The rules of weight loss in different age groups

At different ages, the issue of weight loss has its own unique characteristics. The rate of drop extra pounds more than 20-year-old and 50-years-of-age of a different. The reasons can be both physiological and psychological factors. For each and every age has had its rate of metabolism, the activity of the genes responsible for the onset of a chronic disease; the overall level of health, style, food, and much, much more.

To well choose for you to a weight loss program and to avoid any possible mistakes, a woman needs to know about the possible "pitfalls", which is specific to the age of the belt. It considers every act in the light of the problem of weight loss for more details.

Weight gain and weight loss in childhood

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More often than not, the excess weight in children is caused by inborn predispositions. In addition to this impact is significant, it can override the physiological state of the mother during the period of the children, and replacement feeding. This is exactly the formula to replace breast-milk, because this way, the feeding of the child, it is very easy to overeating.

The older child's extra pounds are paid, thanks to the nutrition problems, composed of a large amount of sweets, refined fats, and salty foods, but also the sugar in carbonated beverages that stimulate the pancreas.

Give up the "treats" your children are not able to. This control is supposed to take over for their parents. If not, the risk of obesity increases significantly with the appear, endocrine problems, short-circle, and aggravate health issues, and the status of the child.

How to lose weight with a girl of 20 to 25 years old

The most common cause of being overweight in this age it is an unbalanced nutrition in childhood and adolescence. Standing on this age group, the suburban, the girl gets motivation to lose weight. The desire to be a role model and a way to get to know a young man, and a family that takes a young person to adjust their diet and way of life.

In this age, it's good that the chances of loss are very huge. A great could be the fact that if you lose weight 20 to 25 years of age, and then, in the future, you will no longer experience this problem. It also contributes to the cell metabolism and "hibernate" in the genes responsible for the predisposition to chronic disease.

To shed weight a girl of 20 to 25 years of age, it is enough to reconstruct the layout of the power supply and a increase in physical activity. With this approach, the first of the month, you can lose up to 10 pounds. At the moment, back up a little bit and reduced it to about 4-5 lbs each and every 30 days.

How to lose weight for a woman 35 to 40 years old

At the age of 35, the body of the female there is a decrease in the work of the functional systems that are responsible for the regulation of weight. Furthermore, it slows down the metabolism, and, in some cases, are the disruptions in the thyroid gland. All of this leads to the weight gain and stabilization to the existing lot.

Your contribution is often the psychological factor. As a general rule, at 40 years of age, women are able to make in the lives of many of its goals. To the rear are the birth and rearing of children, and a career to take off, in a romantic relationship with her husband.

The souls of the unstable and the void, in the absence of the hope of the stimulus will begin to be balanced and delicious, but it is not useful to the body and have come to expect. A loaf of bread, sweet pastries, hot chocolate brings not only culinary satisfaction, but also the excess fat from the sides. To get rid of them, it is a bit more complicated at this age.

But if obesity is not accompanied by other diseases in females between 35 and 40 years old, there are likely to be able to lose the weight. In this age group, the period of an integrated approach, involving not only the rational, nutrition, and sports training, but also special care of the amino acids. The latter helps to restore the activity of the neurons in the brain, and to reduce the dependence on food.

In a few exceptional cases, the loss is to have support for hormone in the thyroid, the adrenal and the ovaries. But this issue is not resolved solely at the doctor's office. The speed of weight loss for women from 35 to 45 years of age may be between 5 and 8 lbs in the first 30 days, and about 3 to 4 kg in the second, and the next few months.

How to lose weight in a wife after the age of 40 years, with no harm to the health

This period can be called one of the most problematic of all the ones listed above. In spite of the response to a complex of measures to bring in a great deal of good results. The main feature of the women's after the age of 45, is the slow lowering of a weight. This is a process that is influenced by a lot of reasons:

  • The aging process of the body.
  • The functional disability.
  • The decrease in the immunity.
  • The hormonal imbalance.
  • The deficit of biologically active substances.
  • In the psychological vulnerability.
  • A genetic predisposition to the disease.
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It is for this reason that the change of power after more than 50 years of age must be accompanied by the moderate exercise of a right, to sleep, to vitamin a therapy, and, if necessary, correction of the hormonal and genetic levels, of the mass.

The loss of weight at the age of 45-55 years, it is best to start with, and after consultation with doctors from different disciplines (physical therapist, gynecologist, endocrinologist, neurologist). At its conclusion, and recommendations to help you choose a weight loss strategy and avoid complications, such as exacerbation of chronic diseases.