Cinnamon for weight loss

Cinnamon – the tasty spice, known for its amazing properties since the ancient times. Many lose weight know this spice as an excellent tool for weight loss. Refusing to some products in order to reduce the weight, you should use the cinnamon.

Useful properties of cinnamon

cinnamon for weight loss

This tasty spice with a pleasant smell includes a number of useful items, such as essential oil, disaccharides and monosaccharides, which are rich in fatty acids, dietary fibre and protein. In its composition has vitamins a, group A, E, c, PP, as well as micro and macro.

With its aroma of cinnamon is able to lift the mood, improve memory, it has a positive effect on the working of the brain. When regular use of spices improves the work of blood vessels, the body is purified. It is useful to it in times of high tension and stress, because the cinnamon has a relaxing and calming activity.

How cinnamon helps you lose weight

Cinnamon for weight loss is used since ancient times, its beneficial properties help improve metabolism and the best to metabolize the sugar. The beneficial effect for weight loss can explain the following:

  1. Dietary fiber, of members contribute mild to cleanse the gut, restore your work.
  2. The essential oils act on the nervous system, helping to reduce the appetite and calm down. This is important, because many times the excess lead exactly the stress.
  3. The seasoning is very useful to normalize the functioning of the GASTROINTESTINAL. In particular, it helps to absorb sugar, allowing it intensifies the metabolism.

The main advantage of the use of cinnamon in your food – it not only promotes weight loss but allows you to influence the best problematic area of the female body – the belly. Each lady knows how difficult it is to remove the fat deposits in the belly.

For the seasoning brought benefits, they must choose. To lose weight, you have to buy only fresh and quality cinnamon. Exactly the type of product has a sweet flavor. No smell indicates that this spice has stagnated, and the use will not bring.

Sell cinnamon powder and sticks. You can use it in any form, and is stored spezia in glass-enclosed, capacity of storage, in a cool dry place. The period of retention of the rods reaches a year, and the powder can be used in a period of six months.

How to eat properly

In its pure form, this spice is not used. For it has brought benefits to her body and added to a variety of dishes and drinks. Popularity preparation of puddings with cinnamon, cakes and desserts, jellies and easy yogurt.

For the purposes of weight loss, it is adding in the coffee, tea, milk, chocolate, yoghurt, yoghurt for drinking. Spice combines perfectly with other useful products, are used with honey and ginger. Combines perfectly with her rice, pumpkin or porridge oats.

A small hint of delicious spices allows you to quickly break down the fats and qualitatively to reduce the level of sugar in the blood. For weight loss are popular the following recipes with cinnamon.

Yogurt with cinnamon

Kefir is, by itself the low-calorie product, and it is widely used for weight reduction in diet nutrition. In it you can flush days, this is a great option for easy snack and to quench the hunger before bed. Yogurt with cinnamon-delicious and nutritious fermented milk drink, which promotes the burning of fats. A glass of delicious product before a meal will eat less.

The recipe to prepare the drink for the discharge of the day it is extremely simple. 1.5 litre of kefir is taken one teaspoon of spices, all carefully mixed. The combination of cinnamon with yogurt and allow you to give you a pleasant fragrance and spicy flavor and the spice contributes to the reduction of appetite. As drinking a useful yogurt with cinnamon? Full-bodied and with a taste of a great beverage for breakfast, it is recommended to consume with an empty stomach.

It is important to choose properly the kefirto the diet, must purchase beverage with the percentage of fat not exceeding 1.5%. In your base, you can do no less rewarding cocktail. For this, you need the honey and the ginger in equal amounts, a teaspoon of water and a pinch of cinnamon powder. Then, add the yogurt mixture and mix well. This cocktail will give you a great start of a new day.

Cinnamon with honey – another excellent option for effective weight loss. This combination will help you make a drink, scented, even better and more tasty. Honey with cinnamon mixed in the proportions of 2:1, poured a liter of hot water and infused within an hour. You can fill your thermos bottle, or just carefully wrap capacity.

Helpful the drug can be stored in the refrigerator for a few days, and consumed in the morning and at night about half a cup. Once a week, you can give yourself a day of fasting on tea of cinnamon.


The perfect combination of honey, cinnamon and lemon juice for weight loss. In a cup of tea is added a teaspoon of honey and juice of half lemon. This drink refreshing allows you to get a boost of energy for the whole day. You can add more months of ground ginger.

Honey with cinnamon as well, in harmony with the milk drinks. In the absence of yogurt, the mixture you can add the milk, ., any yogurt, of course, for slimming should choose lean drinks. If the product is too thick you can add a little water. A mixture of honey and cinnamon with milk to employ you should be during the day.

Drinks with cinnamon help not only reduce weight, but are also an excellent prevention of various diseases. Is double health benefits, and the forms of a person.

Tea with cinnamon

Options tea cinnamon great, each one has his secret, how and in what proportions, is to prepare an elixir of miraculous. As a general rule, in order to prepare the drink in a teapot is taken 5 g of spices. Can be used black tea or green, it is worth noting that drinking cinnamon tea at any time.

This delicious drink cheer up, thirst-quenching, it will reduce the feeling of hunger. If you use it regularly, you can observe the reduction of the desire of sweets.

It is popular and another recipe of tea with cinnamon. In a mug 2/3 pour welding. Add cinnamon powder and mix, then add the milk. Choose the best fat product. This delicious drink to enjoy not only lose weight, you can be with the pleasure of drinking a hot time.

To decide, how to prepare drinks with cinnamon, it is worth noting that you should not add sugar. Because this spice aims to reduce its consumption. It's not worth to enjoy and sugar substitutes, in spite of its extremely low calories, as well that they don't bring in.

Is it really safe to dishes and drinks with added fragrant with spices? Cinnamon allow the exchange of substances and to resolve the question of how to lose weight. The opinions, its application contributes to the weight reduction, but, in any case, to engage, not worth, should be consumed spice in reasonable quantities. Enough ½ a teaspoon per day.

It's also worth remember the counter-indications, which limit the use of spices. You can not consume cinnamon if you have internal or external bleeding as it promotes the liquefaction of the blood. It is advisable to leave dishes with cinnamon in a high pressure, the temperature, in the first trimester of pregnancy, as well as to the increase of excitability in the neural. Contraindication is the idiosyncrasy of the product.

As if to drive properly

The cinnamon helps to establish the digestion, accelerate the metabolism, helps to decrease the appetite. In total, it gently cleanse the body, which certainly will lead to weight loss. But it is not a panacea, not to say that you can lose weight, using only the seasoning, and not change the style of life and nutrition.


Advertised diet more often than not bring good results, many who lose weight have already seen this in the middle of a painful experience. Multi restrictions lead to weight loss, that, in the future, with the success it is entered again, bringing with it a few more extra pounds.

The more likely it is that there is no balanced diet, the person does not follow one of the basic rules of a correct diet, of conformity that ensures the normal functioning with the vital functions of the body. But each of us has the real opportunity to fix the situation, learn tips and tricks from nutritionists.

For healthy weight loss, you must observe the basic principles of a correct diet:

  1. The basis of the daily diet must be vegetable, in any form, and fruit. The number of vegetables exceeds the amount of fruit, and the last preference it is worth to give citrus. They contain large quantities of vitamins and fibers.
  2. The scheme of drink. The amount of clean water you should drink per day – at least 1.5 liters. This is to ensure that the youth and health of a skin problem coverage, a good job GASTROINTESTINAL. Preferably the liquid is consumed, at 19 hours, for the next morning, there was no edema.
  3. Exemption of pastries, cakes and breads. The simple carbohydrates give quick energy, which cannot escape, and is deposited in the form of fat in the belly and on the thighs. On the way slender in this case, you can forget. If there is a strong desire to take care of yourself pie, it is best to prefer the sweet fruit.
  4. Required the beginning of a day – a breakfast. It is better if it was a porridge with water or milk, that delight you leave the feeling of satiety. Creativity will go each day to invent something new, for example, to add spices, vegetables, fruits, dry fruits.
  5. It is worth reviewing your diet, and replace the usual, but not useful products useful. Doing this is easy, pork as well replace veal or chicken, instead of cream and mayonnaise, you can use sour cream or natural yoghurt.
  6. Before visiting the shop it is worth firmly to eat, so that there is excessive temptation to buy a superfluous. Control and shopping list of essential products, which you can do in advance.
  7. Necessarily a condition of healthy life – and abstinence from alcohol. Especially sugary drinks, which excite the appetite. In addition, they are very rich in calories. Sometimes, you can pay dry red wine, but not more than a glass.
recipes with cinnamon

The food has to appreciate, but do not make it a cult. All the better to eat, in silence, to do this watching tv or reading, you can easily eat too much. Increasingly give small holidays, when the board didn't put in bold the cake, and a dish of fruit. The main cause of excess – stresses. Get rid of the negativity, the more fast as possible to stay in shape. And not less important, the signal has an active life-style.


Keep the body in good shape help regular classes. Someone objects, that often do not have time for the gym or academy. This is not a problem, after all, the most important movement. And the movement can be in any place.

It is enough to replace a work trip distance in a tour, a couple of stops to go a step fast. A good option to keep the health – climb the stairs, resignation, the lift can be an excellent alternative to the expensive owner. And the house, will replace the full exercise in the gym.

The physical load in the period of weight loss helps get rid of not aesthetically pleasing, saggy skin, and is full of forces and energy. After all, it is no wonder that they say that the lean horse still not gazelle.