How to lose weight fast women ways to reduce weight

At the doctor's, the word "diet" has a slightly different meaning. This is a concept that includes the food that burn off the man. In the design of a well-balanced diet that includes all nutrients in right amount.

This is not about a week's worth of dieting. Therefore, prior to this restriction, it is important to understand how to do this without any consequences in the future. Some of the ways you can help them say good-bye with an awkward kilos and keep the weight stable. For this reason, you need to take a comprehensive approach — by combining a low-calorie diet, playing sports, and waking up for the day.

how to lose weight

Also, follow the rules:

  1. Required to eat breakfast. It is not possible to ignore, for it is he who gives strength to the body to wake up.
  2. To remove the menu from all danger, sweet, fatty, fried, smoked, flour, and t. d.
  3. Eat frequently but in small portions. This helps you to avoid overeating.
  4. One of the regular activities that contribute not only to the rapid resetting of the weight, but also to keep your body in good shape. For this reason, it is optional to go to the gym, it can be done at home. While in the first case, to achieve a result as quickly as possible and more clearly visible.
  5. Don't forget to consume the right amount of water. The value is obtained from calculation of 30 ml per 1 kg of body weight. More often than not in the beginning, it's very, very difficult to have the amount of it, but once you enter into the habit. And, best of all, it is the drink for 30 to 50 minutes prior to a meal.
  6. No less than 8 hours of sleep. This helps the person to unwind and to relax, recover their strength for the future.
  7. The last time that you may eat and drink for 2 or 3 hours before it was wasteful to have a child. As well, the food is pareverytSya, and the body will not be burdened in a good night's sleep.

A healthy reset of the weight

To lose weight in a week, it is possible to a number other than one pound. People are different, with the loss ranging from 1.5 to 10 lbs. But it is worth noting that this result is dependent on many factors. For instance, based on the weight of the home, the greater the BMI, the greater the return.

However, the majority of nutritionists do not advise you to lose weight more than 1.5–2 lbs a week, as well as the reverse is the case, there may be a lack of many important micro-nutrients and vitamins that are essential for the proper functioning of the body. Of course, this is not the result you want to achieve for the majority of women in such a short space of time. After all, they want urgently to lose weight. To do so, they are willing to any of the deprivations and constraints. The experts can advise if this is the case, follow a few rules:

  1. You need to constantly monitor their level of blood sugar, so I won't be in a hypertensive crisis. To prevent this product can be used andptecou of glucose, which does not have a large amount of calories, but it will support your level of sugar in the blood.
  2. In the body of a person who is to act for a sufficient amount of vitamins, and other nutrients. Therefore, during the period of the diet you can fill up specialty cocktails and a VItandмandннsмand complex.
  3. To check the pressure, as well as a resetting of the body weight, which are often strive for a low. It is dangerous, dizzy, nausea, unconscious state.

Of course, if there is a desire to lose weight in a 15-20-30, and more than a pound per week, and the dreams that you can say good-bye for a time, and because of this, it is simply not realistic. Your body simply will not part with the accumulated years and a-half pounds, and it will be all one's strength to resist such a drastic change.

Weekly monodiets

In today's world, there are a lot of different monodiet. They are designed for short-term use because they have so many negative consequences. To apply it, you can rarely, and then only as a download on the day of, or as a way to lose weight in a week's time.


Monodietand in the plant, is often found in the direction of a specialist. And you've chosen the product that meets all the requirements of the elementstandрнonму the composition. Also, you can find a variety of parts of the ration, which is made up of several different types of plants. The starch products are more often than not they don't charge you, because they're the most calories and have a high work load for the digestion. The best choice to make for yourself: zucchini/courgette, kale, collard greens, cauliflower, broccoli, beets, cabbage, and t. d. on this product ontвandрandвandюt, baked, or consumed raw, however, it may not be the salt and add other herbs and spices. On a day that is taken around 0.8–1.2 kg of green vegetables.

The fruit

This method for you to lose weight in 1 week, it is no less popular than the previous one. Its advantage is that is more good taste, as well as fruits, more often than not, that's sweet. They are a large enough number of fruits, for this reason, in healthy people, it's not worth worrying about the glycemic index, and for those who have diabetes to consider another option of of proper diet.

For the consumer it's taken about 800-1000 a d products. It can be eaten fresh, baking, or cooking, smoothies, and cocktails at t. d. a


This monodietand is very similar to the rice. On the other hand, a people who have chosen to "buckwheat" week and so much more, because it's a lot easier to set up and pandtandttionary.

To prepare 100 g of a wheat-cereal-full of boiling water, and left for the night. In the morning, is divided into a number of portions, (who like them). For zapivaniya you can use the juice and rose hip oil, green tea, and 1% of kefir starter (for 0.8–1 / l).

With the help of buckwheat can lose weight, but also cleanse the body of impurities and toxins, which is beneficial to your health. The only restriction is, as in the previous cases, it is salt, pepper and any other seasonings that in no case can it be taken with food.

If someone else is the easiest, and most delicious, and the buckwheat can be a boil, as usual. In this case, however, it loses a lot of nutrients.

The protein in the diet

Many people wonder if they can lose weight in a week without compromising product of a protein? And this is the diet you have there. For many, it is a very soft and protective. In addition to this, it gives amazing results — 5 to 10 kg. For those who can not imagine their diet without meat, eggs, cheese and other like products — that is the best fit for you.

For this diet, you will need the following:

  • eggs — 3 pieces;
  • cheese — 150 to 200 g.
  • lean meats — 80-100 g.
  • lean fish 100-150 g.
  • the fruits of the sea, in a time-of-fish — 150-200-g.

For that it's best to add the vegetables (about 200-250 g) and fruits (100-150 g), but also the need to drink at least 2 litres of water.

The entire weight is divided into the day. Cooking, it is recommended to steam, boil, bake, or bake in the oven. You must also avoid the use of salt.


proper nutrition

It is well known that the grains of oats, it has the greatest quantity of nutrients — macro and micro, vitamins, minerals, fiber, and t.-d., Therefore, ensures not only that excess weight loss, but it is filled with the joy of life. To lose weight way a week, from 2 to 5 kg. If you shrink it, it is not only the amount of fat in the body, but levels in the body.

For cooking, it is зandpandрandвandюt of boiling water, and leave to ferment for about 20 to 30 minutes. For the porridge, you can add a variety of fruits on a small scale. The main thing to remember is to eat a feeling of hunger, but no more.


Such a diet is complicated, both morally and physically, it's not all in your stomach. A daily ration involves the use of a 1.5-litre tub of yogurt with a low percentage of body fat. Weak mode will allow you to add a small amount of ontвandрнongon beef, chicken, cottage cheese, зandpеченнongon potatoes, citrus fruits. Is chosen from any of the products listed.

With this diet you can lose about 1-week, 5-to 10-lb., On the average, to lose weight 1 kg in a day. There is less of a strict diet with the yogurt, which includes other products as well. They are light in weight, reset the weight, you will nice and smooth.

Drink, diet,

Drinking on a diet is that food should be not only on the net. The loss of the weight, in this case, it's great, but to go out with her with a lot of care. The menu for the week:

  • Monday-Friday — 7 cups of yogurt;
  • Tuesday, Thursday — 6 to 7 cups of the milk;
  • Wednesday - 5 to 7 glasses of water of juice (peach, banana, and t. p.);
  • Thursday — 5 to 6 cups of apple juice;
  • Friday - the-water-without restrictions;
  • on Saturday, from 6 to 7 cups of juice out of the vegetables (potatoes, carrots, and t. p.);
  • Sunday — 4 to 5 cups of fresh fruit-vegetable smoothies.

So it is normal to get out of this diet, you need to gradually introduce the products of the first, with more consistency, as soft as a puree by passing on to solid food.

Other income for women in 7 days

Developed, and other options of weight loss. One of them is the so-called "diet doctors". It also lasts for about 1 week, at which you can process from 4 to 9 kg).

On the first day of the вspandвandеtXia 1 bottle (1.5 litre) of mineral water, the amount of which shall be divided into 5 to 6 portions.

On the second day of the вspandвandеtXia a package of low-fat milk. In the evening, before going to sleep, you can eat 1 green apple.

On the third day, and is gearing up for the salad: green cabbage, carrots, herbs, vegetable oil. The mass does not exceed 800 g. This is to be divided in equal portions during the day. A drink can be cleaned with water or green tea.

In just five days, there is a repetition of the diet on the second day.

The sixth day a more "well-off": in the morning 1 egg, eaten, and зandpandвandеtXia half a cup of tea; a 10 — hour vegetable stock (for 200 ml); and lunch — 100 g of boiled meat, and canned green peas; for in the face of the subsequent 3 meals and 1 snack.

On the seventh day, which is constructed on 100 to 150 grams of cottage cheese and half a cup of milk. In the evening, guests can enjoy a dip.

As part of this new fashion, diet to the Mayo clinic. It involves the use of a special ointment, at which takes place the weight loss. And, as the experts say, the more the soup was eaten, over a pound lost.

For your use, you need: 6 heads of onions, 3 to 4 tomato-1 cauliflower-brussels, 2-3 Wt. green pepper, celery, the 2-cube of vegetable stock.

All of the chopped vegetables to make a pot, poured in the water. Bring to the boiling point, the fire is falling, and prepares you for the sweetness of the product. For 10 to 15 minutes, up to the end, add the bouillon cubes.

On the first day of the act, a soup, and a little bit of fruit. On the second day, it complemented the main dish of vegetables. The third and the fourth days, would suggest the use of ointment, and fruits and vegetables. In the fifth over of the soup, you could eat 500 grams of cooked meat, and 2-3 tomatoes. The sixth day is also quite diverse, potatoes, and meat. On the seventh day, it is a good idea to add the rice powder (can be in soup), as well as a variety of vegetables.

You can sit on the diet for a child?

In the first place, and in such a case, the question is: what if? Even if a child is overweight, losing the weight, he must only gradually, with no restrictions at all. To lose weight in a week at home, with no harm to the health of your teenager, it can only be 0.5–1.5 kg. if not, various problems may occur, and that it would be difficult to fix later on.

The same rules as for the body, gross body, which include:

  1. Exclude from the diet of the semi-finished products, mayonnaise, candy, cakes, fast food, and other dangers. Replace them with the appropriate products, including fresh fruits and vegetables.
  2. Not necessarily on the menu, they should be in soups, cereals, and meat dishes.
  3. The portions shouldn't be too big of a plate of any one person shall not exceed the amount of the two stacked up in the palm of your hand.
  4. The sports of the charge, are only useful to the young man's body.
  5. The child has enough rest and sleep. This is especially true for the tv and other gadgets. It is also worthwhile to take away or limit the usage.

If your child is not only the overweight and the obese, before you ponхуdенieм you need to visit ENdonкрandнonлongand and a gastroenterologist, as this may be related to different disabilities.

What motivates you to lose weight?

Many do not stop to think of it, why did they decide to lose weight, in addition to such a strong and dangerous one. The most common causes for this will become:

  1. It is the opinion of the public. Man, it's just that he lives in society, and to listen to your opinion. And yet, he wants to hear praise and compliments. The woman in the eyes of the men want to be attractive. When you listen to the commentary over the past holiday season, has added one more pound of you decide to drastically go on a diet, and become as it was before.
  2. I like this one. Even though many of the men, and they say that they love their wife, whatever. There is, however, a well-known parable, that of the women love with their ears, and men — in your eyes. Yes, and the representatives of the stronger sex allow for gaffes, saying, at the time of submission — indeed, cruel, painful, and makes it urgent to go on a diet.
  3. For the love of the self. The person you should love yourself for no one. However, when it becomes difficult to walk, it is impossible to choose a favorite clothes, listening to the whispers and the taunts in the back of this offense, and it leaves an indelible mark. And even a very slender girl, you can see it in the mirror, tonлсtear. If there is a real excess weight it is worth to pay attention to nutrition, and the arts. If not, the problem is solved by a psychologist.
  4. To strengthen health and to return to the youth. With the age of the people who are least likely to be a whole-of-weight-and keeping them off easier. That's the truth, that is why it is more difficult to do so. However, when you get to your destination, sit down with the greatest of ease and dexterity.
  5. The desire to start their lives anew, and to change yourself. Many assume after a certain turning point in your life. Or, on the contrary, you realize that your life has become grey, and in our daily lives.

Looking at the question of the loss of weight per week, it is important to emphasize that this is not, in any event, it may not be useful to you if it is no more than about 2 pounds. Better to look at other options, or to reflect on the redefinition of time in advance. For the greatest effect, it's well worth it to add to the workout is to speed up and improve the process of weight loss.