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Мария Петрова


  • Types of ketogenic diets for weight loss: targeted, cyclical and standard. Basic rules of compliance, allowed and prohibited products, sample menu. Contraindications and possible side effects.
    20 November 2020
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    6 November 2020
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    20 September 2020
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    6 September 2020
  • The use of green tea for weight loss-the best home-made recipes, with milk, lemon, honey and ginger for weight loss help in the extract of green tea in relief in extra pounds, real reviews to lose weight, photos, and instructional videos.
    23 June 2019
  • Diet for women in a week. Estimated diet geared for weight loss with a proper diet.
    30 April 2019
  • Break weight loss considered to be quite effective treatments, due to the fact that, in our day, do not enjoy comic books popular in spas. These procedures effectively reduce the volume of the body, struggling with excess weight, tighten the skin, improving its firmness and elasticity.
    19 March 2019
  • History of loss of weight - excellent motivation for those who want to lose weight. Photo before and after the weight reduction will make any review your life-style.
    6 March 2019