It helps you to lose weight water-melon – a myth or a reality?

Watermelon is a very delicious, healthy and refreshing product. As for the cucumbers, for the most part, it is composed of water, but at the same time very sweet. It is because of this property, you can use a watermelon for weight loss. In full, or for people who have a slight excess weight, it can be used for this product in big amounts without fear of weight gain even more.

On the contrary, when it is responsible for your diet with the use of a water-melon, and the weight should start to go in, as calories, the watermelon is quite low. And your body will start to clean out the toxins and impurities, thanks to the useful properties of this berry.

Pepper: properties,

watermelon for weight loss

Ripe, sweet, and a bit of crunch product to help quench your thirst, and your desire to "collect the lint the special one". However, among the people, and enthusiastic about fitness, there is also some concern, even in the direction of the fruit. This is because of the fructose, and the carbohydrate in the composition, which can make it difficult to lose weight. People are scared and think that the weight of the water-melon. In connection with this, which begs the question, "how Can you recover from a watermelon?". Or is it just a myth?

In order to understand this question, you will then need to be analysed, the properties of this product:

  1. Calories, a melon – about 25 to 30 calories. This is a low level of calories that is obtained as a result of the large contents of the water.
  2. In 100 g of a water-melon – 7.5% carbohydrate, and 0.5% of dietary fiber. The latter will help to improve your digestion.
  3. Quench not only your thirst but your hunger pangs.
  4. The folic acid contained in the composition, of a water-melon, and improves the condition of hair, skin, and digestion.

In any case, it's a low-calorie, the water-melon helps to lose weight to reach your goal. You can use it as a diet, in the discharge, so as it painless to snack on when hunger. After all, the weight loss should be utilized in the 1500 calorie-per-day, and the watermelon was easy to incorporate into this number, it is not limited to this delicious product.

How to pick a good watermelon?

In order to get all the positive effects of drinking, one must take in good quality food, useful and natural, all around the world. Watermelon diet, the ingestion of a chemical will definitely not be useful to you. Where to start with this dream?

There are a few basic rules that you should keep in mind:

  • all around the world, which will appear on the shelves at the beginning of the spring season, most likely filled with nitrogen;
  • visually, red chilli should be smooth, with the absence of bad places, and droughts in the tail;
  • the flesh should be bright and juicy, it is not too fibrous. With a white, not a yellowish tint.

Watermelon diet

In reply to the question, "can I taste some when on a diet?", the answer is clearly positive. Calories in the watermelon, is that it allows you to use it during the day, it is almost without any limits. Because of this, you can safely get in your daily calorie intake and the use of the quality of the food.

There are also a number of diets designed specifically for use with this product:


It is enough to strict diet using only a water-melon. With the help of such measures, which may be in the short term, it will get rid of two or three, boring, space, the extra pounds.

But, just like any strict diet, there is a possibility of a return of the weight. This watermelon diet, it pre-supposes the right of the "entrance" and "exit" out of it. This will help prevent the return of the disposal of lbs. For this reason, a few days before and a few days, then you have to feed the easy-to-produce, and don't rush to the chocolate, and a loaf of bread.

The Menu of the day is the watermelon diet: watermelon and at least two liters of water. Eat at least 5 to 6 times a day. For a change, you can make juices, smoothies, and drinks from the pepper. It is forbidden to sit on this diet for more than 5 days.

The lightweight version of the

Another effective and delicious to taste some of the diet allows more freedom in the diet. This will help you keep up with it most of time, no longer inflicted on the body.

Menu of this diet: ok, not too much calorie in your diet with the proper nutrition. But, half an hour before and after you eat, you can eat an unlimited amount of a water-melon. In the first case, this will help to quench your thirst, and it shall be, and is, therefore, the less you eat at a table. In the second, to take everything that is harmful to the body. The last meal should also be a water-melon. For this diet you can sit for a long time.

The day of the fast

diet with watermelon

Many people do not know about the practice of a day of fasting and prayer. They have to pass through to return to a small, but unwanted weight, rid of the toxins, or when you feel that you have allowed yourself to relax, and now they are fattening.

In spite of the misconceptions about the color to come out as it should be for such a discharge, the weight will go away very quickly. Yes, and in the heat of the summer, when there's food, calories, and without which I don't want to, and that is the ever-present thirst, and watermelon, the day of fasting, it would be the ideal and hassle-free. The improvement of the work of the bowel, the excess water from the body. In general, the weight is reduced by 1 to 1.5 kg.

The rules for the discharge of the day-watermelon:

  • there is only a water-melon;
  • drink a lot of water to clean.
  • also, is it allowed to green without sugar tea with mint.

And also a few options in this download of the day:

  • the water-melon, and melon;
  • the water-melon and some bread.

Income in the approximate menu for the day:

  • breakfast: porridge made with oats, water, cooked eggs, and cottage cheese;
  • lunch: protein, it may be of wheat, cooked chicken, white meat, fish in to steam;
  • dinner: a few slices of red chilli for 3 hours before you go to bed.

When you do this, during the intervals between the meals are allowed to be used on an unlimited number of products. Because of this, you can thank the low calories in the watermelon.

It is important to keep in mind:

  • you can't eat more than two pounds of watermelons per day;and
  • it is not possible to sit on the watermelon diet for more than five days;
  • the best thing you can do on a diet at the end of the week, or on a holiday and you don't have to go far from the house, because, after all, this is a product that has diuretic and cleansing properties;
  • it is not possible to carry on a diet or fasting day, are not in the watermelon season, this may be detrimental due to the high content of nitrates.

Water-melon diet: indications and contra-indications:

  • pregnancy;and
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • the stones, or sand in the kidneys;
  • immunity;
  • cardiovascular disease.
  • a child, an adolescent or a senile old age.

The results are what you can expect

Which is also the main side effects and the results they are getting from people in the days of fasting on watermelon, or a complete diet? Of course, in addition to losing weight, the feel, and other physical and psychological changes.
Peanut weight loss helps a lot as well. The main advantage that it can be called, perhaps, in the cleansing of the urinary tract, as during the day, you will have plenty of times to go to the bathroom.

Well-being is improved, you feel the comfort in the digestion. You can't miss out on this opportunity to diet in the summer! Important thing is to pick a good watermelon, ripe, chemical-free... to Hold out it really, really simple and delicious. And then, with a sense of lightness-of-weight-loss.

The result of one of the most important characteristics that makes it a psychological dimension. After I cleaned up the bowel, normalize digestion, there is an easy, do not want to eat serious foods for the high calorie content of alcohol. In particular, during the summer, and hell. It very well is visible on this diet, it's about the stomach as well as cleanse the intestines. Some days you eat only watermelon in the belly of a "dash" in front of you, even in skinny people.

In short


It is effective for the watermelon, for the body. Most definitely, yes. And it will be an excellent helper, both for those who are on a diet and counting calories for a long, long, effective weight loss, and for those of you who need the urgent need to bring a couple of extra lbs before you go on vacation, or to cleanse the body. During the summer season, such a move would be simply to salvation, but do not forget about contra-indications and it's also not worth to eat watermelon right before you go to bed.

Due to the high amount of iron in watermelon is useful for people with anemia. It helps them to reduce the pain and discomfort of the menstrual period. Thanks to the high content Of vitamin c, strengthens the immune system and prepare it for the cold time of the year. Those of you who, during the summer, he used a lot of watermelon in the winter, they will be less likely to hurt! In general, watermelons take a lot of positives, it's definitely going to become a excellent helper to lose weight, and give up this delicious, light and simple option for reducing weight is definitely not worth it!

It is not a cure-all for a great excess weight, and do other things, but it is a good option for the cleaning of the body, which is not exactly the soul is.