose weight faster, which means that you lose along with the fat and the muscles also.

4. If you are using and cardio, and a set of exercises, which should be ideally about 5 workouts per week. 2 – 3 cardio, and 2 to 3 exercises with weights and dumbbells.

How to eat to lose weight

the power to lose weight

Not only in our country but all over the world a large number of people suffers from obesity. Even if the weight does not traverse more by the yard, many appears the rounded abdomen and the desire to get rid of it. But it is not so simple.

Excess weight accumulates for many reasons: a variety of hereditary diseases, feeding mode, life style, characteristics and preferences in the diet, the amount absorbed from foods, the multiplicity of reception and much more. I agree, if you traveled and in the day-to-day we passed the dozens of miles of distance, hardly appeared, rounding in the belly area.

If the cause is a disease, then can not do without consulting the doctor. Without the help of an expert, you can do very little. But if the excess weight has appeared from sedentary work, love to lie down on the couch, from the daily consumption of burgers and products from the range of PN, only for you to decide to lose weight or continue to gain weight.

Safety precautions

The excess weight is a serious problem, a few extra pounds affects the well-being and integrity. Therefore, run the situation is not worth it. At least occasionally download physically: make the loading of the morning, run a couple of times per week, use the stairs instead of the elevator. All of these actions are elementary and do not require great efforts, and the result may surprise you.

If you have made the decision to lose weight, then read the information. It's not worth immediately run to the first diet, or follow the recommendations of a friend has a once-a-day and drink a tablespoon of water. Do not go to extremes, have mercy on yourself.

It is necessary the consultation of a nutritionist or ENdcrinology, who appreciate the health status of determine the factor of redundancy of weight, recommendations nutrition, and how to improve the mode of work and rest, to advise the right diet. Sudden changes in the style of life that is not worth, to not harm the health. The body, on the contrary, will accumulate even more body fat, and you will apprehend a bad mood.

The decision to bring your life a little bit of sport is only welcome. But it's not worth to abuse it. There is no need every day to run around the house for an hour. In the first place, the body is not ready to so sharp loads. In the second place, you even already after a few days, give up the idea of losing weight and get back to cakes and pastries.

Important, to gradually change their way. Avoid fatty foods and make small trips in the morning, usluznite your mode and start to run, passing to what is appropriate for you dieting.

The most important thing during the diet not only to form the correct mode of the day, but the competence to eat. The type of energy, and that amount will receive a body, depends on the success of the larger program of disposal of extra kilos.

It is important to solve two problems:

  1. Determine how many pounds you are planning to lose, after passing through a track of obstacles in the form of a special regime of power.
  2. Learn how to plan a set of products and their quantities, performing the calorie count.

Bring the beauty of a diary to jot down all of your snacks and full meals, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This will count the number of calories that you have used in the last day.

The next step is to eliminate from your diet foods that prevent achieving the goal:

  • Cakes and breads.
  • Size of the food.
  • The fatty acids in meats and fish, pickles.
  • The potatoes.
  • Crackers, biscuits and the like.
  • Candy and sweets, cakes and pastries (well, at least for a time).

The list is quite long, but these main products. And what you need to feed, not only to not die of hunger, and yet, and stock up on energy for the whole day?

  • Various soups — they are useful and nutritious.
  • The meat lean varieties (beef, meat, poultry) and fish (cod, sea bass, zander, cod Polish) not воспрeщаюtXia. Their number should be limited. And do not eat fried foods.
  • Eggs.
  • Vegetables and fruit. They have a lot of vitamins.
  • Tea, coffee.
  • Dairy products.
  • Pastas and cereals.
  • Bread with bran and wheat flour.
  • In the vegetable oil.

But this does not mean that the foods that you can eat in any amount, eating during the day. The meaning of the mode of feeding is to eat as much food as is required for life.

Switch to the week

menu for weight loss

On the day you will need approximately 2,500 calories. When tрeхкраtMr. the intake of food, distribute them as follows:

  1. Breakfast - 35%
  2. Lunch – 40%
  3. Dinner – 25%

Make a menu for the week. Be creative, diversify the diet, so that it is full. We present a variety of meal options, and you will pick up suitable for you.


  • Oats in the water (you can add walnuts and raisins), a glass of milk, two eggs.
  • Mashed potatoes, fish, cooked wheat, a glass of milk.
  • Muesli with milk (or dry), one egg, the juice.

The second breakfast

  • Banana, orange and yogurt.
  • Cottage cheese low fat, cream of milk, apple.
  • A glass of milk and pancakes of ricotta.


  • Soup, buckwheat porridge with mushrooms, pumpkin salad with tomatoes and juice.
  • Ear, cut of meat, vegetables, a glass of juice.
  • Soup, buckwheat porridge, zrazy, cocoa.

Afternoon snack

  • Yogurt fruit.
  • Vegetable salad with sour cream, the juice.
  • A cheese sandwich, a glass of milk.


  • Chicken salad cooked wheat, green tea.
  • Fishing cutlet, Greek salad, a glass of milk.
  • Chicken, vegetable salad, tea.

This is only a sample menu, number of meals, and a set of products. Try to avoid monotony. You must get pleasure from the food intake and a complete set of nutrients.