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  • Diet for allergies helps reduce the strain of immunity in the presence of a violation of its work (autoimmune diseases) and if it has not yet formed (in infants). The article provides a list of hypoallergenic foods, a list of prohibited foods, nutritional recommendations for nursing mothers.
    5 October 2022
  • What is the essence of a diet without carbohydrates and for whom it is suitable, its pros and cons, effectiveness and harm, the menu for this week, permitted and prohibited foods.
    23 December 2021
  • Detailed description of the Japanese diet, the essence and basic rules of the diet to lose weight in 14 days. Recommended menu for the Japanese diet for two weeks with a complete list of essential foods.
    11 August 2021
  • Diet for type 1 and 2 diabetes mellitus and 9 weekly menus. Classification of diseases, diet and recipes of healthy foods.
    10 January 2021
  • The article discusses the positive and negative properties of the lemon when you weight loss, and the characteristics of the beverages with not more than a squeeze of lemon. Recipes. In the opinion of an expert nutritionist.
    26 June 2019
  • How to lose weight quickly for a week? Try to take advantage of our recommendations, and to decrease to 10 kg. All real!
    24 March 2019
  • Effective exercises for weight loss belly and sides: the best tricks for women and for men that can be performed at home, remove the fat.
    17 March 2019
  • Detailed instructions of how to lose weight fast at home - sustainably, and without prejudice to the health.
    5 March 2019