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Николай Стоянов


  • All about weight loss and good nutrition.
    1 May 2019
  • The consumption of calories directly affects the amount of body fat. If the body comes in more calories than you spend – wait accumulated in the most inappropriate locations in the form of fat.
    19 March 2019
  • The presence of excess weight leads to the appearance of health problems complex, depression. Therefore, you need to correct weight loss, without prejudice to the health.
    6 March 2019
  • Are you tired of sitting in the diets of hunger? Solution of problems - a healthy diet for weight loss. Tips nutritionists for quick weight loss, video recommendations.
    5 March 2019
  • The complex of activities and exercises for weight loss at home for the whole body each day. Comments, tips and suggestions for those who need to lose weight.
    5 March 2019