Clean the body and lose weight simultaneously

Move closer to the mirror and look closely at your reflection. Tired of looking, pale, slow-to-skin with dark hair is a sign that the time has come to perform a "cleaning" of the organism. And if, suddenly, became to mark the second chin, or the noticeable rounded waist and hip – loiter not worth the effort.

Accumulated during a long time, the toxins and the toxins generated with the water, air and food harmful substances interfere with the organs to perform their functions. The allocation system worse than dealing with the work. The body is in need of our help.

Who needs purification


To deal with the problem of overweight should begin at the first sign of its forms of manifestation. This will help speed up the process without visiting your doctor. You should not expect that, entering in contact with the medical institution, you will receive a magic pill and to decide the question, not much effort. To keep beautiful and healthy, have to work hard. The main tasks that are before you, are the following:

  • psychologically set up to change the habits of style of life;
  • clean up the allocation system of the body;
  • alone or with the help of a nutritionist) to develop an individually balanced diet. One should consider the causes of the accumulation of extra pounds, the general state of the organism and to win the support of loved ones.
  • choose the best system of physical exercise.
  • abandon the bad habits (smoking, drinking, eating too much, and later tricks of food).

Whatever the causes of excess weight, in any of the cases, the path was just a fridge. Therefore, the purification of the body is necessary for everyone, who decided to lose weight. Put in order the intestines, the kidneys, the liver is simple and in house, if there are no contra-indications.

The causes of the accumulation of extra pounds

Experts claim that it is not always the reason for excess weight – binge eating and consumption of junk food food. The reasons are many. Among them stand out three groups:


  • metabolism;
  • the genetic predisposition (heredity);
  • the hormonal imbalance;
  • some diseases (diabetes mellitus and Dr);
  • the periods of pregnancy and breast-feeding, menopause;
  • the presence of parasites in the intestine, which with their bodies and waste can clog the intestine and hinder the process of excretion of body wastes and stones.


  • insecurity, excessive shyness, and low self-esteem;
  • frequent changes of mood, depressive state (the brain tries to change their feelings about the taste of reflexes);
  • the lack of goals in life, the prospects for the future.
    The causes, by the style of life:
  • frequent get enough sleep, that will involve a constant of fatigue (the body requires food to maintain the energy);
  • the stress, the result of which is that the increase of the concentration of acid in the stomach (the person feels the need of something to eat);
  • a sedentary lifestyle;
  • the habit of (a certain type of food, eating in front of the television, late of acquisitions of food, harmful products);
  • no feed mode.

Determine the reasons that apply specifically to you, and only then begin to develop your own system of weight loss and health. Otherwise, excluding errors committed all of the pounds lost after the cleaning of the body and diets, come back with a vengeance.

Purification of the body for slimming

how to lose weight

Tune-psychologically, after consulting your doctor, you can begin. Remember, that the weight does not come back, the approach must be integrated. Clean the body and lose weight over long periods of time possible, in case, if you will believe in the positive result, take effective diet, to opt for non-harmful vices and habits, to choose the optimum system of physical exercise according to the age and the general state of the organism.

An important role weight loss play in the scheme of drink. A healthy person should drink every day, at least 2 liters of water. Is the amount of liquid is divided into 4 — 5 receptions. The first time – once you agree with the rest of the 20 minutes before a meal.

To attach the effect of slimming, it is advisable to perform regularly, with intervals of six months, and in particular in case – after 3 months. Stand out two groups of methods for cleaning up: medicines and folk.

  1. Drug methods help to clear the gut from faeces of reservoirs, and parasites (colon hydrotherapy, the pharmacy, medicines and dietary supplements) is significantly faster. But, destroying and carrying the micro-organisms are harmful, not pity and useful. This causes a great damage to the immune system, liver, kidneys.
  2. The purification in the home believe a conservative, but this requires time and effort.

In recent years, estimation methods of enjoying all the most popular.

Methods of cleansing folk medicine

It has been an excellent means of a refining process, was considered to be a steam sauna. Useful to use in the steam room broom (birch, oak or eucalyptus). In addition to massages to improve the circulation of the blood are restored to the metabolic processes, which is important in struggle against superfluous kgs. Suitable for this, and a sauna, although it can dry out mucous membranes and skin.

Gives good results on fasting. In the house is welcome 3 day (two times per month) or day 7 (once a month). More of a long fasting can only be done under the supervision of a physician.

Start to clean the body with bowel

The most ancient and efficient through enemas or mugs Range. The procedure is best to do early in the morning, with 5 to 7 minutes. At this time the body is more relaxed after a good night's sleep, and will not resist the elimination of toxins.

The water temperature should be 33 to 36 degrees. After the introduction of cooked and cold, until the temperature of the liquid in the rectum should lie down on your right side, bent knees, 15 minutes. With time – more. The ideal amount of liquid – 1,5 l. In some cases, this amount of water is obtained, pour in just one month. At the beginning you will not fit more than half a litre. Don't be discouraged and don't rush the event. As accumulated in the large intestine of slag leach, water volume will increase.

For those who have time of work does not allow the use in the home described way, the natural methods of purification:

  • discharge days (on vegetables or lean fermented products, dried fruit);
  • salad "Flip" (kale, beet and carrot in the ratio of 3:1:1). Vegetables we charge only raw, and carefully my, we passed the boiling water, cut, add the vegetable oil;
  • daily morning reception, 1 dessert tablespoons of refined vegetable oils (preferably olive or flaxseed) in fasting half an hour before eating;
  • mono - (throughout the day, just some vegetarian food of raw vegetables and fruits) – 2 days, is repeated every 3 days for a month;
  • vegetable diet, with a duration of 3 to 5 days (zucchini, cabbage, carrot, beet, cucumber) as well to clean the body, saturating your vitamins, and trace elements;
  • apple diet (2 kg of apples sour-sweet varieties in equal portions per day). To observe the result, enough for 2 days and 2 times per month.
  • diet cereal very efficient way of cleaning the intestine in the house with the fibers contained in grains. Accustomed to regularly include in your diet porridge from oats, wheat and barley cereals, crude rice, and the need to use other methods of purification to lose weight, decrease.

After the cleaning of the bowel it is advisable to pay attention to the liver, kidneys, and vessels of the joints. This will restore the metabolic processes and to secure the result.

Use any of the methods, alternating with the enemas, and you will soon notice that the pointer of the balance PopolZet to the left. Do not forget to drink mode. Clean water to drink daily at least 1.5 l per day.

cleaning of the body

Do not forget that any diet produces a certain violence about the body. Therefore, if you have chronic diseases of the purification of the body in the house, start only under the supervision of a doctor, in order not to harm yourself. Strictly forbidden for the cleaning procedures and food restrictions in pregnant women or breast-feeding.