Diet for weight loss, eat a tasty and useful

If you are thinking about losing weight, then you need to diet right to lose weight your body. In the first place, you should avoid the consumption of large quantities of carbohydrates and eat only protein and vegetables and with time you will see the result. We try to prepare for you the diet proper diet for the week.

The human body is very difficult to burn your own body fat. Assume that was able to make the fat burning process, and the desired result was reached. But, for some reason, the extra pounds over a short space of time back again. All of a sudden? No, nutritionists will tell you that it is all natural. The process of loss of weight is not fast, it is important not only to reduce the weight, but also to prevent a possible return. To do this, and there's a slimming diet, which represents not only the example of the menu in a certain period of time (week, month), and also includes a series of rules that must be followed. With them, and it is offered to begin with.

Six important rules

the power to lose weight

The power mode of weight loss involves, it is necessary not only to observe certain dietary restrictions, but also follow a number of other rules. What are the rules about?

1) After waking up, is not immediately consumed foods. Much more useful, after you wake up, do physical exercises for 15 to 20 minutes. This is the rule, of course, there are those people who are not used to make it easy to load all morning. Under the physical exercise is understood slow walking, slow running, exercises on simulators, and more. You can overcome the way to work the walk, but use a stroll as physical education, is possible only under the condition that the first breakfast on the job.

Attention: following this point, you must be very careful, because it can't run, jump or do another type of physical activity.

2) Breakfast should be nutritious, but this does not mean that eating, need much. The fact is that after a physical activity in the morning, as well as, when his absence, when the night of a man "hungry", the body will try to save fats. And if they are actively going to enter with food, the body is not enough to be able to keep them, but to multiply.

Tip: it is likely that the feeling of hunger is very strong and will cause some discomfort. In this case, you can go to an appointment with the body, eating an apple or other fruit.

3) need to Eat small portions 4 to 5 times per day. Nutritionists often say about this rule, since the food should be sufficient to maintain the blood glucose at a normal level, the recovery of glycogen stores and the software of the body vitamins and elements. To achieve this objective it is necessary a lot of food. Another thing is that the slimming diet should be varied. That is why, if you eat too much, then the body not only to deal with the task, but also runs other: converts a surplus of calories from fat.

4), it is Desirable to write a daily power, so it is more easy to control himself, it is convenient to analyze the diet of a healthy diet for weight loss, changes and additions to it.

In your journal, you can reflect the menu for the week, that will help, for example, to make the necessary acquisition of Sunday. No less important is the journal of energy and to control the amount of food ingested. Many times, people who wish to lose weight, do not believe snacks complete food intake. But they do not know what the nutritionists call it snacks, meals "on the go" uncontrolled calorie intake. Here the experts relate to the situation when the person eats, but does not sit at the table, that does not put food on the plate, and when it acts according to the principle: I ate my months of soup, a piece of sausage, a spoonful of salad. In the case of keeping a diary become a habit, such snacks are also subject, as that automatically. This, in turn, allows you to assess how much was consumed of the food during the day.

5) Diet proper diet to lose weight should be developed taking into account individual patterns of food consumption. Is calculated it is quite simple to do through a special formula. Nutritionists believe that to lose weight the body, which should reach more than 40% of the calories from that calculated according to the individual is normal.

6) Diet to lose weight in a month (or other period) should be balanced. To comply with this rule will help to point # 4, offering to lose weight keep a daily diary of food. But the journal can't be limited. Thus, there are calculators power that help you to assume the lack and / or excess of vitamins, elements. They are excellent, and to determine the daily consumption of calories.

The menu for the week

A good menu for the week – is not easy. Reasons there is much. In the first place, the differences in age, weight. In the second place, the consumption of calories per day, which also affects a number of factors. In the third place, individual food preferences, since the slimming process depends on the psychological state of a person. And if you constantly have hated oatmeal, hardly pounds go away as fast as I would like.

An approximate value of diet to lose weight in a week is the following.


The first breakfast: vegetable salad, buckwheat porridge on the water, tea (it is better to stop the choice on green).

The second breakfast: fruit (pear, banana), yogurt (one or two days).

Lunch: chicken fillet boiled, grilling vegetables (any), fish soup, a compote of dried fruits.

Dinner: vegetable Salad (you can replace the stew), bread, bran cereals, tea.


The first breakfast: oatmeal with yogurt with no fillers, apple-sour-sweet (you can replace the punching bag), natural coffee.

The second breakfast: cheese, low-fat sour cream, juice of fruits, for example, rose hip oil.

Lunch: vegetable soup to the broth with the addition of any cereals, brown (!) rice, grilled fish, salad, juice or jam.

Afternoon snack: figs or dried apricots with yogurt without fillers.

Dinner: steak, vegetable salad, tea.


The first breakfast: porridge oats with milk or water, apple economic.this, coffee, or tea (and, again, the tea is better to choose a green).

menu for weight loss

The second breakfast: yogurt without fillers, nuts, a little bit, because they refer to the number of useful products, but at the same time, and calorie).

Lunch: soup in a meat broth fresh red cabbage, mashed potato, fish cutlet juice.

Afternoon snack: salad of any fruit, biscuits with no flavor.

Dinner: stew of vegetables, ham, tea.


The first breakfast: baked ricotta with candied fruit, toast, tea drinks, juice or coffee.

The second breakfast: apple, yogurt without fillers.

Lunch: wheat in the water, short ribs, chicken, soup, a jam.

Afternoon snack: some nuts and dried fruit, yogurt with no fillers.

Dinner: salad of chicken fillet, tea.


The first breakfast: rice porridge with milk (which should be fresh), porridge it is desirable to add dried fruit, beverage of tea or coffee.

The second breakfast: fruit – banana, a yogurt (in a day or two) or yogurt without fillers.

Lunch: vegetable soup, mashed potatoes, goulash, vegetable salad, juice or jam.

Afternoon snack: low-fat cheese, toast, biscuits, cocoa products.

Dinner: vegetable salad, boiled fish, yogurt, no fillers.


The first breakfast: vegetable salad, scrambled eggs, toast (you can substitute grain bread), and coffee or tea with milk.

The second breakfast: yogurt with no fillers, a little marmalade, or more rings of pineapple.

Lunch: soup, chicken with vegetables, chicken breast, salad compote or juice.

Afternoon snack: cottage cheese with low-fat yogurt, dried fruit.

Dinner: chicken breast cooked wheat chicken breast, salad, juice or tea.


The first breakfast: oatmeal, any fresh fruit, coffee or tea.

The second breakfast: biscuits, wafers without flavor or toast, juice.

Lunch: wheat soup, roast meat with vegetables, compote or juice.

Afternoon snack: all fruit, yogurt without fillers, tea.

Dinner: vegetable salad, rice powder, a little cooked fish or meat tea.

In conclusion

May seem like an approximate value of diet to lose weight in a week. It can't be used for a long period (a month), because it would have broken one of the principles of the diet for slimming, namely: it must be balanced. Use the same products can lead to the formation of lack in the body of an item.